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Previously ~ A Hero's Welcome

Enoras paused briefly, breathing deeply as if to steady his voice before he tapped his console and called, "Gul Enoras to Central Command.  I'm ready to beam down to Deck 14."


Everyone on the shuttle silently stood up.  Mayal gave a quick nod to her accomplices before she initiated the transporter.  Seconds later, they stood in the furthest end of the corridor on Deck 14.

"Follow the corridor," Mayal whispered to Enoras as she loaded a hypospray.  "You have to talk to the concierge and the guards."

Enoras headed out first, signaling the beginning of their three minutes.

"Ten seconds," Mylanti murmured, closing her eyes and trying not to sweat.

"Now?" Rindy asked.

"No!" Mayal hissed into the shadows.  "He needs more time to rally his little audience."

"Enoras!" some one hollered in the distanced.  "Welcome back, old friend!"

"It's been a good few days," Enoras laughed, and there was a tightness in his voice.  Mayal imagined he was probably resisting the urge to look back over his shoulder.  "What does a Gul have to do for a decent bottle of kanar?"

"I'm sure we can break out a bottle.  The bigwigs are in some meeting tearing each other apart."

"So what brings you to Deck 14, Enoras?  You thinking about moving in?"

"Thirty seconds," Mylanti muttered.

"Now?" Rindy asked.

"No!" came the rasped reply.  Mayal could feel the bodies down the hall moving; she knew they were still out of place.  She needed them closer together, away from the hallway.  Her palms were starting to sweat; it was impossible to slow her heartbeat now.

Ten seconds later there was a clinking of glasses and a ripple of laughter.

"Now," Mayal stated grimly.

The women moved in unison, walking at lightening speed.  Fortunately, the corridor was circular, making it even more difficult for anyone at the end of the hall to see what happened in the middle.  Surely enough, two Jem'Hadar stood guard at Malest's quarters.

"Silencers on, ladies," Mayal murmured.  She walked straight to the Vorta's door, ignoring the guards.  They were too busy getting quietly shot in the chest to stop her while she tried to override the lock on Malest's door.

"Damn," she whispered.

"No, no," Rindy shook her head.  "Don't say damn."

"These codes aren't Cardassian," Mayal said.  "That paranoid vampire reprogrammed the door lock in Dominionese."

"Is the door made from suradium?" Mylanti asked.

Mayal nodded.  "Lined with batrinite shielding."

"Move aside."

Mylanti hit the door with a silent but wide dispersal blast that disintergrated it in seconds.  Mayal darted through the door without hesitation, taking Malest by surprise as she headed towards her sitting room.

"Who -"

The blonde alien didn't have a chance to utter another syllable before Mayal pressed the hypospray to her throat, causing her body to go limp almost instantly.

"Our three minutes are up," Mylanti announced.

"Just in time," Mayal murmured.  "Mayal to Shuttle D16; three to transport."

As her shuttle away flew from Cardassian space at warp nine, Maya kept waiting for her heart to stop pounding but it didn't.  Behind her, Gaya Mylanti and Rindy couldn't stop giggling as they circled the incapacitated body of Malest.

"I don't know why you two find this so funny," Mayal finally snapped.  "I'd expect more professionalism from a couple of operatives."

"Oh, please," Rindy snorted.  "It's all part of the biz.  You gotta keep your sense of your humor or you'll go stark raving mad."

"Or worse," Mylanti mused.  "Like, this thing between you and Enoras...how serious are we talking?"

Mayal spun around in her chair.  "You two," she bit out, "ought to be more concerned with what you're going to do with that Vorta and less concerned about Enoras and me."

"We're keeping her in stasis, that's for sure," Rindy shrugged.  She yawned.  "How long before we get back to our shuttle?"

"A while," Mayal grumbled, spinning back around and rubbing her temples.  "I can't believed we pulled this off."

"Yeah," Mylanti giggled.  "We successfully stole a Vorta."

Mayal slowly turned back towards her, looking thoroughly perplexed.

"...'Stole a Vorta'?" she repeated.

She watched as Rindy and Mylanti burst into laughter.

"I fail to see any humor in this," Mayal blinked.

"Oh, Alliyah," Mylanti sighed.  "Give it time."


Oanna Danaian stormed back to her quarters, not sure whether she was the victor or not.  Her ideas were farfetched, and so far, her only loyal allies were in the Detapa Council...which wasn't much.

Legate Korsus was her biggest obstacle, even bigger than Malest.  Like it or not, if she wanted something to happen, she was going to need his stamp of approval.

Her clothes were soaked through with sweat; she began to strip as soon as walked through her doors, not caring where her clothes fell.  She needed a cold shower and a strong drink.  She reached her bedroom wearing little more than her lingerie when she stopped short at the sight of a familiar face on the personal computer screen.

"My...," the familiar stranger chuckled.  "You're looking well, Oanna."

"Kinora...Grelle?" the Legate gasped.  "What...the hell...?"

"I just wanted say, 'You're welcome'," the fallen agent mused.  "You'll know what that means very soon."

"I thought you were dead," Oanna shook her head.

"I am," Kinora replied innocently, cocking her head to the side.  "In a manner of speaking.  Enjoy your present."

The screen switched off before Oanna could say any more; she already knew better than to try to trace the transmission.  Instead, the Legate stood stock still in her bedroom, unsure of what to say or do next.

"Gul Olek to Legate Danaian."

Her response was breathy, disoriented.  "Danaian...here."

"The Jem'Hadar who guarded the Vorta are dead.  Malest has been reported missing."

Oanna's legs, which had been shaking since she'd first walked into the council meeting this morning, finally gave way.  She collapsed to the cold floor of her bedroom, quivering.

But when she responded to the call, her voice came out strangely calm.

"Acknowledged, Olek.  Keep me apprised."


As Kinora turned away from her console, T'Sanne folded her arms across her chest and gave a disapproving look.

"Was that wise?" she demanded.

"Oanna is drowning," Kinora shrugged.  "Don't get me wrong; Ayeen is a dear and faithful woman, but the Detapa Council is powerful in name only.  And since Oanna is the only Legate who appears even remotely interested in maintaining our political autonomy, it makes sense to be her ally." She titled her head to the side.  "For now anyway."

"This will come back to haunt you, Kinora," T'Sanne shook her head.  "The Obsidian Order is weak now, but its greatest strength is its anonymity.  The last thing you need is for the Dominion to know you exist, and to know where you are.  And they will discover this in time."

"Maybe so," Kinora shrugged.  "But hopefully they will find this out after we've expelled them from the Union.  In the meantime, you should get going.  That little Bajoran friend of yours won't be able to keep the Vorta comatose forever."

"Very well," T'Sanne replied turning to leave.

"And T'Sanne," Kinora called over her shoulder.  "The next time I see you lounging on my chaise, uninvited to my base, I won't be so courteous."

The Romulan snorted.  "Please.  There won't be a next time.  If you don't learn to keep better tabs on your own world, Kinora, we'll be happy to sit back and watch it fall."


"So how's Isi?" Rindy asked suddenly.  They'd transported back to their own shuttle from Mayal's and were headed towards Federation territory.

Mylanti's head snapped up from her computer at her roommate's name.  "How do you know Isi?"

Rindy shrugged it off, looking away into the stars.  "I know all about your friends, sweetheart.  Are she and Gabriel gettin' it on yet?"

Mylanti didn't know where to feel alarmed or appalled.  "Are they what?"

Rindy laughed.  "She's had a thing for him since the Academy.  You're telling me you hadn't noticed this whole time?"

"No," Mylanti blinked, feeling a bit woozy.  She didn't like how Rindy discussed her friends with such familiarity.  It made her queasy for some reason.

"Some operative you are," Rindy snickered.

"I never thought...."  Mylanti trailed off, shaking her head.  "It's just that ever since Isi's been different, more distracted, ever since she got back from her shore leave on Risa...last year."

There was a brief, tense pause between the two operative.  For some reason, Mylanti felt the urge to reach for a pistol, but the Vorta behind them began to wake from stasis."

"Damn it," Rindy hissed, rising from her seat while Mylanti struggled to simply think in a straight line.

"Who are you?" Malest groggily asked, as Rindy reloaded a hypospray.  When she got no response, she insisted, "I demand you tell me who you are."

"No one you need to worry about," Mylanti replied finally.  "You're off to Romulus in a few hours."

"Like hell she is," Rindy snorted.  "This one's going to see my boss."  She turned back to the Vorta and gave her another dose.  "He'd like to pick her brain."



  1. I have to say I'm quite surprised T'Sanne held her own against Kinora. Very impressive.

  2. *sound of jaw hitting the floor*

    Oh, this was good!!! Gooooooood!!! *claps*

    *sits back in hopes for another Orias "experiment"*


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