"The Final Frontier", a snarky potential

Needless to say, talk of the new Trek film is giving me hives.  Makes me almost want to scribble something to bite back.

The keyword in that sentence is "almost".  But if I were....

The Gents

Rick Yune as Captain
James Tiberius Kirk
After being accused of sleeping with an Admiral's wife, Kirk is "banished" to the Anticon System, where he's been assigned to command the Enterprise, and ship that's infamous for always getting into trouble.  Kirk is fairly certain the Admiral is hoping he'll be killed out in the field.

Adetomiwa Edun as
Commander Spock
A brooding Vulcan-Human hybrid from two hotly feuding families, Spock asks to be assigned as far away from home as possible to avoid dealing with his problems.  He insists that avoidance is perfectly logical.  And should he die before having to return and face a possible arranged marriage, well...then...Surak be praised.

Bryton McClure as
Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy
A sardonic country boy at heart, "Bones" gave up an archaeological dig, deciding he was tired of studying the dead wanted to switch to treating the living for a while.  Granted, he misses being outdoors, but there's no shortage of moons and stars in outer space.

Eddie Spears as
Chief Montgomery Scott
When he accidentally causes a massive explosion at a shipyard during an experimental procedure, Scott is exiled to space and barred from conducting experiments ever again.  Doesn't change the fact that he's a genius, and as far as the Enterprise is concerned, his arrival is quite timely.

Ryan Conferido as Lt.
Commander Hikaru Sulu
A rebel who's already been in a lot of trouble with Starfleet Command, Sulu can't wait to board the Enterprise and take her helm.  He finally feels as though he's found the ship made just for him: bold, beautiful, and bad to the bone.

Michael Trevino as
Ensign Pavel Chekov
A quirky Ensign who plays the violin and enjoys Klingon opera, Chekov is excited to be aboard the Enterprise, despite knowing its reputation.  His assignment worried the hell out of his parents, but he's not fazed.  Not yet anyway.

Saving the Best for Last

Dana Davis as
Lt. Nyota Penda Uhura
A brainy xenobiologist, Uhura prefers to stay out of the field.  But to be considered for a promotion to Lt. Commander, Uhura is advised to clock in some time aboard a starship.  On a whim, she chooses the Enterprise.  Of course, she's never paid much to the field missions, otherwise she would've reconsidered.

Iyari Perez Limon as
Counselor Christine Chapel
An experienced officer, Christine has served aboard the Enterprise under two captains and is hoping the third time will be the charm.  She's tired of breaking these people in only for them to run for the cushiest desk job at the first sign of trouble.  And there's always trouble.

Jenna Ushkowitz as
Lt. Janice Rand
A party girl at heart, Janice has served aboard many ships as a communications officer.  She's handy with a phaser, and loves nothing more than bars, bourbon, and Billie Holiday.  Since the Enterprise is always in trouble, she figures its bridge is where all the action's at.

and Blair Wingo as
Lt. Charlene Masters
A curious, open-minded xenotheologian, Charlene feels every deity in the universe has abandoned her when she's assigned to the Enterprise.  The only thing making the trip bearable is the presence of her old friend, Janice Rand.

Questions?  Comments?  Dirty looks?


  1. I got a girl boner looking the male cast.

  2. Blair Wingo made me double-take. Just beautiful.

    And I'm surprised Rick Yune is still in your good graces, haha. Eh, he's gotta eat (sry Amaya).

  3. Don't mind me, I'm just admiring the scenery that is Mr. Yune and Mr. Trevino.

  4. I don't even remotely have the time or energy to scribble this, but I felt at least a (faux) dramatis personae was in order.

  5. I def like. I can see Jenna being a party girl and Blair Wingo goodness gracious she is a beauty! I smiled big when I saw Dana Davis as Uhura. Yay! Also yay to all the mens especially Edun!


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