Gaya's Astronomy V4Ch20 ~ Comings and Goings, Pt 2

Previously ~ Comings and Goings, Pt 2

"Really?" the El Aurian blinked, shocked almost beyonds.  "All...three of you?"

Damian Silent River glared at her.  "Not...a anyone, Reyan."

"Of course not," she raised her hands.  "Confidentiality clause, remember?  I just can't believe you would...why would you agree to something like that, Damian?"

"I panicked," he bent his head into his hands.  "He was kissing her neck, giving her soft tender looks, and she was liking it.  I thought it was my last shot to win her away from him."

"Then...why are you leaving?"

"I have no shot," Damian shook his head.  "I saw her with him, I saw how she responded to his touch, his kisses.  As the night wore on, I knew it was a lost cause."

"Have you at least spoken to her since?" Ethima asked, knowing he hadn't.

"No.  I left before she woke up.  By the time she was back on the station, I'd packed and moved out."

"But why Kronos?  What can you possibly expect to find there?" the El Aurian exclaimed.  Rarely was she bewildered, but in the last few days, this man had really baffled her.

"I need to be around strong men, warriors right now, Ethima," Damian sighed.  "It's hard to explain, and you are a great counselor, but this is a guy thing and you can't help me with it.  And since I don't want to end up on a binge like Gabriel did - and I'm very highly prone to that - I need to go, clear my head, hunt for something, fight for something --"

Ethima leaned against her bar.  "A drink a lot of bloodwine?"

"Yesssss!" Damian admitted with a loud groan.  "I just want to drown myself in a barrel of 2309."

"At least you'll have access to the good stuff," she sighed wearily, defeated.  "Why do all the cute ones keep breaking up with me?"

"Ethima," he promised her, "this is the fringe.  There's no shortage of crazy damaged people here.  I'm pretty you'll soon have a long line of clients just begging to babble on about their problems for hours."


Admiral Upkins
A padd dropped onto Admiral Jenny Upkins's desk, startling her.  She hadn't heard anyone come in.  She looked up to see who would dare show up without an appointment.

"Agent Rovena Ruçi reporting for duty, sir," came the stoic announcement.  Before the Admiral stood a woman she didn't recognize.  She was stiff, in uniform, and not making eye contact.  She stared into space like a regular soldier, unwilling to to even blink unless ordered to.

"At ease, Agent," the Admiral said softly.  The agent promptly obeyed.

So, Upkins mused.  Someone finally broke her.

"Is your commanding officer aware of your return?"

"Agent Sloan has made it clear I cannot return to my assigned section without your approval," came the neutral, emotionless reply.  She still wasn't making eye contact.

"And are you free of any unnecessary...attachments, Agent?" the Admiral probed, not that it was an issue.  Sloan had his own marriage to contend with, if you could call it that.

"Aye, sir.  I submit myself for any disciplinary action you deem fit for my previous behavior," the agent replied.  "I was flippant and unfocused in my duties.  I took my job and myself for granted."

"And you're sure you're ready to come back?"

"Aye, sir."

"I suppose you want me to have faith in your newfound purpose," the Admiral raised an eyebrow.

"No, sir.  I intend to prove myself before I'm restored to my former post."

"Is that so?" Upkins beamed, coming from around her desk.  "Well, you're just in time.  There's a new lineup on DS9 in the intelligence sector and they're bound for an intriguing new little mission.  I need a pair of eyes and ears on that mission, Agent."

"I won't fail you, sir."

"Glad to hear it," Upkins crossed her arms across her chest.  "It's good to see you so committed to the team, Rindy."

"Please, sir," the agent corrected her.  "My name is Rovena."



  1. Well, cheers. That was awesome :D

  2. Aaaaand BOOOM! goes the bomb.

    Well done. Well done, my friend.

    Do we know why 2309 was such a good year for wine?

    *sits back and waits for Season 5 with much interest*

  3. "I need to be around strong men, warriors right now,"


    *literally rolling on the floor next to my bookcase and laughing my ass off*

    can't breath—can't breath—

    So let's review. Damian has a Devil's Three Way with Mel and Preacher Boy and now suddenly he has a hankering for being around strong men.

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Yeah tell me again there's nothing going on between those two.

    No what makes me crave being around strong men. Getting good dick.

    *resumes reading*

    1. If you think about it, maybe Damian's having a "crisis" and that's why he needed to leave.

      *shrug* 'Tis one interpretation.

    2. That coming out party at Quark's is going to be an epic celebration. Women will be crying like they're at a funeral. Straight guys will be cheering because the competition will be gone and gay guys will be lining up at the holosuite to welcome Damian. LOL!!!!

    3. Just now read this...can't believe you wrote it.

  4. ""I suppose you want me to have faith in your newfound purpose,""

    I see what you did there. ;-)


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