Gaya's Astronomy V5Ch9 ~ Change of Plans

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Previously ~ Missions

"This message is for all Starfleet personnel. Cease all military missions and return to your assigned bases. The Founders have surrendered. The Dominion will now withdraw."

"Change of plans."

Rindy reversed course with lightning speed, causing both operatives to sway in their seats.

"Why?" Isi's brow furrowed. "T'Sanne --"

"If T'Sanne still cares about what Darpek has to say at this point - and I seriously doubt she does - she can shoot him her damn self. The Dominion has been defeated, which means the Vorta delegation he was to speak with has packed their bags and hopped on the next ship out of this Quadrant."

"But --"

"It also means the Federation doesn't need - or want - the Romulans around anymore," Rindy cut her off as the shuttle kicked into warp nine. "Trust me when I say we do not want to be all the way out here by our lonesome, floating nose to nose with a Romulan warbird."

Isi Soyinka
Isi was bewildered. "I hardly think the alliance is just going to end overnight, Rindy!"

Rindy snickered. "Maybe not for the shiny brass and bigwigs. Oh, they'll toast a few glasses of Romulan ale for the next week or so, but not us.  The Section has no love for Romulans, Isi, and you want to stay alive, you better believe the feeling is mutual."

"But the mission?!  I mean...we already agreed to --"

"The mighty Dominion cried uncle, Isi," Rindy cut to the chase. "They're not as big and bad as we initially thought they were, which means the Romulans are no longer impressed with them. So either one of two things are going to happen within the next hour: Darpek will recant his pro-Dominion sentiments and fall back on good old-fashioned Romulan patriotism - replete with the arrogance and superiority complex - or he will stand by his statements and promote a possible future alliance with the Dominion."

"For which he'll promptly be executed as a traitor," Isi nodded, finally catching on.

Rindy smirked. "Three guesses which way he'll go."

"But what happens now?"

"Now?" Rindy shrugged. "Now we head back to base and find out your next assignment."



Ratana Dao
En route back to Deep Space Nine, Ratana Dao paced - or at least, attempted to pace - her quarters like a mad woman.

"I will make some pay for this," she swore for the millionth time. "I swear I will make some pay for this."

A computer console switched on. The screen presented the impassive face of an uninvited visitor, who solemnly inquired, "Are you going to be all right?"

"Sakonna, do I look like I'm gonna be all right?!!" Ratana roared. "You really think I cut a deal with the fucking Federation just so I could watch the Dominion go home???"

The Vulcan raised a slender brow. "Most of us did what we could to avoid death or imprisonment, Ratana. Considering the fact that you are both free to go and no longer in danger from Cardassians, it is logical to deem this as a win."

"Sakonna --"

Bertila Damas as
"You are letting your anger cloud your judgment," Sakonna added with subtle edge to her voice. "The Cardassians have tasted the brutality of imperialism, and the Jem'Hadar have withdrawn. Pursuing any further conflict at this juncture would be both illogical and ill-advised."

The blazing wrath finally broke within Ratana; her shoulder slumped, then shook, as she crumbled into tears.

"What do I do?" she sobbed. "My world is gone. Everyone is gone. I've lost everything."

The Vulcan made an attempt to sound gentle. Her voice came out only slightly less monotone than usual. "Not everything."

"I am Commander Dao," Ratana stubbornly shook her head, even as hot tears streamed down her face. "I am Maquis."

"Ratana," Sakonna told her softly. "There are no more Maquis.  Our worlds are gone, our comrades are dead...the fight has come to an end.  Perhaps not the end we intended, but it's an end nonetheless."

"They died in vain," Ratana sobbed.  "Thousands and thousands...all in vain.  Someone must pay for this."

"Someone has paid for this," Sakonna assured her.  "The Federation didn't believe us when we warned them of Cardassian treachery, and now look how things turned out.  Millions dead, fleets and bases destroyed, Betazed invaded...our two great enemies have both paid dearly.  So it wasn't in vain, Ratana, it was just very costly."

Ratana wept bitterly, plopping down onto her bed and holding her head in her hands.

"Come to me," Sakonna suggested.  "The Ambassador and I are planning a much-needed vacation on Vulcan next week.  Say yes, Ratana."

What else could she say?

"I'll c-c-come to Vulcan."

"Good," Sakonna nodded.  "I'll arrange transportation for you from Deep Space Nine.  Sakonna out."

The screen went blank and Ratana was alone.  She couldn't remember ever feeling like this before.  The weight of the dead finally began to pull her down as she realized she was never going to see her friends again.  She was a Commander with no army, an outlaw with no band, and she had no idea where her life was headed.  The yawning emptiness threatened to swallow her from within.

...Oh, Tani.

Miranda Willoughby
Ratana's eyes flew open as a cold draft wafted over her.  Panicked, her eyes scanned the tiny room as she tried to block out the familiar voice.

Tani, Tani, Tani.

Out the corner of her eye she glimpsed something moving in the corner, something which she knew for a fact had been dead for years.

Yet that silky, oily voice sounded as real as any.

Same old Tani...Always needing a crutch.


78 hours later

Sito Apraxa
"What the fuck do you mean the war is over?" Sito Apraxa bellowed.

Mylanti was amused.  "Why, Apraxa," she smirked.  "You seem disappointed."

"Don't you dare leave me in here!" the former terrorist roared, eyes flashing like blue steel.  "We had a deal!"

"Yes, we did," the Lieutenant leisurely paced the cell.  It was so good to be back in a room that wasn't cramped.  "But as you've so eloquently pointed out, the war is over.  Your military services are no longer necessary."

"Mylanti --"

"So you'll understand if I amend the original agreement," the younger Bajoran mused.  "Five thousand hours of community service...per member of your resistance cell.  Ten years probation."  She suddenly lost all humor.  "And if anyone steps out of line - anyone, Apraxa - they're coming back to rot in their cell.  Life...without even a shred of hope of parole."

Apraxa twitched, but admirably contained her rage.  "Community service?"

Gaya Mylanti
"Don't get your hopes up," Mylanti snickered.  "That's for your followers.  You have an extra special gig.  Commodore Kira Nerys expects you to report to her personally.  You're going to join the Bajoran militia, learn some discipline, and after your first evaluation, if you don't meet Kira's standards, I will find you.  And I will personally end you."

She leaned forward, letting her breath brush against the forcefield.  "After all, I never did thank you for finally taking that bounty off my head, did I?  Not to mention all those years you stalked my mother."

Mylanti stood up suddenly, adjusting her uniform.  She caught just the faintest glint of tension on Apraxa's eyes.  Despite herself, Mylanti relished it.

"Now, if you'll excuse me," she beamed, "I promised to return a certain Vorta to the Romulans."

Next ~ Pondering Dead Cardassians


  1. Yea, so...what's next?

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    1. As Kinora pointed out, when one war ends, another begins.

  2. Miranda......knew we hadnt seen the last of her evil ass.

    1. *shrug* I was feeling a wee bit nostalgic. In 3.5 months, this series will be a year old - can you believe that???


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