Gaya's Astronomy V4Ch13 ~ Decisions, Decisions

Previously ~ Follow the Shadows

Counselor Ethima Reyan, Rank Ensign, was a beautiful, jovial El Aurian who was well over 300 years old.  She'd lived various lives with various careers and had seen countless worlds and cultures.  Little shocked her and even less caught her off guard.

So when she looked positively horrified at his announcement, Damian Silent River was concerned.

"So...I take it you don't think is a good idea?" he asked, after a long, uncomfortable pause dragged on.

"Are you insane?" she finally exclaimed.  "You don't propose because you're jealous, Commander!"

"I'm not just jealous," Damian protested.  "I love Mel.  I want to spend my life with Mel and I think a nighttime wedding on Vulcan will be romantic.  Don't you?"

"Oh, Damian," Ethima wearily shook her head.  "Damian, Damian, Damian...were you drinking last night?"

His body visibly stiffened, inducing a loud sigh from the counselor.

"Drunk, jealous, and impulsive," she rubbed her temples.  "You were really going for the ultimate trifecta, huh?"

"I do want to marry Melinda," Damian insisted.  "I've always loved the woman.  I'd die for her.  What's so wrong with what I've done?"

"I'm surprised that Mr. The-Timing-Was-Never-Right even has to ask," the El Aurian scowled.  "Do you have any idea what you've just done?  You've started a potential marriage on a seriously shoddy foundation.  Do you realize that from hereon out there will always be a question of whether you married her because you wanted to marry her, or because you just didn't want the Vedek to have her?"

"It's not a matter of or, Ethima, it's an issue of and," Damian slammed a frustrated fist down onto her bar.  "I do want to marry her and I don't want that Vedek anywhere near her.  If she decides to choose him over me, I will strangle that monk in the middle of his flower garden!"

Ethima laughed despite herself; she couldn't resist the image of Damian choking a Vedek while Melinda screamed in the background.

"Damian, seriously, as a romantic as a Vulcan wedding sounds, I strongly suggest you rethink what you're doing and why you're doing it."


Dania Ramirez as
"Calandra Tria"
" said yes?"

"Well," Melinda squirmed, " of course, I said yes, Cal.  It was only polite."


"Well, I had to tell him something!" the lieutenant cried, walking away the monitor above her replicator and pacing her room.  "I love him, Cal, I always have and I always will.  And I do want to marry him."

"Just not right now."

Melinda covered her face with her hands.  "I'm a bitch.  I'm a greedy, selfish, selfish bi --"

"Actually, you're not," her friend reasoned.  "Desantos is single and you're technically single...ish, and it's not fair for Damian to put you in this situation.  Desantos sounds like a good, decent man who will treat you kindly and give the type of romance you've fantasized about.  Do you realize that if he had not come along, Damian wouldn't have asked you to marry him?"

Melinda stopped pacing.  "You really think so?"

"Of course," the Betazoid nodded.  "Melinda, I love you both and I've known you for years. Damian is 'comfortable'.  He likes wine and Ensigns, and cannot be tied down for long.  A woman like you frightens him because he knows you are not so easily cast aside."

"You're right," Melinda nodded excessively, pacing her room again.  "I love him, and I want him, but I've never felt about anyone the way I do about Desantos.  I thought men like him were a myth."

"Go," her friend smiled warmly.  "Do not be afraid about losing Damian; he will never leave you.  But a man like Desantos comes only once in a lifetime."


Gaya Mylanti returned to what felt like a gloomy station; she didn't know if it was the station that was gloomy or if she was simply projecting.  It didn't matter; Isi was waiting for them at the airlock and whisked Rindy off to her quarters in under a nanosecond.  Even though she knew her quarters would be mercifully empty for the night, and her blistering hot shower would be waiting, she headed to Quark's first.  She needed a Black Hole on the rocks in the worst way.

The bar was almost empty at this hour; to her surprise she saw Damian Silent River in a dark corner, brooding over some dark drink.  Curious, she went over to him first before ordering a drink.

"Bad day?" she asked.

"You could say that," he grumbled wearily.  "Got shot down by a girl."

"Sounds like my day," Mylanti scowled, recalling her brief meeting with Gul Mayal.  "What are you drinking?"

"Black Hole that's not nearly black enough," Damian sighed.

"You know," Mylanti shrugged, "I met up with a Romulan friend of mine a few days ago while I was out on the biz.  Left with a bottle of ale, 2206 vintage."

Damian nodded, as though mulling it over.  "Not a bad year for Romulan ale."

"Figured we could head to my quarters - Rindy's with Isi, of course - and drown our sorrows...for old time's sake."

He paused, as though in the midst of making an epic decision, before shrugging.  "Yeah.  Sure.  Let's go."

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  1. Oh, for fuck's sake....

  2. he asks Melinda to marry him, then almost immediately turns around and fucks Mylanti?

    He has one shot at redeeming his sorry ass right now--and it starts with 'three' and ends with 'way'.

  3. Do you realize that from hereon out there will always be a question of whether you married her because you wanted to marry her, or because you just didn't want the Vedek to have her?"

    Damian, you fucktard!!! You stupid, drunk, dumbass asshole! That 2304 Begosian got you FUCKED UP and FUCKED UP!

    That's not the original Calandra, is it? Good to see her around regardless. Miss her. Mel definitely needs a girlfriend to talk ish over.

    Damian is 'comfortable'. He likes wine and Ensigns, and cannot be tied down for long.

    And just as this is being said, he might be potentially hooking up with a former Ensign consort.

    I just can't with these folks...

    1. 1) That's not the original Calandra, is it?

      Yes, it is!

      2) New chapter's up.

    2. Damn, I'd forgotten. Shame on you for not having her pop up more...*wags finger*

      And here I am thinking smutastic threeway thoughts. Damn you Ankh.

  4. And Damian is starting to act like a little bitch.

    If his game was so tight, Preacher Boy wouldn't affect his swagger. Weak sauce. He can take the bench.


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