Gaya's Astronomy V5Ch15 ~ Going Low

Previously ~ Gaining the Upper Hand

Admiral Jenny Upkins
"I'm going to make to this brief," Admiral Jenny Upkins began in a very clipped tone,"because I'm already late for my 1100.  That was low, Agent, and completely unnecessary."

Rindy blinked innocently back at the computer screen aboard her shuttle.  "I have no idea what you're referring to, Admiral."

"She shot Mylanti, Rindy; do not play dumb with me right now!!!"

Rindy masked her growing concern well; she'd never seen the Admiral this angry.  The woman even slammed her fist down on her desk for emphasis.

"You wanted Lt. Soyinka to do whatever was necessary to accomplish the mission," Rindy shrugged.  "You wanted her to prove her dedication."

Agent Rindy
"To the mission, Rindy, the mission," Upkins snapped.  "Compromising a fellow operative is never part of a mission, unless it's agreed to beforehand because it furthers the mission.  Mylanti made first contact on schedule.  She built rapport on schedule.  The mission was moving ahead on schedule until your impulsive twit of a girlfriend derailed all our progress!"

"Admiral --"

"Do not 'Admiral' me, Rindy," Upkins finally roared.  "If that rookie seriously thought a stunt like this would impress me, she failed.  In fact, she might as well give up the mission now.  I'll send a ship to collect Palaren.  The crew will just have to get information out of him the old-fashioned way.  Upkins out."

The screen blacked out, leaving Rindy as cold and as empty as space.



Admiral Upkins gave herself a moment to calm down. When breathing finally began to slow, she pressed a single button on her desk and ordered in an iron tone, "Christine, send in my 1100."

Salli Richardson as
Nidell Seyetik
Her guest arrived; she was a reserved, demure Halanan woman with an unreadable, albeit beautiful, face.  Upkins was impressed with her at once and knew right she'd chosen correctly.

I always choose correctly, she told herself.  And to think there was a time when Sloan second-guessed my choices.

"Ms. Seyetik?"

"Admiral Upkins," the Halanan greeted neutrally.

"You're probably wondering why you're here."

"That's an understatement, Admiral."

Upkins was amused; this woman had the demeanor of a Vulcan.  She hoped it wasn't just a facade.

"Before your husband died, Ms. Seyetik, he revealed to then-Commander Benjamin Sisko your telepathic abilities.  Namely, your ability to project an alter-ego who's real to touch, but for all intents and purposes, doesn't really exist."

Nidell nodded slightly.  "True," she admitted.  "It's a common disorder among my people.  Our alter-egos manifest when we're under great stress.  Our medical scientists are developing ways to suppress the projections."

"What a shame," Upkins mused.  "It's the fantasy of every true operative to not exist.  I mean, you can delete or fabricate records all day, every day, but genetics don't lie and there's always a trail somewhere.

"But with someone like you - or to be more exact - someone like Fenna," Upkins smirked, "that's no longer a problem."

She raised a padd containing a very carefully drafted contract and slowly handed it to Nidell.  "I'm going to make you an offer, Ms. Seyetik.  It's the kind that only comes once in a lifetime, so you might want to take a few weeks, or even months, to mull it over."

Nidell hesitantly took the padd.  "If Sisko briefed you correctly, then you know I can't remember whatever Fenna sees or hears or does."

Upkins smiled a little wider.  "Plausible deniability," she assured the Halanan.  "Trust's better when you don't know."

Nidell raised a finely lasered eyebrow.  "I also can't control what Fenna says or does."

Upkins smiled again, but it didn't reach her eyes.  "You just leave that part to us."


"She's taking me off the mission?!??" Isi Soyinka cried, pacing the shuttle in a fury.

"She has to," Rindy sighed in defeat, leaning back in her chair.  "It's protocol.  It's my fault, Isi; I should've known better.  It doesn't matter who completes the mission; it just matters that it gets done.  I forgot."

"You forgot that?" Isi railed at her.  "How the hell do you forget to mention something like that?"  She suddenly paused in her pacing.  "You didn't want me on this mission, did you?"

Rindy was too tired to hide her wince.  Isi wasn't a green, young Ensign anymore.  She was a burgeoning operative and she was highly perceptive.

"It's because I would've have to fuck Palaren, isn't it?" she spat.  "Because I would've had to play the role of his arm candy whore and you'd have to help pimp me."

"It's not like that you and you know it," Rindy protested, but again...she was tired, and not sure she could go another round with an angry woman.

"Oh, please," Isi sneered.  "From day one, I've had my skills questioned, my dedication questioned, and my competence criticized all to hell.  I have had damn near everyone asking about my memories of you, my feelings for you, digging into my history with you...and it's all been justified as being a test.  Since a wise person long ago once insinuated that not everything's totally about me, I bet you I'm not the only being tested here, Rovena, so let me ask you - how do you feel about working with me?  Hm?  How do you feel about being my handler, watching me pull the trigger, lie through my teeth, and open my legs for complete strangers, huh?  What really went through your mind when Upkins handed you that briefing padd and you realized that some bulbous grey creature would get to put his hands all over me and --"

Rindy didn't know when she rose from her chair or pulled Isi into her arms, but the next thing she knew, she was kissing the Lieutenant as though her very life depended upon it.

"I knew it," Isi breathed between kisses, her hands running all over the agent as she gave into what she'd wanted the moment they'd been assigned to each other.  "I knew you still felt for me."

"I'd rather tattoo that asshole brains all over a ceiling than let him touch you," Rindy breathed back.  "I knew it was too soon for your first shower, but Upkins wouldn't listen to me.  Without Sloan, nobody listens to me!"

"You knew I'd want to scrub off his touch, didn't you?" Isi gasped.  "That's what you call this a 'shower' mission."  As usual, neither noticed who was pulling off whose clothes, and neither woman cared.  Warm naked flesh pressed against warm naked flesh, and that was all that mattered.

"I wanted to die after my first shower," Rindy confessed with heated breath.  "I'll kill anyone who makes you feel that way."

Soon, neither woman was able to think, much less speak as they explored each other, reacquainting themselves to each other's planes, hills, and vales.  The shuttle was soon filled with sweaty air and unbridled moaning, soon turned to guttural, animal screaming.

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  1. Hold up....Isi shot Mylanti? She better sleep with one eye open for life - however long that lasts!

    1. was in the last chapter, sweetie.

    2. Man, how did I miss that? Or forget that? *smh* The rest of my comment stands, though - Isi is dead, or wishing that she was!

  2. Oooh, saw this one coming. But not Fenna!

    1. Yeah...Dabo Queen suggested her on Facebook and once her Her Nerd Majesty speaks....


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