Gaya's Astronomy - It's Been a Year!!!!

Sorry for the silence - been crazy busy and will resume posts as soon as humanly possible.

That being guys have been reading about Gaya Mylanti and Co. for a friggin' year!

So to talk me...tell me about your favorite characters, arcs, volumes, and trailers.  And of course...suggestions for new characters!


  1. Mylanti easily. So mysterious and badass. The exact kind of heroine (or villain) I'd shoot the moon for. If Melinda is the sun than Mylanti is the darkside of the moon.

    I love how you started writing the side stories and then suddenly Mylanti swoops in and rounds it out into the main story. That was pretty awesome.

    So were you able to sustain the kind of serialized writing that you wanted?

    1. Honestly...I feel like I'm still working out the kinks.

    2. What is creating but the process? Mastery is boring.


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