Gaya's Astronomy V4Ch3 ~ Honor Among Thieves

Previously ~ Unrequited

"Counselor Reyan to Ensign Ohn."

Gabriel Ohn visibly twitched before answering, "Ohn, here."

"Your appointment is in less than five minutes.  Are you experiencing a delay?"

"None at all.  I'm on my way.  Ohn out."

"What's with the twitching?" Isi Soyinka demanded.  "I thought you liked Ensign Reyan."

"Well, yeah," Gabriel bit out.  "That's sort of the problem."

Isi was confused.  "Come again?"

"Ethima Reyan is a next-level hottie," Mylanti explained wryly.  "Her assignment to the station caused quite a stir, as I recall."

Isi suddenly seemed uncomfortable, but masked it well.  "Oh."

"I'm gonna have to come clean," Gabriel sighed.  "I can't do this anymore.  It's only been three sessions, but whenever I'm with her I'm terrified I'll start pointing north while recounting my childhood dramas."

Mylanti laughed; Isi offered a weak smile.  They bid Gabriel goodbye and when he was out of earshot, Mylanti raised an eyebrow.

"I saw that," she remarked.

"Don't start," Isi cautioned her.

"Start what?" Mylanti snickered.  "I'm just picking up where we left off.  Are you going to talk to that boy or not?"

"You sound like Rindy."

"Well, Rindy has a point, Isi!  We both know how Gabriel has tragic taste in women; you would be a nice change for him."

"Of course, we know," Isi scowled.  "He chooses liars and users.  He thinks he knows who they are until it's too late - I've been lying to him, Mylanti.  And I can't be yet another bitch who lies to him.  He doesn't deserve that."

Mylanti tried to be gentle.  "It doesn't have to be a lie.  You yourself said you weren't talking to Rindy and that you wanted to get over her.  Settling down with a guy like Gabriel is just the remedy for that."

"Yeah, sure, if I can get over Rindy.  If we can get over each other."

Mylanti paused, mulling the situation over.  She'd seen this sort of situation at the Academy all the time.  Though she'd never actually been in love, she was familiar with how difficult it was for people to get over their first.  She knew that it often took something drastic to make a person let go.

"You know," she said, backing off for now, "you're right.  You need time.  Maybe you could start sessions with Counselor Reyan.  I'm sure after being alive for 300 years, she's figured out ways to get over someone."

"Thanks, Mylanti," Isi nodded, apparently relaxing.  "It's nice to have someone be understanding for a change."

"Lt. Haere to Ensign Gaya."

"Gaya here."

"Report to my office immediately please."

Mylanti yawned, too tired to be confused or alarmed, or to point out both she and her Lieutenant were off duty.

"On my way."


"This is a formal petition from the Romulan Tal Shiar.  The Federation has 26 hours to remand the Vorta Malest into our custody."

Eora stood toe to toe with the infamous T'Sanne for the first time, unsure of how to feel.  She was too excited to be nervous and too distrusting to let her excitement get the best of her.

T'Sanne was a striking, sexy Romulan woman whose every look and movement oozed confidence.  She'd come to get her Vorta.  She looked as though she wasn't going to leave without her Vorta.

"Starfleet Intelligence is preparing to question Malest, Subcommander," Eora replied finally.  "You can have her when our interrogation is complete."

"No," T'Sanne replied calmly, "we will have her now.  Surely even a lieutenant knows the rules of outsourcing: we point, you grab, we pay, you hand over.  There's no need to complicate a time-honored tradition."

Gaya Mylanti arrived, finding the two women standing very close to each other.  She didn't know if they were about to kiss or come to blows, but considering the situation, she was fairly certain the Romulan was fit to kill.

"Ensign Gaya reporting," she announced herself tentatively, maintaining minimum safe distance.

"Mylanti," T'Sanne greeted with false cheer, "what were the terms upon which you agreed to the capture of Malest?"

"I agreed to risk the trip to Cardassia for fifty bars of gold-pressed latinum," Mylanti recited mechanically, like a computer.

"And were you compensated for your trouble?"

"Yes.  I saw a deposit was made to my account as soon as I returned to Deep Space Nine."

"So where's my Vorta?"

"On my way back to the station," Mylanti replied hesitantly, "I was...incapacitated by my teammate.  When I came to, I was alone aboard my shuttle."

T'Sanne allowed herself the tiniest of smirks.  "A convenient enough story, but we all know what happened, and I'm willing to be an additional fifty bars of latinum that the elusive Agent Rindy was involved."  Her tone immediately turned to iron.  "There is truth to be found even in the darkest acts of treachery, Lt. Haere.  The Tal Shiar has upheld its part of the bargain, so you get on your computer, you contact Rindy, and you tell her to hand over my Vorta."

"Such a transaction would have to be cleared with my superiors, of course," Eora replied diplomatically, never blinking nor backing down.

"Of course," T'Sanne mused.  "I'll leave you to it.  I'm returning to my ship and will expect your response within the hour.  Give my regards to Admiral Upkins."

The tall Romulan exited the room with the slightest nod towards Mylanti.  When she was gone, Eora seemed to breathe for the first time, and in her dark eyes, there was a tiny sparkle of awe.

"She's magnificent," Eora whispered, as though in a dream.  "Eloquent, efficient, fearless."

Mylanti was confused.  "Um...yes, sir."

"You're going to have to keep strict tabs on that one, Ensign."

"Yes, sir."

"She's taken a liking to you," Eora nodded, still talking as though to herself.  "You'll have to record all your correspondence with her and forward it to me.  Understood?"

"Yes, sir."



Admiral Jenny Upkins
"Jenny, lemme ask you something.  How come every time you call me - and I answer - you look disappointed?"

Admiral Upkins ignored Agent Sloan and continued as though he hadn't spoken.

"I've ordered Rindy to return to Deep Space Nine and remand the Vorta into  Romulan custody."

"Why the hell would you do a thing like that, Jenny?  Because the Tal Shiar issued some pissy ultimatum?"

"Because I don't want to turn this into an intergalactic 'incident', Luther," she rasped, even though there was no one left on her floor.  "It's bad enough you chose Rindy for the job, but what's worse is that you seriously thought we could double-cross the Romulans without reprisal."

Agent Sloan
"How long do we have?"

"Twenty-six hours."

"Aw," Sloan waved dismissively.  "Rindy will have plenty of time to chat with the Vorta.  Granted, I think we'd both prefer if I'd gotten a crack at her instead, but I've got faith in my girl."

"Let's hope that faith is not misplaced."


Ethima Reyan
"Call me crazy, Gabriel, but I was under the impression we were developing a rapport.  I was sure we got off on the right foot and we on our way to a healthy relationship.  Was I mistaken?"

"Look, Counselor -"

"Ethima, please."

"Listen,'s not you," he assured her.  "It's all me."

"Gabriel, I'm your therapist, not your girlfriend," the El Aurian laughed.  "And I already know why you want to 'break up', so to speak."

Gabriel stiffened uncomfortably in his chair.  It was an odd feeling, considering the entire room was designed for comfort; Ethima's office looked like a very small, very intimate, very old-fashioned bar, complete with the soft earth-toned carpet and polished wood paneling.  She stood behind it now, experimenting with her drinks while Gabriel sat on a modified bar stool which provided lower back support.

"Gabriel," she began in that low, patient voice of hers, "you were referred to me because your hormones are in overdrive right now; your overactive libido is compensating for your heightened sense of fear...fear of your own mortality.  Did it ever occur to you that your attraction to me was simply a result of that fear?"

Gabriel blinked, taking in the counselors slim arms and flawless brown skin.  "No," he shook his head honestly.  "I thought I was attracted because you're hot."

"Well, true," she chuckled, "but I'm also old enough to be your ancestor, and you're aware of that.  We're never going to sleep together, and you know this.  Therefore, this base instinct you're wrestling with is no different from the ones you wrestle with every time a pretty Dabo girl looks your way."

Gabriel's brow furrowed as he tried to grasp her meaning.  "'re saying I'll get over this?'ll wear off or something?"

"In time," Ethima nodded patiently.  "In the meantime, let's talk about your sex life.  When was the last time you went to bed a with a stranger?"

"Not since Lt. Tria left the station," Gabriel shrugged.  "I've been trying to stay strong."

"But the abstinence is actually making it worse."

"God, yes.  And now, my roommate is tearing our quarters apart with his Klingon childhood sweetheart, so I have to spend the night with Gaya Mylanti and Isi Soyinka."

"Mylanti's the one you used to have a crush on, right?"

"Right, but I'm not into her anymore.  And Isi...I think Isi's disgusted with me.  Like, every time she's around me lately she seems uncomfortable.  I guess, she's not used to me being"

Ethima raised an eyebrow.  "Promiscuous?" she helped him.

Gabriel blushed.  "Well, yeah."

"But you've slept alone for some time now," Ethima pointed out.  "Could it be there's another reason she's uncomfortable around you?"

"I...guess so," Gabriel struggled.  "But how?  I mean, why?"

"Isi's the virgin, right?  You seem like the type to attract a virgin's eye - gentle, playful, and cute."

Gabriel started laughing.  "No.  No way.  There's no way in hell Isi Soyinka is attracted to me."

Next ~ Sleepovers


  1. First of all, Anon...get the fuck out of here with that bullshit.

    Secondly, I just don't see Isi with Gabriel. I want her with Rindy. I like their complicated relationship. Gabriel...he's got a short-circuit somewhere.

    Thirdly, T'Sanne...'nuff said.

    I swear, girl, I want some of what you're on...this is all kinds of amazing.

  2. Gabriel thinks Isi's a virgin?

    *falls out of chair ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

    Shit, Rindy quickly saw an end to that.


    1. With the exception of Mylanti, everyone thinks Isi's still a virgin.

    2. And that's how you keep a damn secret.

  3. Love how Sloan and Upkins are talking about 'having faith' in regards to Rindy. ;)

    Oh, and I don't want Isi with Gabriel--throw Mr. Ohn to the El-Aurian because I need my Risi. Like, so freaking bad I can't stand it (just want Rindy to bang the crap out of Martok first).

    #fan agenda
    #Isi should become a Section agent

    1. Love how Sloan and Upkins are talking about 'having faith' in regards to Rindy. ;)

      LOL - that was an accident at first, but then I saw it, reread it, and laughed aloud.


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