Gaya's Astronomy V5E ~ Just 'Tween Us Girls

Previously ~ Going Low

Lt. Gaya Mylanti
Gaya Mylanti woke in the sickbay aboard Deep Space Nine and didn't bat so much as an eyelash as to how she got there.

She knew good and well how she got there; that chocolate bimbo ex-roommate of hers had bust a cap in her and then shipped her semi-comatose body back to DS9.

She fleetingly wondered if it was Rindy's idea.

Meanwhile, Mylanti inwardly scowled, these bitches know how much I hate getting shot.

On the one hand, she was sort of grateful.  She needed the down time.  It seemed like every five minutes she was on an assignment for Upkins, doing a favor for T'Sanne, aboard a cramped vessel, or eating replicated food.

I want shore leave.  I need shore leave.

She could head to Andor province and stay in a small inn for a week or two, maybe even visit Vedek Kitran Desantos's monastery.  Maybe even a little more than that; she'd noticed how fine Desantos was and would rather be pinned under him than under friggin' Palaren.

Good luck with that one, Isi.

Contrary to popular belief, Mylanti wasn't stuck in her cold metal perfection phase anymore.  She was tired.  And she missed people.  Cillia had been assigned to the Eressos, and Gabriel and Alejandro had become addicted to Klingon culture.  And in a way, she'd missed Isi too...until that bitch shot her.

I hope those two aren't kidding themselves, she mused.  Regardless of what the Admiral says or does to them, and regardless of what goes down with Palaren, this is not over.

They were probably screwing each others brains out right about now; there was no way those to could maintain a strictly professional relationship.  Though they might be in denial about it now, it was very likely Isi had ruined her last chance to get into the Section.

Ironically, Mylanti was reconsidering her desire to join as well.

Seems like Isi's done me all kinds of favors today.

Be that as it may, there was still the issue of getting shot.

Mylanti went ahead and made the final decision.  One, she was going on shore leave, whether it got approved or not.  She'd hit up Bajor for a while and then maybe visit T'Sanne on Romulus...or somewhere near it, at least.  She was going to have a long, leisurely vacation, which she would enjoy quite thoroughly, and she would take her time figuring out a way to pay Isi back for all these favors.

After all, one good turn always deserves another.



  1. ♪Isi's gonna get f*cked up!♪


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