Change of Plans

How do we feel about demon(esses) and deals?

I've been watching Black Butler, made the mistake of confessing it to Jules who did her usual I'll-casually-suggest-this-awesome-idea-that-I-already-know-you'll-consider...and after writing about Xiaowei for months, I find myself wondering:  What does the modern woman wish for?  More specifically, what would she willingly sell her soul for?

And it's not just Black Butler and Xiaowei inspiring me...I find my mind drifting to the Olmec Civilization, along with that ST: TNG episode "Masks" (an all-time fan favorite).

So what about y'all?  What are y'all's thoughts?


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    1. Yes, love...but what are your thoughts?

    2. Well, I do love demonesses and Faustian deals, and masks are one of my favourite things.

      I'm thinking, all this put together, perhaps an alt-history thing where the Olmec civilisation once had contacted with Asian and African civilisations and were visited by them, and then there was a lot of cultural sharing? Then shit happened?

      For some reason, I'm thinking this might be present day but... A futuristic setting with demons would also be cool.

      Also, I got to watch Black Butler now.

    3. A story beginning in the distant future and ending the distant past? Thanks for getting the ball rolling!

      Also, I got to watch Black Butler now.

      Season 2 sucks.

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    1. Three whole chapters and no chatter!

      I'm gonna go back to fanficcing. Sleepy Hollow's been giving me good material lately.

    2. I was busy!

      And I'm terrible at chatter.

      But I promise I'll chatter when I'm through with them!


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