Gaya's Astronomy V6Ch2 ~ New Start

Previously ~ Sins

Sahlan Reto
She had to hand it to Elim Garak; he'd kept the shop in impeccable shape, without a single thread, swatch, or tool out of place.  She could even still smell the shampoo used on the carpets, and the air freshener he used in the changing stalls.

Sahlan Reto smirked; the Cardassian had been very careful to use Bajoran fragrances only.  She found the gesture laughable; Deep Space Nine was a station built in the Cardassian design by Bajoran slaves.  A few lilacs weren't going to change that.

Back in the Underground, Reto had longed for nothing other than to plant a bilitrium device aboard the station and blow into the stars.  Instead, she'd spent most of her terrorist career dodging the enemy in the rocky hills of Kuden Province.



She wasn't a designer by nature; as far as Reto was concerned, these days clothes practically made themselves.  Most clothes were replicated and then altered with tools which required little thought to use.

As far as she was concerned, Deep Space Nine was a Bajoran station now and its Bajoran citizens would need a Bajoran tailor; it only made sense.  She'd brought some design schematics from home and set about replicating a few items to drape across the headless mannequins.  Her planet was still reeling from economic problems, so she wasn't about to invest in pricy items like a Tholian silk or Risian lace.

Even so, she didn't want to keep things too simple.

We were a great people once, she thought grimly.  We may not have much now, but it would helped if we looked our best.

After all, the space station acted as a preview of sorts to potential investors.  If she could show the chic, sophisticated side of a formerly conquered people, it would help to foster economic growth in this system.

The door beeped in subtle alert; Reto furrowed her brow and turned to see who her very first guest was.  Unsurprising, it was a young Bajoran woman with dark hair and eyes.  She was dressed in simple blue cotton traveling clothes, her hair pulled back in a ponytail.

"I'm sorry," she greeted.  "Are you open?"

"I'm still...getting settle," Reto admitted.  "How can I help you?"

"I start work tonight," the woman said.  "As a Dabo girl.  Quark said I could get clothes from here."

Reto raised an eyebrow.  She'd had little dealings with the Ferengi bartender, and though she'd hoped to minimize their interactions as much as possible, the majority of his Dabo girls were Bajoran, and the Elim Garak had designed most of their clothes.

"The former proprietor is no longer aboard," Reto began diplomatically.  "Quark has yet to open an account with me.  How will the clothes paid for her?"

"I have some money," the woman assured her.  "I made sure to save up before leaving home.  I'd also like to open an account under my own name, if possible."

"Certainly," Reto nodded, going over to her main console.  "What name shall I use?"

Arin Kloya
"Arin Kloya."

"Thank you, Miss Arin.  I assume you live in the Habitat Ring; I'll need the exact address of your quarters and we'll have to take your measurements to save on file.  The deposit is fifty Bajoran litas, or two strips of latinum if you prefer.  I don't accept Cardassian leks or Federation credits, just so you know."

Kloya nodded, pulling out a digital padd.  "I assume you're with the Central Bank of Bajor?"

"I am," Reto confirmed.

Kloya began to type.  "I'll send the fifty litas now."

Reto also typed on her console, wanting to make damn sure she got her money.  She had nothing but love for her fellow Bajorans, but she wasn't stupid.

"If you don't mind my asking," she asked Kloya, "what brings you to work on the station?"

"I was studying to be a Vedek in Andor Province," Kloya replied honestly.  "Money got tight in my family; my father died last year, and my grandmother became ill this year.  After a while we had to be honest with ourselves."

The padd and the console beeped in unison, confirm the transfer in funds.

"But a Vedek trainee," Reto blinked, finally relaxing, "becoming a Dabo girl...."

"My mother was a comfort woman for six months during the First Occupation," Kloya told her, again with that sheer calm and unflinching honesty.  "The Cardassians found her dull and uninteresting.  My grandmother, however, lasted a good year before the Guls tired of her.  Compared to the horrors they experienced, being a Dabo girl at Quark's is practically a walk in Rystan Park."

Reto kept her face neutral.  "Understood."

"I will need three outfits to start," Kloya stated.  I want to fuse the styles of Dabo girls and comfort women from the Occupied Era."

Reto nodded.  "I'll get my measuring kit."

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