Orias ~ Sleeping with the Enemy

Previously ~ Belles

"You know they're going to wonder, right?" Enoras snapped.  "They're going to wonder why  out of all the women at the banquet, I invited you back to the Councilor's villa."

Mayal raised an unconcerned brow.  "Tell them whatever the hell you want, Enoras," she blinked.  "You've been spinning stories all night; why stop now?"

"And which story do you suppose I spin to explain this?" he rasped impatiently as they headed out of Central Command towards a fleet of hovercrafts awaited.  The politicians owned their own, of course, but there were several available to rent.

"Tell them I'm a charming girl you met aboard the Tianor who happens to have a bottle of Romulan ale stashed away in her quarters," Mayal shrugged.  "It's 2309 vintage, so if you're a good boy, I'll let you taste it when we get back to my ship."

"And why the hell would I beam back aboard that garbage scow?"

"Because you resume your post tomorrow aboard the Intek, remember?" she reminded him.  "Legate Danaian's arranged for the Tianor's to ferry you back, lucky us."

Enoras stiffened upon hearing "Danaian" and "Tianor" in the same sentence.  "This is Kinora's doing," he mumbled tightly.

"Actually, it's not," Mayal chuckled as they climbed into an empty craft.  "City of Hakone," she instructed the computer.  "Avenue of the Red Palm, house number fourteen."

It was Enoras's turn to raise an eyebrow.  "I take it you're familiar with the good Councilor's residence."

Mayal snorted.  "I'm familiar with everyone's residences.  I even know about the small house you rent in the town of Akine."  She relished the way he visibly twitched.  "I like how you chose a spot by the sea."

"My sister always loved the coast," he replied stiffly.

"Will you show it to me some time?" she asked.  "I've never been to the Ikarian Sea, not in real life anyway.  I visited it in a holosuite once.  The beach was gorgeous."

"The waters are so clear you can see the bottom where its shallow," Enoras nodded, his eyes slowly adopting a faraway look.  "It's forbidden to actually build on the beach; the local authorities want to maintain the purile atmosphere.  And the moon is visible always, even during the day."

Mayal asked softly, "When were you last home?"

"Over a year ago," Enoras sighed, suddenly looking weary.  It was as though all the stress was finally catching up with him.  "I asked Ennira to move in, but she complained it cramped her style."

"Sisters," Mayal chuckled.  In a more serious tone, she added, "We'll find her, Enoras.  I promise."

Enoras nodded as though he were blinking back tears.  "I could show it to you some time.  Might as well.  Never really had visitors there before."

"I'll bring you bottle of Romulan ale to toast the housewarming."

He blinked.  "You mean...you really have access to the stuff?"

"The Obsidian Order and the Tal Shiar were allies, Enoras," Mayal reminded him.  "We were allies for quite some time.  It was a beneficial relationship in so many ways."

He chortled, "I can only imagine."


Kinora left her office for the evening and headed back to her quarters at about 1945 hours.  It felt good to have a regular office again.  It made her feel whole to read reports, review transmissions, and delegate assignments.  In addition to Mayal serving aboard the Tianor, she had two agents sleeping with Legates, three monitoring the Detapa Council, and three more tailing the Vortas they met with.  It wasn't much, but it was a start.

Also, her eyes had adapted quickly to the quiet darkness of Orias; her body had the corridors memorized and she navigated them with ease.  It surprising how calming and soothing darkness was; the silence of Orias kept her grounded and centered.  Her senses seemed to have heightened; sights, sounds, and smells were more intense out here in the black.

And she could instantly feel when something in her world did not belong.

"Lights," she commanded in a leaden voice.

They didn't come on all the way, of course; all the lights on Orias were programmed not to for the sake of conservation.  But they were enough to illuminate the intruder lounging on the black and green chaise in her sitting room.

"How the hell did you get here, T'Sanne?" Kinora demanded.

"Ah," the Romulan leisurely sighed, "the benefits of having a cloaked ship."  She took a deep sip of Kinora's kanar, 2106 vintage, and crossed her long brown legs.  "You're looking well, Kinora."

"And you'll be looking dead if you don't start talking," came the clipped reply.  "What the hell do you want?"

"To make a trade," T'Sanne shrugged easily.  "The Tal Shiar regrets its lack of support after the demolition of the Order.  My superiors feel there's no reason why the alliance should die with Enabran Tain."

"And as a show of goodwill, they've sent you to ask me for something?" Kinora scoffed.  "The Romulan ego truly knows no bounds."

"And the Cardassian ear is extremely selective," T'Sanne mused.  "Trade for something, Kinora; I'm here to trade for something."


"We have information you can't get anywhere else.  You have a person we can't get anywhere else."

Kinora was both amused and intrigued.  "Go on...."

"Vorta.  Blonde.  Goes by the name Malest."

"What about her?"

"We need to get her off your planet and as far away from your people as soon possible," T'Sanne  told her casually.  "There was nothing wrong with the last Vorta assigned to the Central Command.  He didn't die in an accident nor was he terminated when he returned to his ship.  He was replaced because the Founders needed someone they knew could get the job done."

Kinora laughed aloud.  "I'm not worried about Malest.  In fact, I'm not worried about any of the Vorta; they're the Dominion's weakest link, T'Sanne.  Surely by now the brilliant and powerful Tal Shiar have noticed that."

The Romulan's voice immediately switched to lower, more dangerous tone, even as she leisurely watched her kanar breathe.  "Kinora, I respect you - I really do - and though you have no reason to trust me anymore, believe me when I say you have no idea whom you're dealing with.  We're not talking about your average phony, flamboyant, lie-spinning, smooth-talking Vorta here.  You want Malest off your homeworld, Kinora; you want her away from Central Command."

Kinora tensed but didn't let it show.  "T'Sanne, we don't need you to -"

The Romulan cut her off, "If the Obsidian Order was at full strength, we'd gladly sit back and let you handle this, but you are not equipped to contain her.  Not this one.  And we need her contained, Kinora; things are moving faster than you think.  That bitch will bring your whole world to ruin and give the Dominion a solid foothold in our Quadrant.  The Tal Shiar has declared that unacceptable.  We will not share these stars with the Founders."

It was hard work for Kinora simply to keep breathing.  "And in exchange for delivering the she-demon?"

"Enoras's sister is still alive," T'Sanne told her flatly.  She tossed Kinora a data rod.  "She's aboard the USS Voyager; she's still passing as the Bajoran Maquis terrorist Seska.  Her cover isn't blown.  However, they're trapped in the Delta Quadrant."

"How in the universe did you -"

"Space anomaly.  Their crew contacted a Romulan named R'Mor from twenty years ago through a wormhole.  They asked him to deliver their messages in twenty years' time, which he couldn't do personally because he died.  However, his daughter was charged with transmitting those messages, which we intercepted."  T'Sanne nodded towards the data rod in Kinora's hand.  "This will keep Enoras on a tight leash for at least another year, don't you think?"

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A/N ~ I actually had to "Cardassianize" the beach image a little because the original's all blue and sunny like Earth.


  1. It's starting to get very interesting. Malest must truly be a BAMF if T'Sanne's playing nice with Kinora. Sounds to me like some shit is going down.

    1. This end of Season Four-ish, beginning of Season Five of DS9. So you could say yeah...some shit is going down.

  2. Love that tidbit about R'Mor's daughter, I always imagined that a Romulan like R'Mor wouldn't let death stop him from keeping his word.

  3. ""This will keep Enoras on a tight leash for at least another year, don't you think?""

    Nicely played.


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