Gaya's Astronomy V4Ch19 ~ Comings and Goings, Pt 1

Previously ~ Parting Gifts

Lt. Melinda Barton excitedly watched as the transporter platform in Ops glowed with warm golden light as someone materialized.

"Lt. Calandra Tria reporting for duty," the Betazoid mused.  She stepped off the platform, reaching out for her friend.  "Do I request permission to come aboard a station?  Or is strictly ships?"

"Hush, woman," Melinda shushed her as they hugged.  "I can't wait for you to move in.  When does all your stuff arrive?"

"The freighter should be here tomorrow," Calandra wearily yawned.  "Most likely the day after."

"Long journey?"

"Longest," the Betazoid yawned.  "My replicator was broken aboard the Vantil.  The sonic showers failed every night, and the entertainment was anything but.  Remind me to never again fly coach."

"Diva," Melinda scolded lightly.

"Says you," Calandra scoffed.  "I'm supposed to be on Vulcan right now, possibly planning your wedding, but here I am out on the fringe.  When do I get to meet the Vedek?"

"Soon.  I invited to him to tour the station," Melinda blushed.

Calandra tilted her head to the side.  "I've...never seen you like this."

Melinda blissfully sighed and gave an innocent shrug.  "I don't know what it is, but it feels pretty damn good."


"Wait...does this mean I get my own quarters now?" Mylanti glowed.  Granted, a part of her was going to miss having Rindy around, but this was the moment she'd waited for a long time.

"No," Lt. Eora Haere told her bluntly.  "Another Ensign has requested a chance to specialize in intelligence training.  She will be transferred to your quarters right away.  I believe you two are already well acquainted?"

Mylanti turned to see Isi standing behind her.

"Ensign Isioma Soyinka reporting for duty, sir," she greeted somberly.  Mylanti paused to wonder why she wasn't surprised.

"Good," Eora nodded.  "As you are well aware, our Maquis visitor has been assigned to our station as a consultant, of though we don't already know our way around Cardassians."

Mylanti snorted in solidarity.

"She will be residing in your old quarters with Ensign Yrydi - has Cillia's transport arrived yet?"

"Just now," Isi replied.

"Glad to know she arrived safely," Eora mused.  "I hear the Klingons couldn't get rid of her fast enough."

At Mylanti's confused expression, Isi patiently explained, "Cillia caused a feud between two noble houses.  Apparently, while she was partying a bit too much, she caught the attention of two men  from different clans.  For some reason, she was under the impression it was acceptable to date both."

Mylanti nodded.  "Ah."

"While Cillia keeps our guest company," Eora continued, "Isi can shadow you on your next mission, and I can't stress how crucial this one is."

Mylanti inwardly smirked.  They're all crucial.  And they almost always wind up being about something else.

"Bajoran Intelligence learned almost before we did about Gul Dukat's defection to the Dominion, and they found out courtesy of a terrorist network."

Mylanti's eyes widened.  She knew the words coming before Eora even spoke.

"I need you track and find the Bajoran terrorist Sito Apraxa," Eora ordered.  "Starfleet Intelligence would like to have a word with her."


Cillia Yrydi
Ensign Cillia Yrydi already knew people were watching her as she did her slow walk of shame from Ops to her quarters.  She really didn't want to be on the station right now; in fact, she didn't want to be out on the fringe, period.  Nothing happened out here, nothing fun anyway.  This was the gloomy kids club, with weird occurrences, spooky Bajoran prophecies, and angry Jem'Hadar at the door.  She wanted to be back aboard a proper Klingon ship, singing and drinking and sampling their women and men.

But alas...she'd been sentenced to come back here.

She entered her darkened quarters half-expecting to see Isi reading or Mylanti perusing classified reports.  She had missed them somewhat, but she didn't want to tell them how she wasn't exactly glad to be back.  Mylanti belonged on DS9; it was near her homeworld and it was a breeding ground for operatives.  Isi...Isi hadn't been herself in a long while.  She wasn't the bubbly, yoga-stretching, pink-wearing, Risian-raised girl she used to be and it was boring.

Ratana Dao
It would be nice to see Gabriel and Alejandro again, but Cillia was dreading the Borg Queen.  Melinda had never forgiven her for doing the exchange program in the first place; her recent shame and expulsion would not go over well.

"Well...I wasn't expecting to see you again so soon."

Cillia stopped in mid-step as she realized that not only were Isi and Mylanti not home, they'd been replaced.

The Trill blinked.  "You gotta be kidding me."

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  1. Wow. I was wondering when we'd see Ratana again.

    *waves* Hey Cillia! Hey girl!

  2. *SMDH*

    Of all the folks I would've expected to get expelled from a Klingon exchange program, I wouldn't have guessed Cillia and yet it makes perfect sense.


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