Gaya's Astronomy V5Ch2 ~ Clandestine

Previously ~ Eressos

Lt. Isi Soyinka
The conference room at Starbase 22 was empty and unlit.  Lt. Isi Soyinka could've called for the lights, but she preferred to be enveloped in darkness, standing next to the windows and staring out at the unmoving stars.

It wasn't long before someone joined her; she didn't need to see to know who was in the room with her.  Instead, she sighed softly and continued gazing at the eternal night of space.

"Welcome, Agent Sloan," she greeted softly, not bothering to turn around.  He wouldn't be staying long after all; one of the things she'd immediately grown to like about him was his ability to get to the point and get gone.  As well his dry sense of humor.

William Sadler as
Agent Luther Sloan
"How'd you know it was me?" he asked.

The beaming in, the was all a test.  With Sloan, everything was always a test and Isi had learned very quickly that the right answer was simply whichever was most honest.

"Just did," she shrugged.  "I mean, who else would ask to meet me out here?"

"Rindy would," he answered right away.



Isi didn't want to turn around or look tense, but it was too late.  Before she could stop herself, she'd already moved away from the window to face him.

"What does she have to do with anything?" Isi demanded.  She was getting annoyed with how Admiral Upkins and Agent Sloan kept bringing her ex back into her life.  She didn't understand what had to do with all her hard work.

"You have real potential, Lieutenant," Sloan told her for the millionth time.  "A real talent with which I think we can do business.  Even Upkins, who doesn't like or trust anybody, sees a real future for you in my section.  That being said, you'd still have to undergo some in-depth training to become a full-fledged operative, and you'll need someone who's been through the whole song and dance before."

Isi raised an eyebrow.  "Rindy."

"I know she and Upkins rarely ever see eye to eye," Sloan shrugged, "and despite my own affection for the gal, I too have questioned a few decisions of hers where you've been concerned.  So...the good Admiral and I are willing to give you two one last chance to prove your competence and emotional detachment in the field."

The dry wit in his voice suddenly dissipated and was replaced with a stern, leaden tone.

"These are dark times," he reminded her, eyes refusing to blink.  "The Federation has endured unprecedented losses and unacceptable defeats.  I've personally gone to great lengths to ensure the Founders don't conquer this Quadrant, and I will not have the hard work of several agents derailed by the hormones and emotions of two junior agents."

"Understood," Isi nodded briskly.

"I sure hope so," Sloan replied coolly.  "Because I really have high hopes for you."


Rick Yune as Vedek
Kitran Desantos
The double doors leading into her cell opened an closed.  Sito Apraxa opened her eyes, expecting to see Gaya Mylanti back in front of her.  Instead, she saw a tall, handsome, dark-haired Vedek.  He stood before her as silent and still as a statue, with his face just as inscrutable.

"You're Iyura's brother," she said, trying to mask her confusion.  She'd only met Kitran Desantos a few times before and had no clue why he'd be coming to her now.

"I bring word and wisdom from the Prophets," he intoned, as though in greeting.

Apraxa's reply was clipped.  "I prefer my weapons."

"Yes," he humorlessly smirked.  "You always did."  Cocking his head to the side, he asked, "And how has that path worked out for you thus far?"

"Don't think because you're free and a holy man that you can condescend to me, Desantos," the prisoner snapped, eyes flashing.  "In your day you killed more spoonheads than anyone else I knew. You broke Glinn Tremar's neck with your bare hands.  You tortured Gul Rinor for thirty-six hours - do not coming here preaching words of peace and non-violence to me!"

Desantos remained steadfast.  "I did what I had to do because it was wartime.  We needed to drive out the Cardassians by any means necessary.   But the war - that war - is over, Apraxa.  We were the same people once; there's no place for such people now."

Sito Apraxa
"Hear tell the war rages on," Apraxa snorted, equally stubborn.  "There will always be forces aligned against Bajor.  Our women, our resources, the wormhole - we will never be free from the greed and lust in this Quadrant.  I may be a criminal but at least I'm feared.  And if Bajor is to be whole again, we must be feared."

"Fear will only drive more to conquer us," Desantos reasoned calmly.  "You cannot imagine the lengths the Federation and the Klingon Empire have gone to just to win this war.  And what do you think they'll do once they've driven the Dominion out?  Hm? You think they'll just sit back and let the Cardassians rebuild and reconquer?  Their fear will not allow them to be so complacent.

"Fear is powerful, yes, but I advise you that respect goes a much longer way," he finished, raising an eyebrow.

"You want me to take the deal with Gaya Mylanti," Apraxa snorted.  "She sent you."

"Actually, I came because I loathe to watch my sister rot in prison," Desantos replied honestly.  "You may be content to remain stubborn, but you were not imprisoned alone, and if your resistance cell has to remain here because of your inability to compromise like a civilized individual, it is likely to cause...problems, Apraxa."

For the second, a visitor had rendered her speechless.  It was growing tiresome, especially now that the loyalty of her cell was in jeopardy.

"They'd never turn against me," she objected, but her voice came out hoarse and weak.

"Oh, but they would," Desantos assured her with an amused twinkle in his eye.  "You taught them, you trained them, they're addicted to freedom and impulsiveness just like you, so they're not going to rot behind forcefields forever.  Not for you."

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  1. I am glad to see Vedek, tis all :) The dialogue between everyone is interesting. I expect Rindy and Isi to fail honestly and I believe Sloan does too.

  2. Did...didn't I just put up this chapter? Where did all of you come from???

  3. Putting Risi together is a bad idea, but I believe this is a Sloan exam. Just to see if they can handle it. Sloan's slick as snot.

    1. Did you really skip over your husband to talk about Risi???

    2. I know my man's a bad mofo and it is delightful to see the delectable Desantos again. But putting Risi together is a bad idea and I just wanted to make that clear.

  4. Sloan: filed under white boys who can get it.


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