Gaya's Astronomy, Volume 5 ~ Dramatis Personae

I was going to wait a little longer before starting this, but after exploring the mind of Ensign Holt, reconnecting with some of my older Trek fics on LiveJournal, and the latest bout of fail from JJ Abrams, I've been bitten by the Trek bug all over again.  And I miss Mylanti.  And Risi.  And the Borg Queen (not the real one, of course).

Volume 5 of Gaya's Astronomy was originally going to take place before the Dominion War and during a mission to find the Bajoran terrorist Sito Apraxa, but I've decided to speed things move headlong into the Dominion War, to Season 6 or 7 so of Deep Space Nine.

I'm doing this because the next volume of Orias will take place after the war, during the rebuilding of Cardassia.  While the main cast is going to remain all-female (as is most of the recurring cast), there will be a slight change from the original Volume 5 teaser.

Main Cast

Megalyn Echikunwoke as Gaya Mylanti

As Starfleet's armies take heavy casualties, the Federation is forced to find allies in dark places.  Gaya Mylanti, now a Lieutenant (did you think she'd stay an Ensign forever), is charged with reigniting the Bajoran terrorist underground, offering plea bargains for the worst of the worst, starting with the infamous Sito Apraxa.

Rutina Wesley as Isioma "Isi" Soyinka

After displaying an unnatural aptitude for covert operations, Lt. Soyinka is approached by Agent Sloan of Section 31.  Isi is torn between becoming an Agent and remaining in Starfleet.  She's particularly uncomfortable with the fact that should she enlist, her former lover will be her new trainer.

Aja Naomi King as Cillia Yrydi

A joined Trill, this young Lieutenant is assigned the USS Eressos which patrols the Bajoran-Cardassian border.  War has had a sobering effect on Cillia, a former party girl, causing her to think long and hard before acting.

Napakpaha Nakprasitte as Ratana Dao

A "consultant" aboard the USS Eressos, Ratana provides Maquis-type assault strageties to fend off the Jem'Hadar.  She and Cillia circle each other like lions for a while, but it's only a matter of time.

Dania Ramirez as Calandra Tria

The Betazoid Lt. Commander is station aboard the Eressos as a counselor and field medic.  Because her home planet is currently under Dominion rule, Calandra goes to war with the intent to liberate her people by any means necessary.

and Rachel True as Lt. Commander Melinda Barton

The infamous "Borg Queen" is stationed aboard the bridge of the Eressos.  She has had at least three officers die in her arms from plasma burns, and suffered several injuries since the war began.  The war is royally starting to piss her off, turning her into a particularly brutal combatant.

Recurring Characters

Eliza Dushku as Agent Rovena "Rindy" Ruçi

The steely Section 31 Agent is back in force as the Federation's potential doom hovers near.  Tasked with ensuring the progress of the Founders' impending genocide, she warns her potential protege and former lover of what it really means to be an agent.

Fairuza Balk as Sito Apraxa

Apraxa's days of theft, murder, and terror have landed her behind bars in a maximum-security Bajoran prison, with a sentence that has no end.  So when Mylanti is sent to negotiate for her assistance, Apraxa will settle for nothing less than being completely free.

Fallon Bowman as Counselor Ethima Reyan, Rank Lieutenant

The El-Aurian counselor returns, determined to keep morale aboard Deep Space Nine as despair begins to set in.  Having survived genocide at the hands of the Borg, Ethima intends to go down fighting if necessary.

Sara Ramirez as Commander Xochitl ("so-chee") Dominguez

The proud Commander of the USS Eressos, a Defiant-class warship.  A veteran soldier, she makes Lt. Commander Barton is her first officer and puts her at tactical.  Having fought the Maquis and the Cardassians, Xochitl views the Jem'Hadar as just another body count waiting to happen.

And as for the rest...well...we can be surprised.

Next ~ Contemplating Sin, a Prologue


  1. Calandra's back!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaay! <333

    N'Garen should be there. Just sayin'. ;)

    1. It's wartime. I'm sure she'll make an appearance.

  2. Oh shit is about to get real. And I LOVE the opening sequence.

    1. Can y'all believe that CGI is almost 2 decades old?


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