Gaya's Astronomy V4Ch17 ~ Fury of the Scorned

Previously ~ Changing the Lines

"Here's the problem with you, Rindy," Mylanti began, as they headed to station gym for a sparring session.  "You talk about your 'damaged-ness' in both past and present tense.  A damaged child doesn't necessarily a damaged adult make."

"'re Betazoid now?" Rindy scoffed.

"Hear me out," the Bajoran continued.  "Either you were damaged and you healed, or your were damaged and you stayed damaged.  Which is it?  It can't be both."

"I don't know where you're going with this."

Mylanti shrugged.  "Let me break it down for you like this: Rovena was a drug-addicted child, trapped on a chaotic planet for years.  Is Rindy that same person?"

Rindy frowned as she emphatically replied, "Absolutely not!  I moved back to Earth.  I stayed with relatives who cared for me.  I got into school; I met Sloan who helped cure the addiction once and for all."

"He also made you a strong and capable agent," Mylanti nodded.  "I mean, I'll admit without hesitation that I didn't like you, and didn't trust you, but I could never say you sucked at your job."

They reached the gym which was mostly empty at this hour, and headed straight for the mats.  Dumping their gym bags to the side, they briefly stretched before taking opposing stances.

"So...," Rindy's brow furrowed, "you're saying I'm not damaged."

"Well, after the past week my opinion's evolved a bit," Mylanti shrugged, before throwing the first blow.  Rindy deftly ducked and weaved.  "I would call you...battle-hardened."

Rindy launched a perfect high kick which Mylanti blocked.  Rindy went into a roundhouse which Mylanti dodged with a back handspring.

"Battle-hardened?" Rindy asked.

"The Prophets teach us that life is a game of struggle; it's a fight, of sorts.  We're not here to simply coast through our existence," Mylanti explained.  She went into a double right jab-left arm punch combination, which Rindy easily blocked.  "Anyone who believes we are is in for a rude awakening."

"Sounds like the coping mechanism of a people tortured by occupation," Rindy observed.

"Coping mechanism or not, it's truth," Mylanti replied neutrally.  "The Prophets teach is that yesterday is no different from today or tomorrow.  Thus, the struggle never truly ends."

Rindy was puzzled.  "But why fight at all?"

"The fight," Mylanti said dishing out a spinning backfist punch which Rindy caught, "is a test of our character.  Damage is inflicted upon all on who exist.  So you can either succumb to your damage --" she twisted, grabbing Rindy's arm and flipping her onto her back, "-- or you can use it to make you stronger."

Mylanti bent over her fallen opponent, looking her in the eyes.  "That's the true difference between you and me.  I embraced my damage years ago and came to terms with who I really am.  I've never apologized or made excuses for my true nature.  But can't even stand to hear your real name."


The Orb experience put Melinda in a daze; she couldn't even remember leaving the monastery or the shuttle ride back to the station.  She drifted down the Promenade without seeing the growing throngs of people or hearing a single sound.  But when she came to her quarters, she awakened at once.

He was gone.  She didn't need to go into his room or check the computer logs to know Damian had moved back to the Defiant.  The yawning silence filling their - her - dark, empty quarters told her everything she needed to know.

She felt a stab of pain at his absence, but tried not to let it faze her.  Desantos had assured that what would be, would be...regardless of last night.

She tried not to think of last night; in the light of day, it didn't seem like such a good idea.  And though her future with Damian seemed etched in stone, somewhere he was out there, hating her.  And no matter how many happy years they had together nor how many fat children they bred, they'd always have this moment in time where he hated her.

One thing was for sure...she wasn't going to stay in these quarters alone.

"Computer," she called, "patch me into Betazed."


After the mats got dull, Rindy and Mylanti switched to the holosuite, borrowing a training program for fighting Jem'Hadar when outnumbered and with limited weapons.  The scene was a barren, dark terrain, rocky and mountainous.  Their "camp" was a hollowed cave filled with dead Starfleet officers and a faulty distress beacon.  In the near distance, footsteps marched.

"You make it sound as though I'm hiding from myself," Rindy said, psyching herself up for the upcoming bloodletting.

"More like running," Mylanti told her flatly.

"But I'm not running," Rindy insisted.  "My childhood just isn't something I like to think about."

"Nor is mine," Mylanti replied.  "But I don't run from the truth about myself.   I don't hesitate to talk about who I am and where I come from.  And I certainly don't forget.  If Dr. Bashir hadn't called you in, you would've gone on with your denial, forgetting your addiction.  Here they come!"

A pack of Jem'Hadar descended upon them.  Rindy and Mylanti started firing their phasers, taking their time to aim and successfully kill as many soldiers as possible before their phaser coils died.

"Is that what this is about?" Rindy yelled over the phaser fire.  "The fact that I used to take drugs?"

"No!" Mylanti yelled back.  "It's the fact you actually forgot you used to take drugs!"

When their phasers, they switched to hand to hand, seizing bladed weapons from fallen Jem'Hadar.  Standing back to back, they began cutting the enemy down.

"You can't forget your deepest shame!" Mylanti called to Rindy.  "Nor simply ignore your flaws!  You can't evolve if you won't face what's holding you back!"

The last Jem'Hadar was finally felled by her hand; the Bajoran stabbed him in the heart, looking into those empty holographic eyes as she bitterly growled, "Here endeth the lesson."


"So...why are you on Deep Space Nine?" Isi asked the tall Vulcan, as they strolled the upper level of the Promenade, watching ships come and go.  She was actually supposed to be in a diplomacy seminar, but she decided to blow it off and endure the Borg Queen's wrath later.

"I'm escorting a refugee," Taurik replied.  "She was granted asylum three days ago by the Federation, and she's asked to live aboard Deep Space Nine."

"How long are you staying?"

"Not long," Taurik shook his head.  "I'm due to meet with Lt. Eora Haere later this evening to brief her on the situation, but my transport is scheduled to leave at 1200 hours tomorrow."

"Why is Starfleet allowing an asylum-seeker to pick where she gets to go?" Isi frowned.

"Because they think she can be of assistance," Taurik replied.  "She's a former member of the Maquis."

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  1. Deuces Damian and he can stay gone for a while.

    And I forgot to mention, GABRIEL JOINING THE KLINGON SHIP. They will crush that little boy.

    *grabs the popcorn*

  2. Gabriel is the type who gets other people to do his dirty work for him, and practically no-one even knows of his involvement. Remember how he got Sito Apraxa to kill Miranda and set him free? And given his tech genius he potentially has other means of dealing with enemies. I feel more sorry for the Klingons - it's one thing if they straight up kill him, but if they don't, he will be the one crushing in retaliation.

  3. GABRIEL AND GRILKA. And at least one joke w/Gabe and Alejandro about how she's "glorious".

    Dabo Queen out.

  4. The Rindy/Mylanti therapy sessions are awesome as hell! Now that's what I call getting to the point. At this point, Rindy needs a friend more so than a lover. She and Isi need to split for a while.

    Matter of fact, methinks that everyone can do with some alone time; Melinda especially. She needs to be alone in her quarters. She don't need another roommate.

    Sex complicates everything. Everything. These people don't know what they want. The only one who's got her head on straight is Mylanti, and that's because she's had plenty of time to deal with herself.

    So yeah, some alone time is necessary. But that's just my opinion.


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