"Life in the Gray Area", a potential

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I once said that after seeing the lawyer "Mac" in Season 1 of Angel, I've thought about building a fandom around her.

I wasn't kidding.

Dominique Jennings as Serena Mac
Serena* Mac works in the Acquisitions Division of Wolfram & Hart; she procures special items and, in some cases, people.  Serena is very good at her job and definitely enjoys the perks; however, life in the gray area sometimes takes its toll.  More often than not, Serena uses humor to deal with her conflicting emotions.

Bernadette Balagtas as
Christabel Aquino
Christabel Aquino works in the Contracts Division of Wolfram & Hart.  Serena and Christabel often work together and are trying to develop something of a friendship.  Like Serena, Christabel strives to be merciless and dedicated to her career.

Stephanie Romanov
as Lilah Morgan
My absolute favorite W & H lawyer of all time.  After going through hell to keep her job in the Special Projects Division, Lilah ends up running the entire Los Angeles branch, outliving every man who got in her way.  At the time of the fic, however, she'd still be a regular lawyer in "Special Projects", which implied some really dark stuff.  Lilah was devious and ruthless to the core, and I loved her for it.

Daniel Dae Kim
 as Gavin Park
Another favorite lawyer of mine, Gavin was initially in the Real Estate Division at Wolfram & Hart.  He eventually got promoted to Special Projects, during Season 3 of Angel.  However, my story takes place during Season 1, arguably the best season of all, when Gavin is still in Real Estate.  I think he has a dysfunctional off-again, on-again thing with Serena.

Recurring Characters

Reagan Preston-Gomez
as Mika Hairston
Christabel's long-time girlfriend.  Mika is the stylish design editor of Plush magazine.  Christabel initially meant to propose to Mika...until she got hired by W & H.  After Christiabel got the job, things became strained between the two.  Mika suspects her girlfriend's not telling her something about W & H.

Julie Zhan as
Detective Jules Xia
A cop by day and a natural-born Demon Hunter by night, Jules and Serena have an "arrangement" which both women often violate.  Neither woman can stand the other, but their arrangement - when it actually works - benefits them too much to call it quits.

I even whipped up a trailer for the occasion.

*I decided to give her the name Serena.  On the show, we never actually learn if "Mac" is her first name, last name, or a nickname.


  1. You make me want to watch TV again, get some inspiration. Pass the dutchie on the left-hand side.

    1. Weed. Not that you're getting high; I just want you to pass whatever's inspiring you...to me.

  2. I take it no one's into this story.


    1. LOL!! Sorry. I've been busy. That pic of Serena Mac is enough to get me hot and bothered. Whatever W&H is, you've certainly got my attention.

    2. That pic of Serena Mac is enough to get me hot and bothered.

      Oh my.


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