Gaya's Astronomy V4Ch4 ~ Sleepovers

Previously ~ Honor Among Thieves

"Well...I guess we should be going."

Damian had said this about a hundred times, but every time he said it, either Melinda or Desantos came up with some reason why they couldn't beam back to the shuttle just yet.

First, Desantos wanted to toast his new friends with a bottle of springwine.  Six bottles later, a heavy downpour began in Andor Province and Desantos explained that when it rained this heavily, it often triggered ionic interference in some level or other of the stratosphere, making it unwise to beam out.

Then...after Desantos made some pretty plate of fruit slices, wild honey, and edible flowers - in his candlelit apartments, no less - he serenaded the Starfleet officers with ancient love songs on some exotic Bajoran lyre.

And the whole time, Melinda seemed to just...mellow out.  Damian had never seen her so calm and relaxed, much less listening rather than doing the talking.  She couldn't take her eyes off the tall, dark Vedek.

In a way, he couldn't blame her; after Desantos ran out of songs, he played some instrumental pieces.  After that, he told several old Bajoran folktales, some in the format of an epic poem.  The Vedek clearly had a charming, romantic streak and Damian found it annoying as hell.

"You can stay here tonight," Desantos offered, after checking the rain.  "The rain has stopped, but I can tell by the color of the lightning there's residual ionic turbulence in the atmosphere.  Lt. Barton, you can sleep in my bed."

Damian twitched.  Like hell....


"Are you really going to marry Entok?" Alejandro asked.  He was covered and in scratches and bruises, and was fairly certain he'd dislocated something.  He and N'Garen hadn't made it to his bedroom, so they lay on the floor of the living area, surrounded by overturned furniture.

It transported him back to when they were teenagers.

"I told you," she replied wearily.  "He's taken a mistress, and I've encouraged it.  Given time, he won't want to adhere to our betrothal."

"But then your father will find some other Klingon from another noble house and take you away from me," Alejandro said softly, staring at the ceiling as his bliss began to dim. "I won't go through with that all over again, N'Garen."

"Nor will I," she told him simply.  "If I can get Entok to abandon me, then I will appear wounded and ashamed.  I will openly blame my parents for shackling me to a dishonorable man, and then I will demand release from the marriage contract."

Alejandro chuckled.  "Sounds like you thought this through."

"I've had years to think it through," N'Garen murmured, leaning and making that half-purr, half-growl noise which made his knees shake.  Already he could feel his blood warm and rise to the surface.

"You have my attention," he murmured back, as she slowly began to nip at his ear.


Well...this is lame.

Gabriel Ohn stared up at the ceiling of Isi and Mylanti's quarters, sorely wishing he were back in his own room.  He didn't know what he'd expected, but nothing exciting was happening here.  Isi went to bed early, and apparently Mylanti slept in a giant, garish contraption made from Bajoran flannel.  It was straight up hideous.  He hadn't seen any legs or filmy negligees and he briefly wondered why there weren't any pillow fights or late night ice cream breaks in which the girls discussed their sex lives.

God...I have issues.

The room was simply too quiet; it was irritating.  He'd recently been learning to get used to the quiet, to lying in bed by himself, but this was unsettling.  The room just felt empty.  He longed for another warm body near his own.

His thoughts suddenly turned to Ethima Reyan, and what she'd said about Isi.  Though a part of him doubted the El Aurian's observations, he admitted he didn't mind the thought of Isi Soyinka being attracted to him.  There were few who hadn't crushed on her back at the academy, with her long legs and Risian upbringing.  When word got out that she was actually a virgin and not the party girls the rumors had touted her to be, Gabriel's right arm had gotten a serious workout for several weeks.

Speaking of a workout....

Gabriel relaxed and let his body respond to mental images of Isi.  He closed his eyes and let thoughts of her take over as he hand slid beneath the covers.  This was probably a good idea anyway; it would take his mind off the yawning silence of the room and help him sleep.

"Isi...," he murmured.  His body grew restless; Gabriel started to move about on the couch as he touched himself with increasing intensity, murmuring her name a little louder each time.

He was suddenly alerted to the sound of footsteps entering the living area.  He was too late to feign sleep; Isi herself caught him red-handed in every sense of the word en route to the replicator.

Both froze like a birds caught in shuttlelights, staring at each other wordlessly.

It was Isi who spoke first.  "I just...wanted...a glass of water," she said finally, each word halting.  "I didn't mean to --"

"I'm sorry," Gabriel apologized quickly, grabbing his uniform and pulling it on.  "I think it's safe enough for me to head back to my quarters now."

He fled as though chased by a pack of Klingon targs, leaving Isi to stare after him, unable to form a coherent thought.


"Lt. Haere, you had better have a good reason for dragging me out of bed at this ungodly hour," T'Sanne snapped.  Draped in a long robe of violet Tholian silk, she came to sit across from Eora aboard her warbird.  The dim lighting of her spacious quarters cast a golden tint to her skin.

"I thought you might want to know your precious Vorta is en route," Eora replied mildly.

"You could've sent a message."

"True, but a bottle of Tellerian champagne doesn't travel well by subspace," Eora replied, brandishing a bottle.  "Tends to lose its flavor."

T'Sanne appeared caught off guard by Eora's gesture.  She suddenly felt naked and vulnerable beneath her robe and clutched at it for cover.

"I see," she said, though she really didn't.  "And is this an apology for trying to steal my Vorta out from under me?"

Eora gave a casual shrug.  "If you want it to be."

"Well, good," T'Sanne replied with a bite.  "I expected better from Ensign Gaya's mentor.  That was low and treacherous behavior on your part, Lieutenant, worthy of even a --"

"Romulan?" Eora finished.  "You would've done the same thing to us, T'Sanne, and even if we had demanded you give her back, the Tal Shiar wouldn't have acted with nearly as much expediency as we have."

T'Sanne raised an eyebrow.  "Good point."  She walked over to her replicator.  "Two champagne glasses," she ordered.  She returned with two glasses of Romulan blue crystal.

Eora poured the pale pink liquid, filling the room with the sweet scent.

"I take it Mylanti has shared with you my weakness for fine beverages?" T'Sanne murmured.

"No," Eora admitted, "but I will admit I'm envious of the rapport you've built with her.  I was hoping you and I could develop a...similar relationship."

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  1. Gabriel's right arm had gotten a serious work out for several weeks.

    You WRONG as hell for this!


    Then...after Desantos made some pretty plate of fruit slices, wild honey, and edible flowers - in his candlelit apartments, no less - he serenaded the Starfleet fleet with ancient love songs on some exotic Bajoran lyre.

    and this...

    She couldn't take her eyes off the tall, dark Vedek... Lt. Barton, you can sleep in my bed."

    You RIGHT as hell for this!

  2. I don't get exactly the isi/rind/gabe situation. Does Isi deeply have feleings for Gabe or is she using him to get over Rindy? Also why would Rindy want her with Gabe if RIndy is in love with Isi?

    1. Isi has feelings for Gabriel, but she's never addressed them. She's just sat back and let them fester.

      Rindy knows that a relationship with her is going to be extremely dangerous and complicated. Because she genuinely cares about Isi, she thinks turning her towards someone like Gabriel would be better for her.

    2. I never got the sense that Isi had a thing for Gabe. Maybe I missed something. But there appears to be (at least to me) no real heat between them; not like it is between her and Rindy. Just sayin'.

      I think it's a mistake for Gabe & Isi to hook up. She's going to hurt him, methinks.

    3. That's because Gabriel is a "crush". Rindy is actually love. Gabriel is someone she's curious about. Rindy is someone she knows.

    4. *SMDH at Gabe*

      He's becoming a little punkass creep.

  3. ^ Is that author pimping of Risi I see?

    (fangirl squee)

    You know--Damian keeps noticing how smooth, charming, handsome and great Desantos is. I'm just sayin'...


    1. *coughcoughMELINDASANDWICHcoughcough*


    2. You two!!!! Do I need to separate you?

    3. Sorry Ankhesen but I'm with Amaya and Dabo on this. Way Desantos was working game, it seemed like he was trying to fuck Damian just as much as Melinda.

      No straight dude is going to set the mood like that for the woman he's trying to seduce while the competion/rival is present. Especially competition like Damian.

      Desantos would figure out a way to get Damian out of there and keep Melinda behind.

      Nah Desantos is either aiming for a three-way or trying to use Melinda as a beard to get to Damian.


  4. Love this series so much. Can't wait for the next part! And I agree with Dabo Queen. MELINDASANDWICH FTW!!!!


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