Gaya's Astronomy V6Ch5 ~ Karma

Previously ~ The C-Word

Sahlan Reto

He was bleeding from his left side.  He'd grabbed something off a mannequin to press against his wound before collapsing on a nearby bench.  He'd clearly lost a lot of blood; it had drained from his face and his eyes had trouble staying open.

"Sahlan Reto to Sickbay; medical emergency in the tailor's shop."  He could hate her for it later.

She kept a first-aid kit on hand out of habit.  Before he could protest, she was already giving him painkillers, and disinfecting his wound.

"A Klaestron weapon did this," she gasped.  "Endo...what did you do?"

Ayas Endo
"I got curious," he chuckled.  The chuckles turned to a cough, leaving blood droplets on his bottom lip.  "Should've never looked in the box."


He seemed delirious.  "How come you never found it?  Sitting there this whole time...over a decade...."

"Endo, you're not making sense."

"Shouldn't have to make these choices," he slurred.  His eyes rolled into the back of his head, and just like that he was unconscious.



Chief Kasidy Yates
"We've got to stop meeting like this," Chief Kasidy Yates raised an eyebrow, coming over to hand Sahlan a small glass of Aldebaran whiskey.  "Drink this.  It'll take the edge off."

Reto tried to keep her voice from shaking.  The sight of a bleeding Bajoran had brought back viscerally unpleasant memories.  "I know you want answers, Chief," she began, "but I don't have any.  I haven't heard from Endo in five years.  I haven't seen him in almost ten years."

"That would be Ayas Endo, correct?"

"Yes." She took a hearty drink.  The force of the whiskey hit almost immediately. "We were in the Underground together.  He left Bajor just before the Cardassians withdrew.  The last time I talked to him he was working on a freight ship.  He didn't say which one."

"How did he get into your shop?"

Reto gave a bitter chuckle before she could stop herself.  "Endo never met a door or safe or computer he couldn't hack."

"Makes sense," Kasidy nodded.  "I checked his record.  He's wanted across three sectors for theft, fraud, and illegal salvage."

Reto laughed again, trying not to cry.  "That's Endo."

"Sounds like his troubles finally caught up with him."

"Seems like."  Reto paused, then looked up.  "Is he...I mean, will he...?"

"Dr. Bashir's got him stable," Kasidy assured her.  "He's resting with the other two.  I must say...you young folks are making my day a lot more interesting than I care for.  A security detail will escort you to your quarters tonight, Ms. Sahlan.  Hopefully this time, you'll arrive without incident."


Commander Ro Laren

"I'll assume you're referring to Lt. Soyinka," Lt. Commander Ro Laren mused, standing over a groggy Gaya Mylanti.  "Otherwise, it's off to the brig for you."

Mylanti struggled to open her eyes.  "Where am I?"

"Sickbay, nine hours, three dermal treatments, and two sedatives after the fact."

Mylanti forced herself to sit up, noting that her whole body ached.

Laren didn't miss the wince.  "Dr. Bashir made a point to give you two the good stuff.  Unfortunately, the good stuff comes with side effects."

Mylanti blinked, trying to place the tall woman before her.  "Commander Ro?"

"Correct, Lieutenant.  Granted, I was looking forward to meeting you later today, but you did save us both from an early meeting and a formal dinner, so I'm oddly indebted to you."  She raised a digital padd, pulling up a mission file.

"The Admiral, the Colonel, and yours truly believe that it's time you and Lt. Soyinka kiss and make up.  After all, you'll both be spending quite a bit of time out here on the so-called Fringe.  And since you're both dedicated officers to the point of dogged competition, we think nothing would patch the two of you up faster than a mission."

Gaya Mylanti
Mylanti shook her head.  "I'm not going anywhere with her."

"Your apprehension is understandable," Laren grinned.  "It's also unnecessary.  This isn't Section 31.  The rules do and will very much apply on this mission, and since Lt. Soyinka is now on probation, she will refrain from shooting anyone, should she care to continue with a career in Starfleet."

Mylanti remained skeptical.  "Where are we going?"

"To the Palara Sector," Laren smiled brightly.  "A bleeding Bajoran turned up in the tailor's shop last night, and Chief Yates's investigation thus far has returned some...intriguing results."

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  1. It is moving! This is exactly how I like it

  2. While I'm glad to see Kas again, I feel like her being CoS is a downgrade from being a Captain. I will never forgive the writers for her getting knocked up. That was a dick move, no pun intended.

    1. CoS of DS9 is a huge upgrade from being a freighter Captain. Because of the wormhole, DS9 is pivotal military, economic, and scientific location. She has a lot more clearance than she had before, and she's getting paid a hell of a lot better.


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