We need to talk about Gabriel Ohn

Before I do another chapter of, well...anything...we need to talk.

When I first started this blog, one of the things I tried to stress was that this is just a fanfiction blog and folks need to not take it too seriously.  It's fun.  It's fluff even.  I'm having fun writing because I've adopted a style of having no direction; I just sit back and let things occur to me as I go.  I title these chapters about 5 seconds before I actually start writing them, and when I start writing them, I have No Clue what I'm about to write.

Some of the actors "cast" here were done so to give that actor a bit more attention.  Namely, I wanted to call attention to the wonderful, the gifted, the brilliant, and highly observant actor Edward Hong (Gabriel Ohn), whom I've been privileged to interview, and who converses with me via email occasionally.  He's a great guy, makes the girls go ga-ga on the Narrative, and I personally adore him.  When I first started Gaya's Astronomy, I sent him links to let him know what I was up to.


Gaya's Astronomy V4Ch17 ~ Fury of the Scorned

Previously ~ Changing the Lines

"Here's the problem with you, Rindy," Mylanti began, as they headed to station gym for a sparring session.  "You talk about your 'damaged-ness' in both past and present tense.  A damaged child doesn't necessarily a damaged adult make."

"Oh...you're Betazoid now?" Rindy scoffed.

"Hear me out," the Bajoran continued.  "Either you were damaged and you healed, or your were damaged and you stayed damaged.  Which is it?  It can't be both."

"I don't know where you're going with this."

Mylanti shrugged.  "Let me break it down for you like this: Rovena was a drug-addicted child, trapped on a chaotic planet for years.  Is Rindy that same person?"

Rindy frowned as she emphatically replied, "Absolutely not!  I moved back to Earth.  I stayed with relatives who cared for me.  I got into school; I met Sloan who helped cure the addiction once and for all."

"He also made you a strong and capable agent," Mylanti nodded.  "I mean, I'll admit without hesitation that I didn't like you, and didn't trust you, but I could never say you sucked at your job."

Gaya's Astronomy V4Ch16 ~ Changing the Lines

Previously ~ Three

Rindy awoke with a throbbing headache.  She was in the couch in their living quarters, and had apparent spent the night on that thing with Mylanti.  Though she knew right away nothing had happened, she still blushed as the Bajoran woke with a yawn.

"Feel better?" Mylanti asked.

"Not really," Rindy replied.  She ached all over, a painful reminder of why Romulan ale was illegal in the Federation.

"Here's hoping the Commander's night improved," Mylanti chuckled.  "Last I saw, he barreled out of here like a bull, probably trying to make it to last call at Quark's."


Gaya's Astronomy V4Ch15 ~ Three

Previously ~ Decisions, Decisions

"So he asked you to marry him and you shot him down," Desantos mused, reaching across the low table to pour her another cup of springwine.  "Are you sure that's the right decision?"

"Damian asked for the wrong reason," Melinda chuckled, quite tipsy now.  They'd already gone through two bottles.  A part of her wanted to ask how a Bajoran Vedek could have his own apartments at a monastery and afford such excellent wine.  The other part didn't care; she'd never dated such a man before.  He smelled of earth, incense, and Bajorian camellias, and his golden skin shone in the firelight.

"Enough about me," she murmured.  "Tell me about you."

"There's not much to tell," Desantos shrugged.  "Nothing original anyway.  I was orphaned young.  My sister and I picked up our first weapons when we were still children.  I killed my first Cardassian when I was fifteen, and halfway through my sixteenth year, I watched a third of my resistance cell die."

Gaya's Astronomy V4Ch14 ~ Rovena

Previous ~ Decisions, Decisions

"Rovena," Isi Soyinka murmured, for what had to be millionth time.  "Rovena...."

They were lying her bed, sweating, weary, limbs blissfully intertwined.  N'Garen was in her room with Alejandro, where they were probably breaking furniture.  If so, Rindy and Isi couldn't hear it.

"Mmm," Isi mumbled softly.  "Rovena."

Rindy's eyes shot open as she tried to keep her body from tensing.  She suddenly realized why she was having so much trouble falling asleep.

She hated it whenever Isi used her real name.

Gaya's Astronomy V4Ch13 ~ Decisions, Decisions

Previously ~ Follow the Shadows

Counselor Ethima Reyan, Rank Ensign, was a beautiful, jovial El Aurian who was well over 300 years old.  She'd lived various lives with various careers and had seen countless worlds and cultures.  Little shocked her and even less caught her off guard.

So when she looked positively horrified at his announcement, Damian Silent River was concerned.

"So...I take it you don't think is a good idea?" he asked, after a long, uncomfortable pause dragged on.

"Are you insane?" she finally exclaimed.  "You don't propose because you're jealous, Commander!"

"I'm not just jealous," Damian protested.  "I love Mel.  I want to spend my life with Mel and I think a nighttime wedding on Vulcan will be romantic.  Don't you?"

"Oh, Damian," Ethima wearily shook her head.  "Damian, Damian, Damian...were you drinking last night?"


Gaya's Astronomy V4Ch12 ~ Follow the Shadows

Previously ~ Mea Culpa

"What do you mean you have no idea where Kinora is?" Mylanti snapped.

The Romulan Subcommander gave a casual shrug.  "Believe me, I wish I did," T'Sanne told her, "but Kinora and I aren't the best of friends anymore.  She doesn't trust me, especially now."

Rindy raised an eyebrow.  "Especially now that...what?"

"Especially now that the Cardassian Union has sold itself to the Dominion Empire, and some of our own politicians on Romulus have recommended we do the same," T'Sanne replied soberly.  She turned away from them and went to stand at the window of their hotel.  It was a cheap place, on a barren moon, with a broken replicator and a malfunctioning sonic shower.  The walls smelled of sex and sweat, and the sheets hadn't been washed in days.

Yet it's in places like these that the fates of worlds are decided, Mylanti grimly noticed, feeling an unfamiliar weight descend upon her.

Rindy's voice was audibly tense.  "Romulus is considering joining the Dominion?"

T'Sanne turned to her suddenly, dark eyes raking over the Human with painstaking scrutiny.

"What did you say your name was?" she asked, eyes narrowed.

"Ruçi," Rindy replied truthfully.  "Ensign Rovena Ruçi."


Gaya's Astronomy V4Ch4 ~ Sleepovers

Previously ~ Honor Among Thieves

"Well...I guess we should be going."

Damian had said this about a hundred times, but every time he said it, either Melinda or Desantos came up with some reason why they couldn't beam back to the shuttle just yet.

First, Desantos wanted to toast his new friends with a bottle of springwine.  Six bottles later, a heavy downpour began in Andor Province and Desantos explained that when it rained this heavily, it often triggered ionic interference in some level or other of the stratosphere, making it unwise to beam out.

Then...after Desantos made some pretty plate of fruit slices, wild honey, and edible flowers - in his candlelit apartments, no less - he serenaded the Starfleet officers with ancient love songs on some exotic Bajoran lyre.