Gaya's Astronomy V5Ch10 ~ Pondering Dead Cardassians

Previously ~ Change of Plans

Avery Brooks as
Benjamin Sisko
"Is it true?"

Captain Benjamin Sisko was no fan of Subcommander T'Sanne when they met a few years back, and he was even less of a fan now.  As far as he was concerned, Romulans were born smug, and the Tal Shiar were the worst.  If he were to guess, T'Sanne was relishing the destruction of the Cardassian Union and the defeat of the Dominion, though not too long ago he recalled the Romulans had acted as though they were above going to war.

"Is it true what they're saying about the Cardassian Central Command?" she mused silkily, pacing his office on Deep Space Nine as though it were hers.  "That when you arrived, the floors were covered with dead Cardassians?"

"Does the imagery give you pleasure?" he inquired bluntly.

"I hear General Martok opened a barrel of bloodwine over their bodies - the 2309 no less," T'Sanne smirked.  "You seem so grim now.  Were you grim when you drank over the corpses?"

"I didn't drink," Sisko replied solemnly.  "I couldn't drink."

"I hear General Martok had no problem with that," T'Sanne snickered.

"He's a Klingon," Sisko shrugged it off.  "They see things differently, I suppose."

"And to think there would come a day that I would actually agree with a Klingon," she shuddered delicately.

"Did you need something?" he asked suddenly, eager to get to the point.  T'Sanne, it appeared, was no hurry.

"I await the return of a prisoner," she sighed.  "I loaned a Vorta to Commander Xochitl Dominguez."

"That would be Captain Dominguez, of the Eressos as I recall," Sisko corrected her.  "There will be a celebration tonight in honor of her promotion."

T'Sanne snorted.  "Well, congrats to the new Captain."



Malest needed help walking.

Whatever Calandra Tria had done to her - and a part of Gaya Mylanti really didn't want to know - it had messed up nearly every muscle in the Vorta's body.  Mylanti felt odd holding her prisoner up and helping her off the Eressos.  Her conscience wanted to take the woman to Dr. Bashir, but her operative's instinct warned against doing so.  The Tal Shiar needed to see what a middle-ranking Starfleet Officer could achieve where their own best interrogators had failed.

Mylanti dumped the Vorta off in Odo's office where the mere sight of the imposing shapeshifter sent the pitiful creature into tears.

Odo, being Odo, knew better than to ask the details.  For now anyway.

Gaya Mylanti
Mylanti then headed for her quarters where she paused to relish the glaring lack of roommates.  She took the longest shower she could remember, and then lounged in her bathrobe with a plate of steaming hasperat and bottle of springwine.  The good food and hot shower naturally sent her into a deep, wonderful sleep, so she wasn't surprised when her console suddenly beeped on as Isi woke her up.

"What is it?" the Bajoran yawned.

"Sloan is dead," came the grim reply.

Mylanti had thought that with the war being over and all, nothing could wake her from a good sleep.  She was wrong.  The news made her bolt into an upright position, as she demanded,

"What?  How?"

"Self-termination during interrogation."


"Well, at least he went down fighting," Rindy snorted, though her eyes betrayed to her Admiral Upkins.  The young agent clearly wasn't happy about this.  "I always figured this would be the way he went out."

"You're going to be promoted, of course," Upkins added dryly.  Clearly, the shock had worn off for her.  "Which means you no longer have to mentor Lt. Soyinka."

"It's fine," Rindy nodded stiffly.  "It's what he would've wanted anyway."

Upkins slowly shook her head over her steaming cup of blue mint tea.  "Sentimentality is dangerous to an operative.  You ought to know better."

"Forgive me if I'm not breaking out the Vulcan port, Admiral," Rindy replied with an eyebrow raised, "but Sloan still had things to do.  He may have gone out on his own terms, but not his own time."

Admiral Upkins
"We never get to go on our own time and we always have things to do," Upkins smirked.  "It's an inescapable rule which was never meant to feel fair, but it what it is, and life goes on."

Rindy raised her head slightly in realization.  "You don't have faith in Isi."

"Sorry, kiddo," Upkins shook her head.  "Starfleet Intelligence, maybe.  But the Section?  She doesn't have what it takes.  And before you start blubbering in protest and beating your chest, I can prove it to you."

Rindy tensed but didn't show it.  "How?"

The Admiral cocked her head to the side.  "I think the girl could use a shower, don't you?"


Kitran Desantos
He was in the garden, tending his blossoms before sundown, when the lamps would be lit.  He caught a whiff of Bajoran kalo lilies on the wind and instinctively knew she was near; after all, kalos were currently out of season.

"Melinda," he greeted, without rising from the soil.

Her voice was soft with uncertainty.  They hadn't seen each other in quite some time.  "Vedek."

"I hear this war has ended."

"It has," she nodded slightly.

Melinda Barton
He gave a soft snort.  "Don't get too comfortable.  After Bajor drove off the Cardassians, we still had enemies among us.  Where one fight ended, another began."

"I can imagine there are those on Cardassia who will want to have words with certain collaborators," Melinda said, "and I know the alliance with the Romulans ended the moment the Dominion conceded defeat."

"Like I said," the Vedek mused.  "Don't get too comfortable.  The Federation isn't out of the woods yet."

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  1. You are so evil! You tease me with Desantos and then take him away!

  2. Okay that's twice you teased that shit is about to get real. And given what we've been through so far......LAWD LAWD!!!!!!!

  3. I have never feared a shower as much as I do now. But I'm in agreement with Admiral Upkins. I don't think Isi is ready.


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