Gaya's Astronomy V4Ch18 ~ Parting Gifts

Previously ~ Fury of the Scorned

Well...that was different.

Isi rolled away from the Vulcan and stared at her ceiling, trying to process the experience.  It wasn't bad or disturbing, but it was...mystifying.

Taurik seemed to feel the same.  "A most intriguing experiment," he stated neutrally.  "Did you find the answer?"

"The answer?"

"You wanted to feel something different," he replied.  "As I recall, you wanted to 'figure out' something about yourself.  Have you?"

"I suppose," she shrugged.  "I've realized that ever since I met my girlfriend, I don't feel much anymore."

"Fascinating," Taurik blinked.  "Intriguing how interaction with a single person can have such an impact."

"She taught me things," Isi admitted.  "She introduced me to a whole new world, a world within a world, if you will.  I was angry at her first for forcing me out of my comfort zone and throwing my life into disarray, then I was angry because she made me realize just how much I belong in that world."

"And now?"

"Now?  Now I'm grateful," Isi said emptily.  "Now I know who I am and what I was meant for."

The door to her bedroom slid open suddenly and Rindy entered, clad in sweaty gym clothes.

"Isioma, we need to talk about something really important...."  She trailed off as the lovers sat up in bed at her unexpected arrival; she looked back and forth between them, her head swiveling like a confused child's.

"Rindy," Isi faltered.  "You're...I wasn't...why are --"

"A Vulcan?" her girlfriend blinked, incredulous.  "This is your idea of acting out?"

"To be honest, this wasn't about you," Taurik interjected coolly.  He rose and perfunctorily pulled on his clothes.  "Apparently Ensign Soyinka was attempting to achieve some sort of epiphany."

Rindy sneered.  "I'm sure she was."

"Don't take the moral high ground with me, Illeen," Isi replied rather coldly.  "Gabriel's still having trouble looking me in the eyes because of your little tryst."

"As fascinating as I'm sure this lovers' quarrel will be," the Vulcan sighed, "I'm afraid I don't have time to witness yet another display of pointless human emotion.  The obvious logical course of action would be for the two of you to terminate your clearly flawed relationship.  As I understand it, the very point of being a 'couple' is that there's only two of you."

"We were on one of your childish tantrum-induced breaks when I slept with Gabriel," Rindy bit out.  "You were the one always throwing me out, remember?"

"So you crawled under the nearest warm body you could find?" Isi snapped.  "I get mad so you get naked - is that how this works?"

"This...coming from the woman who just got naked with a Vulcan!" Rindy shouted, hurling her gym bag across the room.  "I demoted myself for you, chose a lesser career path and started all over as a friggin' Ensign for you!"

Taurik raised a slim, dark eyebrow, halting his exit.  "Fascinating."

"Did I tell you to do that?" Isi retorted.  "All I ever asked from you was to be a normal human being - that was all!  But what I can expect from a whorish, drug-taking pile of Turkanian trash like you!"

Fortunately for Isi, Vulcan reflexes were superior to Human; in a flash, Taurik had his arms around Rindy's body before she could lunge at her girlfriend.  She struggled against the iron grip in vain.

"You," Rindy hissed.  "You just wanted to twist me into whatever you wanted whenever you wanted."

Isi defiantly cocked her head to the side.  "Sounds familiar."

"You are a selfish bitch, Isioma!  And you won't get to twist me anymore!"

Taurik continued restraining her, even as she violent thrashed to get free.  When he spoke, he maintained a measure of calm.

"Ladies," he said quietly, "again I submit my initial proposition."

"Your talents are wasted aboard the Enterprise, Lieutenant," Rindy growled at him.  "You would've made an excellent marriage counselor."

"Your sarcasm is noted," he replied simply.  "But I think it's best for everyone if I walk you out now."


2 days later

"You can't be serious!" Ethima Reyan, rounding her bar to come stand before Gabriel Ohn.  "You're really leaving for Kronos?"

"Sisko wasn't having that whole transfer-another-ship thing," Gabriel shrugged, "but he did approve extended shore leave in which we can...sorta...kinda...technically serve aboard a Klingon vessel."

"It's always the cute ones breaking up with me," Ethima sighed, opening her arms for a hug.  They hugged warmly, and as they slowly headed for the door, she began with the advice.  Which he knew she would.

"You know...while Klingons are a hoot and a half, you gotta be careful out there," she warned.  "Who will you be staying with?"

"We'll be guests of the House of Tse'dek."

"Ooh," Ethima winced.  "Noble people."  She shook her head.  "There's a ridiculously long list of rules and customs for dealing with those type of folks.  The lady of the house can pretty much execute you on the spot for looking at her the wrong way."

Gabriel chuckled.  "Commander Silent River and Alejandro have agreed to go over Klingon customs with me.  We're all a bit rusty."

Ethima stopped walking.  "Damian's leaving too?"

Gabriel shrugged.  "I don't know what's going on with him, but you know what they say: the fringe doesn't agree with everyone."

"Guess not," she murmured.

"Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for everything and sorry that I stopped our sessions.  You are a great counselor," Gabriel cheered.  They shared one last hug before she watched him go.

"Computer," she called, "get me Damian Silent River."

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  1. I think we're missing a chapter. The one where Isi from Grey's Anatomy does an interdimensional bodyswap with this Isi because LORD!!!!!

    She lucky that Vulcan was there because that would've been a homicide right there.

    And brought up the drug history. Oh somebody is getting shanked for that one.

    1. I figured he might as well, otherwise Rindy woulda shattered every bone in her body.


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