Gaya's Astronomy V6Ch3 ~ Drama, Drama

Previously ~ The Banished

Penny Johnson as
Chief Kasidy Yates
4 Hours Later, Station Time

Kasidy Yates had never imagined she'd become Chief of Security, well, anywhere. She'd always been a freighter captain, and she preferred to be called "Captain." But since her husband - a fellow Captain - had gone off to be with his Prophets (whatever the hell that meant, she had a baby to raise on her own aboard Deep Space Nine, and she couldn't very well do that ferrying freight.

Luckily, though, her work the Bajorans (and the Maquis) had provided more than sufficient references, and now here she was, monitoring criminal activity and disruptive behavior aboard the station.

And boy...there was no shortage of drama aboard this station.

Keeping her face as neutral as possible, she asked the new station tailor to start from the beginning.

"Just tell me what you remember, Miss Sahlan," Kasidy told her, slowly rounding her desk and coming to sit on it, near Sahlan Reto.

Sahlan Reto
"Well, Chief," Reto began, clearly perturbed, "Lt. Gaya Mylanti and I made plans earlier today to have dinner at Quark's.  We went earlier, before the evening rush.  We ordered drinks, ordered dinner, and then got a table near the Dabo wheel with the new girl."

"That would be...Miss Arin, correct?"

"Right," Reto nodded.  "Arin Kloya.  We watching her flirt with some Baneerian freighter captain when Lt. Soyinka arrived shortly thereafter."

"Isioma Soyinka?"

"Yes," Reto nodded again.  "Except Mylanti didn't call her that.  She called her 'Isi'.  She...she called out to Isi.  And then...the next thing I knew --"

"The next thing you knew," Kasidy finished for her, "Lt. Soyinka was in Dr. Bashir's office with a broken rib and Lt. Gaya was in for a black eye."

Reto nodded nervously again.  "And there was so much food all over the floor, and Quark was bitching about no refunds, and it took three male security officers just to hold Mylanti down...."



It was hard to believe this was the same chatty flirty Dabo girl from Quark's. Arin Kloya carried herself as anything but; she had the aristocratic bearing of a Bajoran Kai, the fashion sense of comfort woman, and the impassive neutrality of damn Vulcan.  Normally, three of such aspects wouldn't mesh, but this here was the Fringe, and it was merely business as usual.

"Your record states you used to be a Vedek trainee," Kasidy began tentatively, testing the waters.

Arin Kloya
"How is that information relevant to the fact I just witnessed two Starfleet officers brawling in a Ferengi bar like a couple of Nausicaans?" Kloya blinked.

Kasidy skilfully hid her amusement. "It's not, Miss Arin.  Please, start from the beginning."

"I started my shift ten minutes early, despite repeated warnings from Quark that I wouldn't be paid overtime.  A Baneerian closet case came to my wheel and pretended not only to be interested in me, but that he didn't see the Dabo wheel was short-changing him a good six slips of latinum.

 "About twenty minutes into our game, Lt. Gaya and the station's tailor Miss Sahlan entered, placed their orders, took their seats, and began to observe me, displaying obvious surprise that I was capable of doing a Dabo girl's job."

"Because you used to be a Vedek trainee," Kasidy nodded.

"And you used to be a ship's captain," Kloya cocked her head to the side.  "Not of a warship or starship or even a science vessel, mind you, but a ship's captain nonetheless.  Then you got married, had a child, and changed your ambitions.  Law enforcement was an odd choice, by the way, considering you did time for aiding the Maquis."

Kasidy raised an eyebrow.  "As I recall, the Bajorans had no problem with that.  We're done here," she added quickly, before Kloya decided to fire off anymore cutting remarks.


Michelle Forbes as
Commander Ro Laren
"My, my...and here I thought the crew of Deep Space Nine was the paradigm of discipline and camaraderie," Lt. Commander Ro Laren mused, lounging in the doorway of Colonel Kira 's office.

"Are the Lieutenants all right?" Kira began gingerly.

"They live to tell the tale," Laren snickered.  "You got a problem on your hands here, Colonel."

"How so?"

"That fight?" Laren chuckled, pointing over her shoulder.  "That was personal.  The last time I saw a Bajoran look at anyone that way, they were glaring at a Cardassian."

"It may be a problem," Kira replied, "but it's a Starfleet problem.  Ever since Gaya and Soyinka started running covert ops missions for Starfleet Intelligence, their friendship - if you could call it that - went right out the airlock.  Especially now that Soyinka is still running missions, and Gaya is not."

"Yeah, about that," Laren lightly scratched her nose.  "A Bajoran working for Starfleet Intelligence is a highly valuable asset.  Anyway we might be able to change her mind?"

"You're welcome to try," Kira snorted.  "But Gaya's been awfully adamant about sticking to Bajoran space these days."

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  1. I wonder if the eroding of Gaya and Isi's friendship was done on purpose. Either way hilarious chapter and I can just imagine the fight.

    1. Actually, that was an accident. Isi turned out a LOT different from how I initially imagined her.

  2. Meet me at the corner of OH! and SHIT!

    Isi turned out a LOT different from how I initially imagined her.

    Ain't that funny when it happens?


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