Gaya's Astronomy V6Ch4 ~ The C-Word

Previously ~ Drama, Drama

Isi Soyinka
One could hear the obscenities flying from miles away.  In fact, the entire station sickbay seemed to be filled with screaming.

"What is your problem?!?" Isi finally bellowed, not even flinching despite her broken rib.  It took two nurses to hold her down so one could apply a hypospray.

Across from her, on another bio-bed, Mylanti was still being held down by three Bajoran security officers, while Dr. Bashir attempted to use a dermal regenerator to fix her eye.

"You shot me!" Mylanti roared back, struggling in vain to get free.  "Doctor, I want her arrested for attempted murder!"

"It was on the stun setting!" Isi fired.

Gaya Mylanti
"You had no right to shoot me!"

"Will the two of you just calm down!" Dr. Bashir snapped.  "If you keep wriggling, Lieutenant, I might ending up blinding you!"

"It was an operational necessity!" Isi barked.  "You're just mad I got the jump on you!"

"Sedate her!" Dr. Bashir barked over his shoulder.  "And sedate this one too.  I can't do my job if my patients keep trying to kill each other!"



Colonel Kira Nerys
Colonel Kira Nerys's evening seemed to be getting even more interesting by the hour.

"Admiral, kindly explain this to me again, and this time, I would appreciate it if you avoided the term 'classified'."

"Lts. Gaya and Soyinka were on a classified training exercise," Admiral Upkins calmly stated, while casually stirring her mint tea. She kept her face and voice neutral as she stared back at Nerys from the computer screen. "Unbeknownst to them, they were in competition with each other. Once they found out, Lt. Soyinka decided to remove Lt. Gaya from the competition...apparently, by any means necessary."

"You mean by firing on a fellow officer?" Nerys blinked pointedly.

"I too disagree with her methods," Upkins sighed, "but alas, upon review, I was displeased to find out it was not against the rules."

"To fire on a fellow officer without just cause?" Nerys reiterated.

Admiral Jenny Upkins
"I know what you're going to say," Upkins cocked her head to side. "And let me save you some time. The mission they were on was  classified, going far beyond the specified perimeters of Starfleet."

Nerys felt her blood chill. "Section 31."

"I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of Section 31," Upkins replied without blinking. "You understand, of course."

"Of course," Nerys twitched. "But in the meantime, I've got two officers who are at each other's throats. Gaya refuses to resume working for Starfleet Intelligence, and I admit I was a bit surprised to find Soyinka reassigned to this sector."

"Like I said --" and here was the first hint of a smile from the Admiral, "-- I did not appreciate Soyinka's methods in surpassing her rival. Though she didn't break any rules in that arena, she didn't make a good impression either. Suffice to say, she may as well get comfortable out there on the...how do say? 'Fringe'?"

"Let me guess," Nerys smirked, "she doesn't want your rules, and you don't want hers either."

"It was an immense pleasure getting to speak with you, Colonel." The Admiral gave a courteous nod. "Good day."


Sahlan Reto

That's what the Humans called it. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. PTSD for short. And ever since the war ended, that term had been flying around the station with a vengeance.

Sahlan Reto needed to get back to her shop. She'd replicate some hot tea, look at some designs, and hope her hands would stop shaking.

It had been a while since she'd actually been exposed to violence; the last few years had been fairly quiet while she attempted to make a living on an old farm in Melinor Province.  The days had been a dull blur, filled a pleasant, mind-numbing routine.  Moving to the station had been a sharp taste of reality.

I asked for this, she reminded herself.  I was bored and felt I was growing old out in the country.  I wanted to be where the action was.

And boy was there action.  She would never forget the sight of Isi Soyinka's body sailing through the air and landing on Quark's bar.

The door to her shop was unlocked, which she found odd; she distinctly recalled locking it with three different codes before leaving.  Instinctively, Reto reached to her side for her trusty phase pistol, but then remembered she'd left it on Bajor, along with all her other weapons.

"Lights," she commanded, proceeding cautiously, leaving her front doors open.  Except for one in the far back, all the lights had been disabled.

She heard a slight groan, and then a man's voice grumble, "Sorry, Reto.  Lights hurt my eyes."

Reto's jaw dropped as she beheld a face she hadn't seen since the First Occupation.


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  1. Lol Gaya and Isi was the best part! Also love Admiral Upkins using the word classified after being asked not to. What does Upkins have against Isi?

    1. Isi exactly the type of operative to blow Section 31's cover.

    2. I agree. She's too much of a hothead, and it looks as if Rindy's not trying to be a part of her bullshit either.

      Admiral Upkins is not here for the bullshit.


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