Gaya's Astronomy V6Ch3 ~ Settling In

Previously ~ New Start

Gaya Mylanti
Compared to her quarters on Deep Space Nine, Gaya Mylanti's Spartan quarters on Bajor had been damn near luxurious.

While she didn't have carpeted floors or plush chairs back in Andor Province, Mylanti missed the smell of Bajoran lilacs, the musical chants of the Vedeks, or the sight of tall incense sticks burning at vespers.

While DS9 possessed a certain dark, mysterious elegance, in many ways it was still "that Cardassian monstrosity", as so many Bajorans called it. Sighing, Mylanti surrendered. After all, her leave had come to an end, and a part of her was itching to get back to work.

She threw her travel bags down on her sitting room couch and headed straight for the replicator.

"Red Leaf tea, unsweetened." Were she to be honest, she'd missed the deep, rich aroma and the spicy flavor of hot Cardassian tea.

"Computer, any messages?"

"Affirmative. Message one: New uniforms are ready for pick up at Reto's Tailor Shop."

Well...I'm definitely back at work, Mylanti yawned.

"Message two: You have a meeting with Station Commander Colonel Kira at 0900 hours tomorrow."

Mylanti's sleepy eyes flew open. "Pertaining to what?" she demanded immediately. She was ready to come back to work, but not that ready.

"Pertaining to the assignment of Lt. Commander Ro Laren as Station's First Officer."



It took her a moment to pick her jaw off the floor, but when Mylanti finally did she asked, "Ro Laren's been reinstated to Starfleet?"


"And...she's been assigned to Deep Space Nine?"


Mylanti had no clue how to feel about this. Before she'd defected to the Maquis, Ro Laren had been one of the most infamous officers in Starfleet. She'd done time in prison and everyone figured once she was found, she'd go back to said prison.

But it appeared the Dominion War really had changed everything...forever.


Sahlan Reto
Though Sahlan Reto felt certain her first transaction with the new Dabo girl had gone well (she was still having trouble buying that, by the way), Reto knew that if she didn't relax and warm up to her customers, she'd be out of business soon.  Especially since Starfleet was her bread and butter in this sector.

Thankfully, her first Starfleet officer to order uniforms was a fellow Bajoran.  Reto knew very little about this Lt. Gaya Mylanti person; there were few records about the family on Bajor which meant she was probably an orphan.  She definitely was no weakling; Mylanti had this look like she'd been shot once or twice and had most likely stabbed a Jem'Hadar soldier or two.

"Lieutenant," Reto greeted, attempting to sound cheerful.  "I trust your trip was pleasant?"

"I'm missing home already," Mylanti sighed.  "You hear about our Station's new First Officer?"

Reto's eyes grew huge.  Leave it to the Starfleet officers to start the best gossip.

She was going to need to learn how to gossip in this business.  "I heard," she nodded, going to a shelf and finding Mylanti's uniforms.  "Do you think Commander Ro will get along with the Colonel?"

"They should," Mylanti shrugged.  "They fought for the same things.  And while it was a great honor to have the Emissary run this station, I think it's good for Bajor to see two Bajorans in charge of DS9.  What's new around here?"

"New Dabo girl at Quark's," Reto shrugged, trying to seem casual.  "Arin Something or Other.  Word has it she used to be a Vedek trainee."

Now it was Mylanti's turn to widen her eyes.  "You met her?" she asked in a low voice.  "What's she like?"

"To be truthful," Reto sighed, "I don't think this one's going to last.  She's cold, matter-of-fact, to-the-point, and very much like a Vedek."

"Some patrons might be into that," Mylanti suggested.  "The whole good-girl-gone-bad fetish."

"True, but this is Quark's we're talking about," Reto replied.  "I've never heard of a Ferengi who loved his latinum more.  A cold fish does not a Dabo Girl make.  If she loses him money, she'll be back on the next transport to Bajor."

"What time you closing shop?" Mylanti asked suddenly.

"I'm thinking 2000 hours," Reto blinked.  "It hasn't been busy."

Mylanti beamed.  "I'm thinking we should meet up at Quark's and see how our new girl is doing."

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