Gaya's Astronomy V5Ch4 ~ Questions, Answers

Previously ~ It's Always the Little Things

Isi Soyinka
The door to her quarters opened and shut suddenly, and a visitor stepped in.  Isi Soyinka wasn't expecting company, but then she realized she should've been.  An operative always has to expect friends and foes to stop by without notice, and she should've known she would drop by.

"Counselor," Isi sighed wearily.  "Now's...really not the best time."

"Now's the perfect time," Ethima Reyan replied coolly, helping herself to a chair.  "Now's the only time.  You're under orders from Admiral Upkins herself to attend regular sessions as you go through your...transition."

"I haven't even decided to go through it!" Isi exclaimed.  "Why's everyone rushing to conclusions?"

Ethima Reyan
Ethima was genuinely amused.  "Because there's no way you're turning down the job, Isi.  I've read your psychographic profile; you fit the job description to a T.  The only other member of your original group who fit is Gaya Mylanti, and she already reports to Upkins directly."

"They want Rindy to be my trainer," Isi bit out, going over to her replicator for some hot red leaf tea.  "I find it insulting and presumptuous."

Ethima laughed.  "If you're insulted by that, wait until you start getting actual missions, Isi.  Wait until you see the kind of things they're going to want you to do."



"I am not a naive, virginal little Ensign anymore!" Isi barked.  "Why do they keep bringing her into everything?  I can do the job.  I can control my emotions - if I want this, I can start already...why does everything keep coming back to her?"

"You know why," the caramel-skinned El-Aurian laughed.  "She's your biggest weakness.  If there was anyone who could make you compromise your mission, it would be Rovena Lindita Ruçi. She was your first love, your first lover, and she manipulated you into your first kill. She infected you with operative bug and in many ways, it makes sense for her to be your trainer.  Upkins needs to know for sure that you won't be a liability."  She paused before delicately adding, "The fact that this upsets you indicates you are probably not ready for what's to come."

Isi came to sit in the other chair and set her tea down on the coffee table.  "Rindy," she stressed, "isn't what's bugging me.  It's their lack of faith in my abilities that's pissing me off."

Crew quarters aboard Deep Space Nine
"And once again, it's your abilities which concern them," Ethima pointed out, "otherwise they never would've offered you the opportunity.  Upkins is concerned with your emotional maturity.  Are you still in love with Rindy or not?"

"Maybe," Isi shrugged haplessly.  "Maybe not.  I haven't really focused on her lately.  I started working missions with Mylanti, then the war broke be honest, I hadn't really thought about her until Sl--Admiral Upkins brought her up."

"So if Rindy walked in here right now, how would you react?"

Isi shrugged again.  "I don't know."

"And therein lies the problem," Ethima nodded sagely.


Gaya Mylanti
"She won't talk," Gaya Mylanti reported, standing across from Xochitl Dominguez's desk.  "The Tal Shiar have made little to no headway with her since I first brought her to them."

"That sounds about right," Ratana Dao nodded.  "Otherwise they would've beat us to Lesas IV."

"I'm still not seeing how you're going to get that information from her," Mylanti blinked.  "I mean, she's outlasted the Tal Shiar.  Subcommander T'Sanne personally oversaw her interrogation - not once in all these years did she break."

Xochitl remained unfazed.  "We'll get her to talk."

Mylanti was confused and uncertain, but there was a certain iron to the Commander's tone which indicated she knew something Mylanti didn't.  As if on cue, Xochitl tapped her computer.

Xochitl Dominguez
"Commander Barton?"

"Barton here."

"The package has arrived.  Send for the Inquisitor*."

"Aye, Commander."

Mylanti tensed and didn't know why.  Something had clearly happened to the crew of the Eressos over the past few months; they were different.  She wondered who had earned the nickname Inquisitor and how.  For a split second she wondered if it was Cillia, and then inwardly shuddered to think so.

"What is so important about Lesas IV?" Mylanti asked.

"That information is classified, Lieutenant," Xochitl reminded her.  "Until we can verify the intel and get a green light on the mission, we prefer to keep that information on a need to know basis."

To her surprise, Mylanti wasn't irritated.  If anything, she understood the necessity of secrecy in times like these and didn't want to be the cause of a leak.

Wow...I've really become an operative.  The fact she didn't even flinch at being denied information finally confirmed it.

"Where is the package now?" Xochitl asked suddenly.

"The brig," Ratana confirmed.  "Cil--Lt. Yrydi practically has a phase rifle pointed at her in case she makes one suspect move."

Calandra Tria
Both Mylanti and Xochitl allowed themselves a quick snort when the double doors opened a dark, willowy Betazoid entered.

Mylanti's jaw hit the floor when she realized who the dreaded "Inquisitor" was.  She never would've imagined it in a million years.  It confirmed more than anything else that she was not dealing with same people she'd met all those years ago.

"You called for me?" Lt. Calandra Tria asked.

A/N ~ "Inquisitor" is a Nikita reference.


  1. Alex RaventhorneJune 3, 2013 at 2:20 PM

    Nothing changes people like a war. And where are the rest of the men?

    1. The guys are aboard a Klingon bird of prey. Long story.

    2. Alex RaventhorneJune 4, 2013 at 5:15 AM

      Yay! They're alive :)

    3. Damn it. Why couldn't they get lost in the Delta Quadrant.

  2. Calandra? No NO NO NO! But also Yes, yes, yes! lol Mylanti's transformation continues to show in every chapter she is in. Melinda's presence always makes me happy.

  3. Love my Rindy. I'm a Ride or Die for her ass.

    Isi: if you gotta ask then that's your answer. She ain't about this life.

    Inquisitor: Oh I see what you did there Ankhesen. ;-) But now I think about it, I do see faint shades of Amanda in her, especially given how she fucked up her fiancé. We could have another Big Bad in the making.

    1. Inquisitor: Oh I see what you did there Ankhesen. ;-)

      Was thinking of you, babe.

    2. FLAWLESS VICTORY! I got the "Inquistor" reference! Back when Nikita was the shit!


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