Sorry for the absence; I know six days is a long time on this blog.  But I have a good reason.

Inspired by my work here and readers' reaction to Gaya's Astronomy, I've started an original project that's been on my mind for many years now.  Only recently I did have the confidence and strategy to pull it off.

For fans of a female-centric narrative, fictional worlds, and wandering epics, I proudly present to you Selo & Inya.  This is going to be a series of novelettes published monthly (hopefully) by Middle Child Press, focusing on the growing friendship of two women.  The art for the series is by our own brilliant and creative Julie Nguyễn.

Set in a fictional world during ancient times, Selo, a warrior from an all-female society, meets Inya, a nomadic herbalist.  Together, they will explore the continent of their birth and beyond, crossing paths with queens, princesses, tribal chiefs, assassins, bounty hunters, oracles, and more.

The first novelette, Lady of the Court, is now available from Amazon  and Barnes & Noble.  


  1. Whoop whoop! Funnily enough my youngest sister's name is Inya. Actually Onyeche-Inya which in our language (Ebira / Igbira from Nigeria) means grandmother.

    1. As soon as I saw "Onyeche", I immediately thought Nigeria.

  2. It is official. Julie now wears the *dun dun dunnnnn* BLACK CAPE of AWESOME!

  3. OH..........HELL.....................YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh yay! And that cover is sure real pretty :$
    hahahahaaa..... hahahahahaaahahhahah

  5. Now THAT is a bomb-ass book cover! Makes me want to marry it.

  6. ***Update***

    Lady of the Court is now on sale.


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