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About Moi

I am Alliyah Gallows (formerly Ankhesen Mié).  I have Gothic tendencies and a thing for femme fatales in games, film, television, and literature.  Though I write original fiction, I've accepted the fact that I'm a nerd and I like writing fanfiction as well.

With a new name, and some life changes, I'm going to try to get back into this thing with a (consistent) vengeance. *crosses fingers* Writing is sooooo important for the sanity.

About the Original Fiction

Identified by a tag, Original Fiction is just what it says on the tin - original characters and storylines.  By reading this fiction, you are agreeing not to copy or re-post without written permission, nor plagiarize this material in any way.


  1. Embrace yo' nerdiness. It's liberating. But you know this, chica! I love this idea. I would do it, but my stories are way too damn long.

    I love the colors and the layout and this rose right here <---- Keep up the good work.

  2. Boo-boo, do it anyway. When have your readers ever complained?

    Honey, we put with LJ for you!!!!

  3. Ma'am I've been reading your work on Imma need you to write "Uhura: I will not mourn" because reasons!

  4. You sayin that like time matters. It does not. ALSO your Mika and Raizo story was H-O-T. For real. Like it ruined other fanfiction for me. So Imma need you to kindly write Uhura: I will not Mourn.

    1. I really DO want to write an Uhura fanfiction, but I'm not clear on where I'd set it or what. I've thought about doing a TOS version.

      As for "I Will Not Mourn," I believe I actually started on that years ago....

      Which reminds me...there's a whole treasure trove of dark goods on LiveJournal. I'll post links to the upper left.

  5. one of the first fan fics i ever read was your ninja assassin fic on i have yet to read a ff that i enjoyed as much. just a really well told story that made me like those characters even more. hopefully you'll post it again one day!


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