Gaya's Astronomy V4Ch16 ~ Changing the Lines

Previously ~ Three

Rindy awoke with a throbbing headache.  She was in the couch in their living quarters, and had apparent spent the night on that thing with Mylanti.  Though she knew right away nothing had happened, she still blushed as the Bajoran woke with a yawn.

"Feel better?" Mylanti asked.

"Not really," Rindy replied.  She ached all over, a painful reminder of why Romulan ale was illegal in the Federation.

"Here's hoping the Commander's night improved," Mylanti chuckled.  "Last I saw, he barreled out of here like a bull, probably trying to make it to last call at Quark's."

Rindy laughed, then winced at her pounding head.

"I need a raktajino," she said, groaning as she rose from the couch and flinching with every painful step towards the replicator.

"And so say us all," Mylanti yawned again.  "You think Lt. Haere's going to call us in today?  I know we're supposed to be working double time and all but I just want to sleep."

"She'll probably want to know what happened with Gul Mayal," Rindy said, bringing back two cups of coffee.

"Nothing happened," the Bajoran scowled. "You heard Mayal.  If she leaves Cardassia now, she can never return.  Unlike with Kinora, Central Command is very much under the impression Mayal is alive and well."

"Oh, tangled web," Rindy murmured, rubbing her temples.

Mylanti snorted.  "That's what I always used to say."

"I haven't heard from Isi," Rindy said finally.  It sounded like a confession.  "I left and she didn't come looking for me."

"Couples fight and make up," Mylanti sighed wearily.  "Just give her time."

"It's different with us," Rindy shook her head.  "I spent months letting her yell at me, threaten me, kick me out of bed dozens of times, and I just took it.  Now I'm the one doing the yelling and the walking away, and she doesn't even come looking for me."

"I don't want to be the one to say I told so you."

"Mylanti --"

"But I told you so, Rindy!" Mylanti pressed.  "This was a bad idea;'re like me.  We don't settle down.  We don't fall in love.  That's just not meant to be.  We're...damaged, and damaged people don't do what undamaged people do, okay?"

"Yeah, but we're not the same kind of damaged," Rindy shook her head, more forcefully this time.  "Strip it all away, and underneath, you're cold, metal perfection.  Your life made you cold - an operative needs that.  My life just made needy, Mylanti.  Even now, after everything, I'm still constantly wanting, and wishing, and hoping.  I want a mommy, I want a daddy, I want...something and I just wish I could make it stop!"

"You want the bubble," Mylanti murmured.  "You want to go somewhere where time stops and you feel absolutely nothing."

Rindy looked disturbed.  ", that's not where I was going with that do get what I'm saying about you and the non-feeling thing, right?"


Ensign Gabriel Ohn was immediately alarmed to see his roommate Alejandro Kanaway and Alejandro's Klingon girlfriend N'Garen looking glum over breakfast at Quark's the next morning.  With everything going on, he dreaded learning what fresh new hell they were about reveal.

"Cillia got kicked out of the Klingon-Federation exchange program," Alejandro mumbled.  "N'Garen's being summoned back to her ship."

Gabriel looked confused.  "Cillia got...kicked out of - how does someone get kicked out of the program?  For doing what?"

"Apparently my shipmates found her behavior too raucous and unrestrained," N'Garen grimlyreplied.  "They said she drinks too much and is a notorious flirt."

Because he was in the presence of two very gloomy lovers, Gabriel knew better than to laugh.  But once they were gone....

"Ambassador T'Lar is seeking a replacement for N'Garen, but no one's volunteering," Alejandro sighed.

Gabriel suddenly felt a light bulb go off in his head.  "Hey, Alex...why don't you and I accompany N'Garen back to her ship?  I think flying with Klingons would be a great change of scenery, not mention much more interesting than living out here on the fringe."

Alejandro looked hopeful.  "You really think Sisko would ever sign off on that?  Starfleet's a bit short-staffed."

Alexander Enberg as
"He will now that Chancellor Gowron has re-signed the Khitomer Accords and revived the Federation-Klingon alliance," a new voice spoke up.  All heads turned to see a tall, slender Vulcan in a black and gold uniform.

"Forgive my intrusion," he greeted neutrally, dark eyes betraying nothing.  "I am Ensign Taurik of the Enterprise.  I believe we've been acquainted."

"Briefly," Gabriel nodded, gesturing for him to grab a seat.  A Ferengi waiter came over and Taurik politely requested a bowl of plomeek soup and cup of hot blue mint tea.  "I remember you from Engineering."

"So it's settled then?" Alejandro demanded.  "The alliance has been finalized."

Taurik gave a prim nod.  "Just this morning."

Gabriel was still a little confused about something.  "What...brings you to DS9, though?  Are you...are you on shore leave or something?"

"I'm actually here to see a mutual acquaintance of ours," the Vulcan replied.  "As to the purpose of that visit, I'm afraid I cannot say."

"Understood," N'Garen nodded.  She looked back at Alejandro.  "We should probably go to talk to Captain Sisko."

Isi Soyinka arrived, looking dour and in desperate need of a really strong coffee.

"What's new?" she asked, taking the last empty seat.

"We're going to talk to Sisko about transferring to N'Garen's ship," Gabriel announced cheerfully, rising from his seat.

Isi looked alarmed.  "What?"

"The Klingon-Federation alliance has been restored," N'Garen replied.  "We think the Captain will approve the transfer requests."

Isi blinked.  "What?"

"Cillia got kicked out of the exchange program for being a little too wild for the Klingons," Alejandro explained impatiently.  "N'Garen's captain has demanded her return."

But even as Isi still asked, "What?" the trio was gone, leaving her with the Vulcan just as his breakfast arrived.  Isi gave Taurik a bewildered look.

"I'll explain everything from the beginning," he patiently replied.


When Melinda awoke, Damian was gone, and Desantos was lying next to her, dragging a fragile Bajoran camellia up her back.

"He's gone?" she murmured sleepily.

"He didn't look too happy, if you ask me," Desantos replied with a casual shrug, as though totally unfazed.

"Did he say anything?"

"He just pulled on his clothes and left without a word," Desantos casually answered.  "I don't think you'll be speaking for a while, but given time, it'll be fine."

Melinda groggily rose and began looking for her clothes.  "I need to go talk to him."

The Vedek gave a slight wince.  "I wouldn't recommend that just now.  Last night was your greatest fantasy.  It was also his worst nightmare.  If you talk to him now, you could ruin the future you'll have together."

Melinda snorted, feeling the first stirring of bitterness.  "I don't think we can still have that future."

He reached out to her and gently held her left ear.  Desantos closed his eyes, as though trying to feel something out, something intangible yet present.

He finally opened his eyes and gave her a warm look.  "Your pagh would beg to differ.  The Prophets have decreed that it is to be."  He cocked his head to the side.  "But if you still doubt, you can always consult the Orb."

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  1. Don't worry Damian. Homosexual sex gets better after the first time.

  2. Woot woot! Time for round two, Mel!

    Yay for Taurik!!! <3

  3. Love that pic of Melinda. She's gorgeous. If a wild night of sex with two hotties makes you look that good the next day, sign me up baby!

    Cillia got kicked off a Klingon ship for being too raucous and unrestrained? I smell bullshit.

    I don't think Mel should get back with Damian; they weren't ever really together. And while a fling with Desantos is all kinds of violet cape awesome...Mel needs some time to herself. She's got some things to think about.

    1. Cillia got kicked off a Klingon ship for being too raucous and unrestrained?

      You read correctly.

      She's a Trill. If we learned anything from Jadzia/Worf, Klingons are children compared to the Trill.

    2. Yeah, but it's Cillia! Cillia!

      Gotta love those Trill.


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