Gaya's Astronomy V4Ch14 ~ Rovena

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"Rovena," Isi Soyinka murmured, for what had to be millionth time.  "Rovena...."

They were lying her bed, sweating, weary, limbs blissfully intertwined.  N'Garen was in her room with Alejandro, where they were probably breaking furniture.  If so, Rindy and Isi couldn't hear it.

"Mmm," Isi mumbled softly.  "Rovena."

Rindy's eyes shot open as she tried to keep her body from tensing.  She suddenly realized why she was having so much trouble falling asleep.

She hated it whenever Isi used her real name.

"Rovena, Rovena," Isi chuckled.  "All this time, I kept asking who you really were and if you were ever a person.  And all this time, you were a girl named Rovena."

"Yes," Rindy replied carefully.  "I was...once...a very damaged girl named Rovena.  People stopped calling me that years ago."

"It's such a beautiful name, though," Isi protested lightly.  "You should pick it back up, now that you're you again."

"I don't think I'll ever be me again," Rindy said honestly.  "I don't think I want to be.  'Rovena' came from a horrible place and a did a lot of horrible things."

"So did 'Rindy'."

Rindy sat up in bed at once, looking down at her girlfriend and trying very hard to keep her tone level.

"Isi, it's one thing to be a preteen druggie trapped on a planet where rape gangs troll the streets like packs of dogs.  It's another to be a trained professional who's doing her job."

Isi sat up too, unafraid.  "Bullshit.  You're telling me you have no regrets?  No missions you ever questioned?  No victims you mourn?"

Rindy snorted.  "Listen...don't think because you helped me take one pointy-eared fuck one time a long time ago that you know about covert ops - you don't, sweetheart.  You have no idea what's out there.  And as far the targets I've had to take out...I wouldn't piss on their gums if their teeth were on fire."

Isi coldly moved away.  "I should've known you wouldn't be any different.  I was stupid to think anything could change by learning the real you, your real name.  You're just an operative - the perfect, cold, metal operative and I'm still the dumb virgin from Risa."

"I am not the perfect operative," Rindy hissed, practically jumping out of bed and pulling on her clothes in record haste.  "Gaya Mylanti is the perfect operative, Isi, because she would never be so stupid as to fall in love on the job and fuck her career sideways for a woman!"

That last sentence came out as a roar, briefly shocking them both.  It was usually Isi doing the screaming, the dressing, the leaving, or the throwing out.  Never before had Rindy been the one to up and leave in a fury.

And she savored it.  Without breaking momentum, Rindy exited Isi's quarters, forgetting her bra and panties.


Lt. Melinda Barton was well aware that she should be feeling bad right now.  She'd told Damian earlier that day that she couldn't marry him, and then suggested they see other people until they were really ready to commit to each other.

He'd looked at her as though she'd ripped out his still-beating heart, ground it beneath a hot pink Risian stiletto, and then spat in his face.

Then he'd left, no doubt to do some heavy drinking.

And after he'd left, Melinda had gone to touch up her hair, try on her new Risian stilettos, and then hopped aboard the earliest shuttle to Bajor without a moment's hesitation.

She arrived in Andor Province, thankfully after the rain.  It was dusk, so she followed the trail of lit lanterns to find Desantos in the northern garden, lighting the last few.  He was in his long, burnished orange robes, with his silver earring reflecting the firelight.  He looked so calm, so relaxed that she paused to watch him for several moments, soaking in the tranquility he exuded.

As he began lighting the last lantern, she approached.  He saw her coming and paused, as though taking her in.  Damian used to do that...until he forgot how.

Stop comparing the two, she chided herself immediately.  She was determined not screw this up; she'd already deleted her holosuite program and was determined not to give Damian if he came home drunk, horny, and emotional.

Yes, it would be hot, but for now, it would be a huge no-no.  And speaking of which, Damian would have to move out ASAP.

"Where's Lt. Commander Silent River?" Desantos asked softly, lighting the last lantern.

"He didn't come," Melinda replied, trying to keep her voice from shaking.  "Where's your sister?"

He blew out the flaming stick he used to light the lantern.  Melinda watched him purse those soft full lips and blow as though it were happening in slow motion.  She actually felt her knees knock.

"She's not here," Desantos replied finally, his voice so warm and mellow, like liquid serenity.  He tilted his head to the side, eyeing her.  "May I interest you in a bottle of springwine?"

"Oh, sure," Melinda nodded nervously.  "What year?"

"The 2309," he winked.  "Very good year for wine."


Mylanti didn't mean to laugh, but she couldn't help it.  She was still on her first drink while Damian was on his sixth and Rindy was on her third shot, trading begrudging tales about the hell of being in love with women, talking without really listening to each other.

"Did I mention she keeps calling me Rovena?" Rindy growled.  She knocked back another shot.  "I always hated that name."

"I get it, I get it," Damian raised his hands, already slurring.  "I fucked up.  I was wrong.  I got distracted by...," he waved at Mylanti, "...things.  I should've asked Melinda to marry me years ago, but noooooooooooo...timing was never right.  Studies were in the way.  Careers got in the way.  Fucking hell!"  He slammed his shot glass down, which Mylanti automatically refilled.  She'd been playing bartender for the past hour or so and was actually enjoying it quite a bit.  It was hilarious.  Damian had started the evening off by ranting about his romantic woes, and just when he was starting to run out of material, Rindy showed up to soldier on.

"I mean, what the hell does she want?" Rindy exclaimed furiously.  "She wants me to the quit the section, I quit the section.  She wants to get to know 'the real me', so I let her know!  Now she wants to change that too!  It's shit like this that makes me wanna just switch back to men."

"Oh, we're no better," Damian assured her.  "And at least your woman wants you.  Mine wants a lyre-playing, lantern-lighting, flower-planting monk from Andor Province!"

Mylanti's flew open wide.  "Lt. Barton's hot for a Vedek?"

"Oh, not just a Vedek," Damian scowled.  "THE Vedek.  THE definition of tall, dark, and handsome."

"You are too!" Rindy assured him.

"No, no," Damian shook his head.  "I'm not him, okay?  I don't play the lyre, I don't sing love songs, I don't live in a moonlit monastery."

"It won't last," Mylanti gently assured him.  "Yes, he's the kind of man some women dream about, but that's all it is, Commander, a dream.  He's not going to leave the monastery for her.  He might romance her, but he's not going to marry her.  I know people like that," Mylanti shrugged.  "They're like me - they are me.  They're trying to heal from the Occupation.  He might seem all soft and tender now, but soon, Melinda will see what's really underneath the silk robes and serene smile - steel, cold, hard steel."

Rindy snorted wearily.  "Like I said," she grumbled.  "The perfect operative."

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  1. Question - let's say Isi was to have a one-night stand with someone. What would they be like?

    1. If she has rebound sex with Gabe, it would be terrible. If she has rebound sex with Damian, it would be hot but they both would regret it immediately. She should have a one-night-stand with some random person.

      Want a T-shirt with I heart N'Garen & Alejandro on it.

      And I'm going to rebuke that last paragraph. You will NOT ruin my Desantos will NOT!

    2. wouldn't be someone from "the group" - it would definitely be an outsider.

      I was just asking what that person would be like.

    3. That person should have qualities completely different from anyone Isi knows. Not Klingon, not Bajoran, not Cardassian. Odo's the only Changeling, and he's balls-over-ass in love with Kira...

      ...JAKE! Have her find Jake and screw the shit out of him, leave him all twisted up.


    4. NOT JAKE!!! Maybe one of Jake's ex's tho... And Isi's too nice for Klingons. Is Rindy still her only?

      I bet she'd do it in a holosuite.

  2. ^ (puts on Team Amaya shirt)

    Isi should be seen with a Klingon (possibly a high-ranking buddy of N'Garen's, coming in to the station on the Rotarran to pass on information about the High Council's secret plans for Cardassia/The Founders/the location of Kinora to Mylanti and Rindi?)--not sex, just so Rindy can *see* her with someone else, to make her INSANELY jealous. Maybe have the dude get fresh and Gabriel breaks it up, so Rindy thinks that Isi still wants Gabe?

    For revenge/info, Rindy should totally fuck Martok while the Rotarran's docked, trying to get some deets on the Klingon fleet's movements to stop the Dominion.

    If I get no Melinda-wich, I should at least get some Rindy/Martok action. (pouts)

    1. Totally with Dabo Queen on the Risi/Martok affair.

      Shit, totally with Dabo Queen. We're definitely seeing eye to eye here...

    2. Hush and read the next chapter.

    3. Molten....lava...... *shivers

    4. From this chapter? Or did you skip ahead?

    5. Oh...I think I've indulged you ladies enough.

  3. Loving how Mylanti's just topping up their glasses.

    1. *nods* interrogation without any blood.

  4. " but soon, Melinda will see what's really underneath the silk robes and serene smile - steel, cold, hard steel.""

    seeing the vedek's steel, pretty much the plan.

    1. I was wondering if someone would take it in that direction.


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