Sorry for the delays but..."Hunter" is here!!!

While journeying through the Kingdom of Oon Sati, Selo and Inya are invited to join the  bounty hunter Vathi tracking a prince with a generous price on his head.  As Selo learns about the laws of mixed society, the quest brings her face to face with the woman who almost killed her...and a thing or two she didn't know about Inya.

New Faces

Vathi ("vah-tee"): A fun-loving bounty hunter from the Queendom of Soneti, Vathi typically works alone.  She's an old friend and sparring partner of Selo's.

Mimi: Vathi's prized black stallion whose name means  "friend friend" or "best friend".

Queen Bathia V: The Queen of Soneti.  She's the one who hired Vathi.

Kimmeka ("kim-mek-kah"): The royal astrologer who serves Matawai.  Her name means "full moon."  She recently took over for a much older astrologer, and Matawai still doubts her ability.  In Antwari, her kind are traditionally referred to as "Bone Singers."

Mero ("meh-ro"): The man Vathi's tracking.  He's specifically been requested to be brought back alive.

Onnoka ("oh-noh-kah"): Briefly introduced, she's a female spy who serves Matawai.  Her name means "faceless moon."

Places of Interest

Kuwari ("koo-wah-ree"): The Amalian kingdom is mentioned for a second time here; it lies beyond the northern Antwari border.  Like Antwari, it is mountainous; unlike Antwari it is very fertile.

Fun Facts

1) The women on the covers are deliberately ambiguous. Artist Jules Nguyễn's intent is to let the viewer's imagination sort of roam. So if you like, then the woman on this cover can be the bounty hunter... or not.

2) The women of Soneti look somewhat like dark-skinned Southeast Asian women.  Thai women in particular come to mind.

3) In this volume, we learn the meaning of Selo and Inya's names.

4) We also learning the meaning of the Selo & Inya "glyph".

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