Gaya's Astronomy V6P ~ Latinum

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Tom Hiddleston
as Rinan Slava
Palara IV

The tall, lanky Bajoran, unlike his associates, didn't sit in the shadows.  Even back in the Occupied days, Rinan Slava never hesitated to show his face.  He sat directly under the only light left on the tiny bar; it beamed dangerously off his smooth pale skin.

"You know there was a time, during the First Occupation, when I was slaving away in ore processing aboard Terok Nor.  I heard a drunk, soulless spoonhead overseer named Morat tell a joke that about how Bajorans ought to stop worshiping the Prophets and start worshiping latinum.  The punchline had to do with latinum being able to solve more problems.

"Despite myself, I laughed.  My voice caught his attention.  Even now I remember what it was like to have those cold gray eyes slithering all over me.  He came over to me and ordered me to stand up straight.  He spoke in a low voice, so that only I could hear.  He said he liked my laugh.  Then he said he liked my hair, my nose...and my lips."

"And just like that I knew I was trading the struggle of servitude for a life of latinum."  Slava tilted his head.  "Does that shock you?"



"Hardly," his new associate replied, maintaining a neutral face.  "People did what they had to back in those days."

Slava was visibly amused.  "Admit it, Ayas.  You hate me."

Wang Leehom
as Ayas Endo
Ayas Endo wasn't particularly fond of Rinan Slava, but he wasn't about to say that now.  He was alone, in debt, and unarmed.  Slava...not so much.

"Come on, Ayas," Slava teased with a deadly grin.  "All you freedom fighters hate me.  Back in those days, I would have sold every last one of you down the river to avoid a single lash from a Cardassian guard.  I was never made for toil and suffering.  I was not built for battle either."

"You weren't the only one swayed by temptation back then," came the diplomatic reply.  "You should've never had to make that decision in the first place."

"No," Slava murmured.  His amusement had dimmed slightly, replaced by a deep-seated bitterness.  "Such decisions tend to reveal who we really are."

"You had a job for me?"

Slava smirked.  "Spoken like an ex-soldier.  Direct and to the point.  I do have a job for you.  You see, collaborators like myself and my Klaestron associates here aren't allowed anywhere near Bajoran space these days.  And it's a pity; that space station of theirs is filled with all sorts of secret of which I need you to procure for me."

"What is it?"

"It's an item encased in a box," Slava mused.  "You don't need to know what's in the box.  You just need to know where to find it and where to drop it off.  You'll be advanced funds to cover expenses, of course, but you won't receive the final payment until the item is in my possession."

"Where is it?"

"Cleverly concealed within the walls of a tailor's shop," Slava beamed.  "So cleverly concealed that not even the great Elim Garak ever knew it was there.  Had he known what Gul Morat hid in that shop, he never would've stayed on that station for so long."

Ayas raised an eyebrow.  "Will I to find it?"

"You will be provided with a specially calibrated tricorder," Slava nodded.  "Along with the box, you'll have to drop off the tricorder, of course."

"Of course," Ayas echoed, carefully making his voice neutral.

"You're going to like the latinum life," Slava assured him.  "It opens many doors and solves so many problems."  His eyes narrowed in warning.  "The life has rules, though, and the first rule is don't get too greedy.  Find the box.  Drop it off.  You do the job, you get paid.  Understood?"

Ayas nodded calmly.  "Understood."

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  1. I could see this episode playing out in my mind's eye. Smoldering actors and all, but hey where's My-lan-ti?

    More more!

    1. Good - keep thinking episodic. I wanted to return to old school DS9 roots, from before the Dominion War, when their biggest problems were thieves and murderers and other underworld drama.

  2. Replies
    1. I had a tiring week, but you had me at Tom Hiddleston as a Bajoran. :D

  3. I'm liking the addition of Tom Hiddleston. I can totally see him saying all of this.

  4. Lol...I heard him channeling Loki in my head.

  5. Hiddie. 'Nuff said. Time to get comfy.


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