Gaya's Astronomy V5P ~ Contemplating Sin, a Prologue

Previously ~ Volume 5 Dramatis Personae

Lt. Gaya Mylanti
The maximum security prison of Ankur Province was underground; visitors had to beam onto a platform and then ride a turbolift down several meters to check in.  They were then escorted to the prisoner cells.

Sito Apraxa lived in a cell within a cell, both guarded by maximum forcefields.  The walls were dull, grayish color, like the corridors of a Starfeet vessel.  Her food was beamed in, her tray beamed out, and she saw and spoke to no one.

Until today, of course.

"I can understand your anger with me.  We are both Bajoran, and people like you fought for my freedom.  So I can understand your anger with me.

"I'm the daughter of a former comfort woman.  I went to Starfleet Academy.  I didn't starve.  I wasn't raped.  I didn't grow to adulthood knowing terror.  So I can understand your anger with me.

"But I'm certain that a woman like you can understand that this isn't even about me," Gaya Mylanti raised an eyebrow, taking a few slow steps in a semi-circle, rounding the prisoner closed-eyed prisoner who sat, seemingly in meditation.  "Or you, for that matter.  This is about the future of Bajor."

Sito Apraxa
Sito Apraxa's eyes suddenly flew open.  They shot blue icicles at the dark-skinned Lieutenant.  Her voice was equally cold.

"Don't bother lecturing me about the future of Bajor," the infamous former terrorist rasped.  "I fought for the future of Bajor.  I buried fellow Bajorans who died for the future of Bajor, so whatever you've got to say to me, little girl...can it.  I've heard all before.  In hearings and tribunals, from lawyers and Vedeks and even our friggin' bitch of a Kai - you have nothing new to say to me, 'Lieutenant' Gaya, so don't even try."



"You've been handed a sentence which literally has no end," Mylanti mused.  "You're going to rot in this staid, blue-gray hell of a prison.  You're going to grow old here.  You're going to die alone in here."

Despite Apraxa's defiant expression, there was a flicker in those frosty blue eyes.  She wasn't used to captivity, certainly not maximum security.  She was used to roaming freely, doing what she wanted when she wanted.  The length of her sentence hadn't really dawned on her.

"Thanks to you," she hissed finally.  "Kitran Iyura led you to me on good faith, and my resistance cell wound up behind forcefields."

"I apologize," Mylanti replied honestly, with a slight bow of her head.  "I didn't know Bajoran Intelligence had taken an interest in my mission."

"You should have!" Apraxa exploded suddenly.  "You're a Bajoran working for Starfleet Intelligence, with access to resources our people just don't have.  You should've known our government would want to use you to get to us!"

"You're right," Mylanti nodded stiffly.  "I wasn't vigilant enough.  I didn't think far ahead enough.  And your cell paid the price for my negligence."

"And now you come to ask me for favors," Apraxa spat.  "I've been sitting here in prison for almost three years because of you, and you dare to show your face asking for a favor?"

Mylanti was suddenly amused.  "Favor?  Apraxa, come on now.  You really think I'd approach you empty-handed?  You want something.  Bajor and its allies in the Federation want something.  So I'm not hereto ask.  I'm here to negotiate, and before you beat your chest and snap at me about how I have nothing to offer you, don't waste my time."  She cocked her side to the side, grinning.  "Unlike you, I don't have years and years to waste."

Apraxa voice, like her gaze, came out deeply bitter.  "What do you want?"

"No," Mylanti corrected her, "what do you want?"

"What do you think I want?" Apraxa snapped.  "Full pardon for me and those who were under my command."

"And?" Mylanti asked, raised an eyebrow.

Apraxa appeared to hesitate, which she'd expected.  Of course a full pardon wouldn't be all, but Apraxa didn't want to say all that she really wanted, lest Mylanti take the deal off the table.

The former terrorist tried to hide the quaver in her voice and failed.  "What else could I possibly want?"

"Oh, please," Mylanti snorted.  "You really just want our government to shove you out the front door with nothing but the shirt on your back?  You have no home, no occupation, no ship, and no family - none willing to claim you, anyway.  You're really willing to leave the quiet solace of these walls, where you're fed three times a day without cost, to go starve in the streets?"

"What do you want?" Apraxa bit out, eyes flashing.  She was learning, picking up the game and mastering it quickly.

Unlike her, Mylanti was willing to lay it all out on the line.  "At the time of your arrest you were wanted across nearly two dozen star systems for over a hundred felonies."

"I was fighting for Bajor!"

"Perhaps in the beginning," Mylanti acknowledged, "but we both know what happened the day you got hold of a weapon and bust a cap in your first spoonhead.  We know how it felt to go from being a starving, hapless victim to a successful raider, bringing home your first spoils of war.

"But then the war ended," Mylanti mused, relishing how the terrorist paled and stiffened before her.  "And it was time to do the real work.  Farming, schooling, rebuilding, reacquainting yourself with the Prophets - you didn't want that.  You'd gotten hooked on taking what you wanted whenever you wanted; the freedom was so addictive that long after the war ended you couldn't stop the theft, the murder.  Take, want, became new your motto.  No discipline, no thought.  How do we know you won't just go back to that once we set you free?"

For the first time, Apraxa appeared speechless.  Her mouth worked; she clearly wanted to answer, sorely wished to fire something back but she'd been rendered mute.

Mylanti was deeply amused.  "Don't worry," she chuckled.  "You have the rest of your life to respond."

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  1. Jeeeeeeez, man. I love Mylanti. At first I hated her, but I love who she's become, flaws and all.

    *settles in*

  2. Mylanti!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I liked how you show how she has progressed from the beginning to now. You don't give a run down of it, but with the way she talks and handles mission Mylanti has changed a lot. I am so glad for this chapter, keep it up. Would you mind if I asked you for writing tips?

    1. Sure, I can share tips! Don't know if they'll be much good though.

  3. I have missed Mylanti!!! You seriously have a great character here.

  4. Thanks, everybody. Oddly enough, Mylanti's growth has been my growth. As with all the other volumes, I just go with the flow. I had no clue what I was going to scribble when I started this prologue.


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