Gaya's Astronomy V6Ch1 ~ Sins

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Gaya Mylanti
Andor Province, Bajor

Lt. Gaya Mylanti closed her eyes and breathed deeply of the fresh mountain air.  Behind her, Vedek Kitran Desantos was lovingly tending to his Bajoran lilacs, spritzing the new blooms and clipping any rotted leaves in sight.

"You're leaving soon," he remarked in that calm, neutral tone of his.

"How'd you know?" she asked, eyes still closed.

"You're inhaling the fragrance of the lilacs, as though for the last time," he smiled.  "It is well.  You've healed and you're growing restless.  I can tell."

"I appreciate everything you've done for me, Vedek," Mylanti said, finally opening her eyes and turning to face him.

"Even so," he mused, "you still want revenge against the one who shot you."

Mylanti's good mood dimmed.  "I hate being shot, Vedek."



Vedek Kitran Desantos
"As do I," he chuckled.  "My first tour in the underground, I took a blast to my lower right side.  Burned right through my skin.  Without proper medical care or even a clean place to sleep, it took me three weeks to heal.  And just when the last of the aches started to subside, the Cardassians bombed our camp in the mountains.  I hurt for the next six months."

"But you soldiered on," Mylanti replied, keeping her voice neutral.  She did not like bringing negative energy into this sacred space.

"As Bajor will have to soldier on," Desantos nodded.  "Bajor should be your focus, Gaya.  Not the one who shot you."

"Bajor has been reborn," Mylanti shrugged.  "We're a free people.  The Dominion has been driven out, and on their way back through the wormhole they were kind enough to grind our mortal enemies into dust.  I can't see what else I can do other than allow history to run its course."

"There are many Bajorans who have been impoverished and demoralized by the wars," Desantos reminded her.  "Today, one of my own students had to abandon her studies and trade her robes in for a Dabo wheel.  She leaves for Deep Space Nine tonight to help support her family."

"A Vedek-in-training becoming a Dabo girl."  Mylanti shook her head.  "Boy, is she in for a shock."

"Not really," Desantos replied mildly.  "Her mother briefly worked as a comfort woman during the Occupation, as did her mother.  They were not particularly favored by the Cardassians, thus they did not profit and were sent back to the camps.  Unlike some," he added meaningfully, "they weren't forced to live out their lives in exile."

Mylanti resisted the urge to twitch.  "My mother made her choice, and she has prospered on Lissepia.  Her husband is dead, and like Bajor, she is free."

"But not so free she can come home," Desantos stated pointedly.  "There are those who were in the underground who've since spent their lives chasing latinum.  Many have discovered that its powers can only go so far.  It has left them hollow, aching, yearning to come home."

Mylanti tried not to yawn.  "So...what's stopping them?"

"Warrants, mostly," Desantos chuckled again.  "But not everyone is barred from Bajor by a warrant, Gaya.  Our planet wants to be reborn; that's fine.  But first, Bajor has to be made whole, and we can't do that with pieces of ourselves spread across the Quadrant.  The Occupation poisoned us all.  It turned some of us into murdering zealots, whores, thieves, and traitors.  It turned others into slaves and corpses.  We were hurt together.  We need to heal together."

"I can't make our people accept those who collaborated with the Cardassians," she told him bluntly.  "I'm not a politician, I'm not important, and I don't have any power."

"Sometimes," the Vedek said, "a task seems too big because we don't know how to get everyone else on board.  Such a task is far more manageable when we accept that it's not about everyone else, just ourselves."

Mylanti stiffened.  "You're talking about forgiveness again."

Desantos smiled politely.  "I never stopped."

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  1. Fascinating conversation. Very intimate. Well done.

  2. Serious thing, DO you begin to forgive the people who profited from allying with your (now former) oppressors? Hmmm.

    Looks like Mylanti will also have to puzzle over that one.

  3. *sigh* Kitran Desantos, how my heart beats for thee. I can see him gliding around the monastery.

    But that convo, yo! Mylanti's not here for it, even though Desantos is giving her the real...


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