Gaya's Astronomy V5Ch14 ~ Gaining the Upper Hand

Previously ~ Taking Sides

Benjamin Sisko
"Captain, allow me to be blunt," Benjamin Sisko began tersely.  "I'm not a fan of the Maquis.  In the past they were an intolerable threat and completely untrustworthy.  I'm not saying their little cause wasn't romantic for a moment or two, but after Michael Eddington --"

"Forgive me, Captain," Xochitl Dominguez gently interrupted, "but Ratana Dao is not Michael Eddington.  And if I may remind you, Eddington did sacrifice himself to buy you time to escape."

"You really think you can trust this woman?" Sisko asked, looking Xochitl squarely in the eyes.

"As Calandra would say," the young Captain mused, "we still need to build a foundation of trust.  That being said, Ratana Dao is a woman of many talents.  She will be very useful aboard the Eressos."

"At the first of sign of treachery --"

Xochitl Dominguez
"Life imprisonment without parole," Xochitl nodded immediately.

Sisko sighed wearily, pushing a button on his desk computer.  "Worf, send her in."

To be fair, Dao looked good in a Starfleet uniform.  The black cloth hugged her willowy form and the red and gray went well with her dark caramel skin.  She even carried herself with the poise and bearing of an officer.

Sisko rose to place the pins on her collar.

"As the commanding officer of this sector, I hereby grant you a battlefield commission of Lieutenant, Junior Grade," he intoned.  "May you serve with honor...and loyalty."

Ratana Dao
"I intend to, sir," the newly pronounced Lt. Dao replied.

The joyous gleam in her eye touched, Sisko; had this been another place and time shewould've been a proud graduate of the Academy.  She'd lost her army, her comrades, her family.  Such a person would never be suited for civilian life.  He could tell she needed a purpose again.

At least he knew this way, she'd stay out of trouble.

Ratana allowed herself a broad smile, feel certain this was a good idea.  But out the corner of her eye, in the shadowed parts of Sisko's office, she could see a shade moving, giving her a disapproving glare.

Traitor, those eyes called her.  Liar.  Turncoat.

Ratana smirked back at the ghost.  Sorry, sweetheart, she inwardly snickered.  This is one party you're just not invited to.

The apparition vanished as suddenly as it appeared.  For the first time in ages, Ratana felt no fear or worry that it would return.



Isi Soyinka
Isi stared down at Mylanti's body, feeling the slightest twinge of guilt.

The slender Bajoran looked like she was sleeping which, in a way, she was.  Granted, the "sleep" had come about by being surprised in her hotel room by a familiar face...and then getting shot with a phaser set to maximum stun.

Poor thing hadn't even seen it coming.

She'll be out for a while.

Of course, once she came to, not only would Mylanti no doubt resume her mission, but she'd also be thoroughly pissed off.

Rindy had promised Mylanti would be safe while her body was shipped back to Deep Space Nine in a modified torpedo casing.  It would have explicit instructions to go straight to Dr. Bashir who would revive the operative and fill her in on what happened.

Which she'd have to report to Upkins.

Isi giggled aloud suddenly, much like a drunken schoolgirl.  She pictured the look on the Admiral's face when Mylanti would tell her how she'd got taken out.  Isi was also amused by the upfront style of her plan; Rindy had suggested drugging or gassing Mylanti but Isi felt that simply shooting her would be a more efficient use of of their time.

Besides, the Bajoran was no fool.  Isi's presence on Malastri had no doubt clued her into everything that was happening the moment they exchanged hellos.

"Isi to Rindy; two to transport."

"Copy that."


Cillia Yrydi
"I can't believe they gave you a Starfleet commission!"  Lt. Cillia Yrydi roared.  "And how come your quarters on the Eressos are still next to mine?!"

Lt. Ratana Dao gave a casual shrug.  "I told Captain Dominguez I was happy where I was."

The Trill was furious.  It was bad enough her shore leave had been canceled in favor of the stupid Belari mission; now she'd come back to her cramped quarters aboard the Eressos to find this woman still there.

"Sisko must be out of his goddamn mind," she snapped.

"To be fair, the man did hesitate a bit when he granted my rank," Ratana assured her.  She gave a slow smirk.  "Aren't you even the tiniest bit happy to see me?  I mean, we officially pull for the same team now."

"We are not on the same side," Cillia growled through clenched teeth.  "You are a liar, a thief, and a backstabbing turncoat who follows whichever the way the wind is blowing.  We could never be on the same side!"

"Sweetie," Ratana snickered, "we've been on the same side.  But like a typical, self-righteous, Starfleet officer, you just never wanted to see it.  Who said the Cardassians couldn't be trusted?  The Maquis.  And who was right about their insatiable lust for conquest?  The Maquis.  Who fought the Cardassians long before Starfleet finally grew a pair and decided it was time to join the battle?  The Maquis.  We may have been cutthroats and rebels, sweetheart, but you have to admit...we were also fairly consistent."

Cillia's eyes narrowed into dangerous slits.  "Get the hell out of my room."

Ratana backed off, grinning.  "Anything you say, sweetheart."  She gave a quick wink before exiting the room.

Behind her, Cillia's knees literally knocked together.

God, she looked so fucking hot in that uniform.

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