Gaya's Astronomy, Season 6

Jesus, people....

Megalyn Echikunwoke as Gaya Mylanti

A Bajoran Starfleet Lieutenant, Mylanti has recently decided not to join Section 31.  Recovering from a phaser blast fired by someone she thought was a comrade, Mylanti instead turns her attentions towards life on Deep Space Nine and rebuilding her Bajoran homeworld after the Dominion war.

Rutina Wesley as Isioma "Isi" Soyinka

A Section 31 Agent in training, Isi is efficient and ruthless.  She too has returned to Deep Space Nine, a.k.a. "The Fringe", considered an magnet for all manner of conspiracy and political drama.

Rosie Tran as Arin Kloya ("ah-reen cloy-ah")

A new Bajoran Dabo Girl at Quark's trying to make a living after the war.  She was originally studying to become a Vedek, but the money wasn't good enough.  She's also a history student taking online classes; her graduate thesis is about Bajoran comfort women during the Occupation.

Kat DeLuna as Sahlan Reto ("salon ret-toe")

The new tailor aboard Deep Space Nine, now that Garak's shop is vacant.  Like Kloya, she's just trying to rebuild after the war.  She was a former terrorist during the Occupation, during which she lost her entire family.

Recurring Cast

Perfection Herself Gina Torres as Admiral Jenny Upkins

The Head of Starfleet Intelligence and liaison to Section 31.  She's not fond of Isi, the new recruit, but she can't argue with results.

Eliza Dushku has Agent Rovena Lindita "Rindy" Ruçi

A Section 31 veteran, she is tasked with training her lover, Isi.  Rindy is an effective, competent agent, having been trained by Luther Sloan himself.

Nia Long as Subcommander T'Sanne of the Romulan Tal Shiar

An "acquaintance" of Mylanti's; they do each other favors and supply each other with information.

Rick Yune as Kitran Desantos

A former Bajoran terrorist, now Vedek of a monastery.  He sometimes provides Mylanti with information and spiritual guidance.

...and Nana Visitor as Colonel Kira Nerys

Because Captain Benjamin Sisko has been summoned by the Prophets, Kira remains in Command of Deep Space Nine.


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