Gaya's Astronomy V5Ch12 ~ Only the Strong

Previously ~ Sounding of the Horn

Malastri IV, the Seventh City, 5 days later

Isi Soyinka
"Do you see him?"

Isi nodded, trying not to move too much.  The outfit Rindy had chosen was so binding she could barely breathe.  She felt if she moved out of her svelte, champagne drinking pose, she'd split a seam.

"Target sighted," she confirmed under her breath.

"Don't talk like that in public.  Someone might overhear you and blow your cover."


"Is he alone?"

"He's talking with someone; I can't see whom.  His bulbous body is in the way.  And he's laughing.  Loudly."

"Good."  She could practically picture Rindy nodding.  "He may already be drunk."

"So I'm just supposed to flirt with him or what?"

"Your job is to become his mistress," Rindy reiterated impatiently.  "This is a long-term assignment, remember?  Palaren is partially responsible for one of the worst wars we've ever seen in this Quadrant.  Literally millions died because of this man, but there are no witnesses to his involvement.  Hell, we're not even entirely certain he did what he did.  It's going to take time to get that info, and I don't mean in just one night."

At the word "millions", Isi suddenly felt her resolve return.  This was the kind of assignment which turned rookies into legends, and since the job was only going to get harder from here on out, she had to do whatever she had to do.

Donning her most sensuous smile, she slipped off her barstool and sashayed towards the giant Gomorian.

Halfway towards him, she glimpsed his drinking buddy and stopped cold.

"What?"  Rindy demanded.  "What is it?"

"Mylanti," Isi murmured, ducking out of sight.  "Friggin' Mylanti's the woman he's with."



Gaya Mylanti
"So what brings you to our humble corner of the 'verse?" Mylanti mused.  Of course, she wasn't "Mylanti" tonight.  As far as Palaren was concerned, her name was Orys.

"'Our'?"  He raised a bushy brow.  "You don't look like a Malast to me, Miss Orys.  Unless this wine you've introduced me to has somehow warped my vision."

"I'm surprised a refined gentleman such as yourself has never had Begosian," Mylanti grinned.  "But to answer your question, no.  I'm not Malast.  I am Bajoran, but Malastri has been my home for the last fifteen years."

"Escaped the Occupation did you?"

"When I was ten," Mylanti nodded.  "My parents have a house in the country.  They supported me by growing pitasen leaf."

"Ah, a prized cash crop," Palaren nodded.  "What makes you think I'm a refined gentleman?"

"Let's see," Mylanti tallied, "Tholian silk tunic, Romulan loafers, Benzite-tailored slacks, and I smell Siridian musk, which goes for five bars of latinum per bottle."

Palaren was impressed.  "You have good taste."

"Like you said," Mylanti smirked.  "My parents specialized in a cash crop.  They were able to treat me to be very best of things."

Palaren gave deep, rumbling belly laugh.  "I bet you a bar of latinum I can treat you to even better."

Mylanti grinned.  "You're on!"


Admiral Upkins
"You're not playing fair, old woman," Rindy growled, glaring at the computer console aboard her shuttle.

"On the contrary," Admiral Upkins smiled back, "I've been quite fair.  Your girl and my girl were given the same information at the same time.  My girl got to work immediately, but yours," she cocked her to the side, "...hesitated.  Any reason as to why that is?"

Rindy worked to keep from flinching.

"And don't bother with the 'If Sloan were here' speech, 'cause he's not," the Admiral continued, her voice rapidly turning to iron.  "Luther may be have been a dirty rotten bastard without even a shred of a soul, but as much as it pains to me admit it, he was a damn good agent and in the end was willing to give up his life to get the job done.  That's what your girl is here for, Agent Ruçi - to get the goddamn job done, not sit on her ass, spinning her wheels while Mylanti gets a 52-hour head start."

"So," Rindy raised an eyebrow.  "Two days. They've known each other for two days."

"Two days of flirting, bonding, and building a rapport," Upkins confirmed.  "So if your girl hopes to ever be a part of the Section, like, ever?  Then she needs to find away to get over on my girl...and good luck with that."

"Fine," Rindy nodded.  "May the best operative win."

Next ~ Taking Sides


  1. ADMIRAL JENNY MOTHERFUCKING UPKINS, FOLKS! That's how a boss does it. Rindy, boo boo...step your game up.

    Isi vs. Mylanti.

    I'm rooting for Mylanti.

  2. Old woman? Who the hell is you addressing, Rindy?

    Don't think you too cute to get your chin checked. Disrespecting an Upkins much less Perfection Herself is exactly how vehicular assault happens.

    1. She'd run her over with a shuttlecraft?


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