Gaya's Astronomy V5Ch8 ~ Missions

Previously ~ Getting to the Point

Isi Soyinka
"So what's the plan?" Isi finally caved when the silence went on too long.  "We rig his ship to explode, poison a bottle of Romulan ale --"

"Not with this one," Rindy snickered, shaking her head.  "This is a straight kill.  You point, you shoot, he dies."

Isi was confused.  "And the Tal Shiar can't take care of something like that?"

"They can't be involved.  The agreement to terminate him was unanimous, remember?  Which means they can't have this coming back to fuck them over.  The military and the senate would overthrow them.  It's one thing when the Tal Shiar is divided into its little factions, bickering among themselves about their separate agendas.  A united Tal Shiar, however, is an intolerable threat to the Romulan government."

Isi was disappointed and Rindy didn't miss it.

"Don't worry, sister," the veteran mused.  "This is a basic mission.  We get these every now and again en route to real missions.  And believe me --" here her voice deepened and got more serious, "--your next few missions are going to be very real."

Isi tensed but didn't let it show.  She wasn't worried about this assignment, of course; this was practically a formality.  But the subtle edge with which Rindy spoke about future missions made her stomach tighten.

By the grim look on Rindy's face she could tell her ex had been assigned to do something absolutely awful.

"Rindy --"

"Wait 'til you have your first shower," Rindy bit out, eyes glued to her console.  "You'll soon come to know what that means."



Gaya Mylanti
Mylanti rose from her cramped bed aboard the Eressos...if you could even call it a bed. The quarters aboard these Federation warships were the size of toilets. But her computer console was beeping, indicating an incoming subspace transmission, and she couldn't ignore it.

"Apraxa?" she exclaimed. She'd almost forgotten her original assignment to break the terrorist; she had expected the situation with Malest to escalate. "What do you want?"

"Don't even, Mylanti," the jailbird snapped. Mylanti could see she was surrounded by armed guards, no doubt instructed to shoot to kill if Apraxa so much as looked at them the wrong way. "Sending a Vedek to do your dirty work is an all-new low."

"Vedek?" Mylanti blinked.

"Oh, please," Apraxa rolled her eyes. "It's the oldest trick in the book."

"Apraxa...I don't have time for this," Mylanti sighed, rubbing her temples. "I'm on classified mission, so whatever you're bitching about is going to have to wait."

Sito Apraxa
"I've done my waiting!" Apraxa barked. "Almost three years of it! I want to take the stupid deal now!"

"Fine, fine," Mylanti yawned. "I'll send a priority one message to the First Minister."

"Don't drag your feet on this, Mylanti," Apraxa growled. "If I'm stuck in here longer than I need to be, you'll be the first person I look up when I get out."

Mylanti ended the transmission and smiled.

Note to self...send the good Vedek a bottle of Begosian 2309.

It was nice to know the old tricks still worked every now and again.


Xochitl Dominguez
As expected, the fourth moon was surrounded by Jem-Hadar warships.

Commander Xochitl Dominguez's voice was leaden as the Eressos led its fleet of thirty-two ships into the Lesas star system.  "How many?"

"Forty-nine, sir," Melinda replied immediately.

"They outnumber us," a young Ensign whispered at the helm.

"They always outnumber us," Xochitl bitterly reminded.  "Open a channel to all our ships: assume formation Epsilon Three."


Cillia Yrydi
"Ready all phasers and torpedoes to fire at will," Xochitl grimly ordered.  "Make every shot count."

"Commander!" Cillia suddenly called.  "They're not moving to intercept!"

"They're not even assuming a defensive pattern," Melinda murmured.

Xochitl rose to her feet and began to pace her tiny bridge.  "Scan this godforsaken system!" she bellowed.  "Make sure there's not some extra fleet lying in wait to obliterate us."

"None, sir!" Melinda assured her as the gap between the two fleets slowly closed inch by painful inch.  "There's no one else out here!"

Melinda Barton
"And the base?"

"Five hundred and fifty-two life signs confirmed," Cillia nodded.

Standing with her across calmly folded across her chest, Mylanti raised an eyebrow.  "Perhaps Malest lied."

"Impossible!" Calandra rasped from across the bridge.  "The intel is valid!"

"Destroy the lead warship," Xochitl ordered.  "That ought to get the ball rolling."

Melinda fired a full spread of quantum torpedoes.  The bright bluish orbs sped across space and ended in a fiery blaze, leaving naught but debris behind.  Still...the Jem'Hadar didn't budge.

Ratana Dao
"What the fuck is going on here?" Xochitl demanded.  "Order the fleet to open fire!"

One by one, the Jem'Hadar ships stood still, allowing themselves to be destroyed.  None even  moved to guard the base.

"Commander," Melinda announced, her voice hesitant with confusion, "we've...broken through their line and created a clear path to the base."

Xochitl didn't hesitate.  "Full impulse.  When we're in range, blow a new crater in that little moon," she intoned.  Melinda fired.

"Commander!" Calandra suddenly exclaimed.  "Priority One message from Starfleet Headquarters!"

"Onscreen," Xochitl replied.

Everyone on the bridge was taken aback at by the recording Admiral Tryla Scott*.

Ursaline Bryant as Admiral Tryla Scott
"This message is for all Starfleet personnel.  Cease all military missions and return to your assigned bases.  The Founders have surrendered.  The Dominion will now withdraw."

First, there was denial.

"Commander," Xochitl rasped, her whole body rigid.  "Authenticate that message."

"Aye," Calandra nodded, her hands shaking as she typed onto her console.

Meanwhile, the recording went on.  "This message is for all Starfleet personnel.  Cease all military missions and return to your assigned bases.  The Founders have surrendered.  The Dominion will now withdraw."

Calandra Tria
"Any day now, Calandra," Xochitl snapped.

The Betazoid seemed to pale, strapped for breathing and her hands paused in mid-air.

Melinda had no patience.  "Well?"

"It's authentic," Calandra finally replied tightly.  "We are...getting c-c-confirmation from Deep Space Nine and from Admiral U-U-Upkins at Suh...Starfleet Intelligence."

"This message is for all Starfleet personnel.  Cease all military missions and return to your assigned bases.  The Founders have surrendered.  The Dominion will now withdraw."

A light clicked on in Xochitl's eyes.  "Is that why they won't fight back?  The Founders ordered them to stand down?"

"It would make sense," Melinda nodded stiffly.  "They would never disobey the Founders, even if it meant their lives."

"Impossible!"  Ratana Dao was flabbergasted.  "They surrender...and they get to go home?  And that's it?"

"This message is for all Starfleet personnel.  Cease all military missions and return to your assigned bases.  The Founders have surrendered.  The Dominion will now withdraw."

"Will somebody shut that thing off?" Ratana roared.

Cilla seemed to sway on her feet.  "You mean...the war is over?"

"No!" Ratana barked.  "It can't be over!  Not like that!  Not after everything!"

Mylanti snorted.  "Typical Maquis.  You never could just say 'Good fight' and let it go."

"Fuck you!"

"Hey!" Calandra yelled at the rebel.  "If the Dominion is withdrawing, then that means they're leaving Betazed."

"It means they're leaving this fucking Quadrant," Xochitl said lowly.  "And may the wormhole bite them in the ass on the way out."

Next ~ Change of Plans

*A/N ~ Yup, I promoted her.  Serves TNG right for never sharing her with us again.


  1. i get the feeling the war has just begun.

    1. I concur. Calandra was ready to spit nails when she heard that message.

  2. Mylanti and Ratano and Melinda and Ratano just hilarious. I don't blame Ratano for feeling some kind of way, everything she went through and it all comes to that. However Xochitl, idk she seemed very bent on destroying them.


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