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The Fox Demon Fandom

My name is Xiaowei, and for five hundred years, I was imprisoned in ice.

If you're wondering how I was able to survive, I'm a demon, specifically a fox by nature.  I am immortal, but my body is cold and I have no heartbeat.  To maintain a human appearance, I must consume the hearts of mortals.  But if I live 1000 years and meet a human willing to give me their heart, I can become human myself.

In the fifth century of my imprisonment, a bird demon helped release me from my cell.  She led me from the frosty mountains, and we consumed human hearts together.  As a solar eclipse approached, we schemed to make me human, because no matter how far I ran, the abyss persistently followed.

I finally came across a mortal princess whose body was so warm it could repel ice.  I stayed with her to avoid imprisonment, until the solar eclipse came and we shared one body.  For years I lived without fear, and knew the joys of mortality.

But being mortal, my princess died, and I had to begin my search again.

Alas, I was neither quick nor strong enough, and a time came when I find myself trapped among cold mountains again.

Centuries rolled by as lazily as the summer breeze I was denied.  I felt the energies of the world shift and bend around me.  I could sense the rules of the ancient magical world were changing.  Far removed from the company of mortals, I could still feel their intrusion upon the mystical realm.

As the old magic seemed to shrivel and shrink away, I knew there would come a time when the aching despair and yawning emptiness of the modern world would attempt drive out the spirits of earth, sky, and water.  Even my jailers seemed to lose their grip as demon laws began to hold less sway.

And when the ice began to melt of its own accord, and the balance of energy turned in my favor, I knew it was my moment to strike.

Freed again, I resumed my journeys.

To my surprise, the magic of the world was much stronger than I anticipated, and the ice soon began to follow again.  Once more, I had to flee to survive.

However, I was much delighted to quickly learn the desperation of mortals had greatly increased since the ancient days.  In the years since my second escape, I have met many mortals who would've gladly given me their hearts.

I once came across a vampire slayer who, like me, had betrayed the laws of her world and was fleeing a torturous abyss of pain and guilt.  Her body would've been mine, but those Slayer types tend to stick together.

I also lived in a world of heartbreak and glamour, where a thespian with no hope should've been mine...but there was this suspicious reporter who investigated the supernatural, and she got too close.

I then hid in a school where young sorcerers went to train; the agony of adolescence made them all ripe for the plucking, until a meddlesome little snake charmer outed me to the whole school.


There are still so many places I could go, but I fear my plans may be foiled again.  And if they are, I will most certainly return to the ice.

You're probably wondering what got me into this mess anyway, and why I'm constantly on the lam.  The long and short of it?  Many, many centuries ago, a mortal man - whose name I've long forgotten - told me that he loved me.

He told me...and I believed him.

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  1. ...Since y'all can't make up y'all's minds.

    1. You actually did all of that!!!!! and I haven't even voted yet XD
      The pics go along with the narrative beautifully, well done.

    2. I voted for Fox Demon, so I get what I want. And I love the sweet little hints you dropped, referencing the other fandoms. However, I don't want Foxy dabbling in those worlds. I want to know more about hers.

      Those pictures are fanfuckingtastic. I felt transported to the ice. Write on, youngun.

    3. Did you watch the movie? It's posted for your convenience. You'll know everything you need to know about the fox demon.

  2. Girl why you had that little ass poll sitting up there in the corner all by itself? You know my eyes are shitty!

    I voted.


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