Gaya's Astronomy V5Ch7 ~ Getting to the Point

Previously ~ Justify the Means

Isi Soyinka
They weren't talking, and Isi pretended not to notice.  She'd noticed Rindy had gotten colder and more silent over the past couple of years.  She figured this was a good thing; she was about to start the career of a lifetime and she couldn't let the only girlfriend she'd ever had ruin it.

Like she almost ruined hers for me.

Isi inwardly winced at the thought; she did that a lot lately, especially while in therapy, talking about how she used to yell at Rindy, insult her, and storm out to keep the last word.  She'd once thought the worst that could happen was that Rindy would shout back, but now she knew better.

A dour, dark brownish olive face popped onto one of the mini-screens of their cloaked shuttled.

"What took you so long?" T'Sanne glared at them.  The Romulan was positively pissed.  "The Vorta delegation arrived over a day ago.  Darpek takes the podium in less than 12 hours."

"Calm down," Rindy snickered.  "The man's still just a mouthpiece at this juncture."

"And we can't very well have it flapping about!" T'Sanne snapped.  "He's a full three weeks overdue for termination.  Why the delay?"

Rindy raised an amused eyebrow.  "You're awfully comfortable discussing this over subspace."

"I'm aboard the Imator, Rindy," the Romluan spat.  "A warbird completely under the control of the Tal Shiar, and for the first time in decades, we have a subject we've unanimously agree needs to be eradicated.  Are you at least near the rendezvous point?"

"Not for another six hours," Isi reported.  She remembered not to wince when the Romulan gave a loud, irritable sigh.

"Save me from the incompetence of Humans!"

"Speaking of incompetence," Rindy chuckled, "I hear Malest is finally talking.  Rindy out."  She ended the transmission right as T'Sanne opened of her mouth.



Melinda Clarke as
Agent Kinora Grelle
"Did I hear that correctly?"

T'Sanne spun away from her desk to face Kinora Grelle.  Even in wartime, during insurmountable losses, the Cardassian still lounged in her silken finery, sipping a steaming cup of red leaf tea.

"The Humans got that miserable blonde creature from the Gamma Quadrant to start talking?"

"Silence, Kinora," T'Sanne snapped.  "We worked on that Vorta for years.  She could have just as easily cracked while in our custody."

"Oh," Kinora smirked, "I don't think so."

"Well, your thoughts are not exactly relevant these days, are they?" T'Sanne sharply reminded her.  "Millions are dead and you stay on the sidelines doing nothing."

"My war has not yet come," the Cardassian replied with a calm shrug.  "But trust me, when it comes...," her eyes suddenly flashed steely fire, "I won't hesitate to fight."

"What news of the Cardassian resistance movement?" T'Sanne demanded, changing the subject.

"Legate Damar has allied with the Bajoran Commodore Kira Nerys," Kinora shrugged slightly.  "She's teaching his men how to be terrorists."

The Romulan blinked.  "I would say your war's begun, Kinora.  Already Cardassians are rebelling against Dominion rule.  And you sit."

"T'Sanne," Kinora raised a slender brow, "my war is not with the Dominion.  My war is with my fellow Cardassians who invited them in."


Admiral Jenny Upkins
Admiral Jenny Upkins, rose for her third cup of blue mint tea.  In all honesty, she preferred Vulcan beverages; they were brisky and austere like her.  The reports coming in from the war were not promising but they were not entirely disheartening either.  She was particularly intrigued to find out how the Lesas IV mission went.

She'd fought hard for it, and it was one of the few things she and Sloan had agreed upon without question.  They'd pushed to target and eliminate all Jem'Hadar breeding chambers, but they knew it would be nigh impossible, at least for now.  If Lesas IV was successful, the Dominion would relocate and guard such chambers all the more fiercely.

Her door opened and closed and she half-expected a fuming Isi Soyinka to come in and announced she'd quit.  Unlike Sloan, she was certain the girl couldn't last; she might be shrewd and selfish but Isi wasn't nearly damaged enough.

Upkins openly favored Mylanti, but because Bajor wasn't part of the Federation yet, her vote was defeated.  Upkins sighed aloud; there was a true operative.  One who didn't care - couldn't care - nearly enough to ever jeopardize a mission.

"Admiral?" the soft-spoken Lieutenant called.

"Yes?" Upkins replied absently.

"Incoming from Deep Space Nine.  It's...about Sloan."

Upkins's entire body went still, even as the steaming teacup in her hand began to burn.

It's about Sloan.  She said "about".  Upkins blinked.  Everything seemed to slow until the world stopped.  Her heartbeat seemed distant.  Her fingers were numb.  Staring into space, she lacked the energy to blink.

Not, "It's Sloan."  She said "It's about Sloan."

"It's happened?" Upkins asked softly.

"Yes, ma'am."


"Self-termination during interrogation, ma'am."

There was a long, drawn-out silence as Upkins forced herself to digest the news.  If the Lieutenant expected to be dismissed, she was mistaken.

"I won't deny that I've longed for this," Upkins finally murmured.  "Saved a special bottle of Vulcan port for the last ten years hoping this would happen.  Every day, I wondered if it would be the day he finally granted my wished and got killed off on a mission somewhere."  Pause.  "And now that's finally come."

There was another long silence which dragged until Upkins suddenly breathed deeply and set her tea aside.

"Replicate two glasses and a dish of ice, Lieutenant," the Admiral finally ordered.  "I've got to get the damn bottle out of storage."

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