Gaya's Astronomy V6Ch6 ~ Falling

Previously ~ Karma

Ayas Endo
He was prettier than she remembered.

Then again, he'd been washed and tended, and he'd never been so clean back in the old days.  Sleeping, Endo looked as innocent and youthful as ever, with his hair blooming about his face in delicate tendrils of midnight.

"See something you like?" he suddenly murmured.

Reto chuckled.  "I should've known you were pretending to sleep."

"Am I under arrest yet?"

"Chief Yates will have some questions for you, but since you don't have any warrants in this sector, she won't file any charges."

"How about you?" he asked, finally opening his eyes and turning slightly to look at her.  "I broke into your shop."

"I didn't find anything missing," Reto shrugged.

"Right," Endo turned away, looking into space.

Sahlan Reto
"But don't think I've forgotten about the box," she added sternly.  "You said something about it being hidden in the shop from the old days?"

"It's long gone now," he shrugged.  "And I can forget about getting paid for finding it."

There was a long pause which hung between them, thick with questions.  "Dr. Bashir says you're good to go," she said finally.  "Where are you staying?"

"Nowhere," he told her honestly.  "The job was to get in and get out in under 26 hours.  I failed."

"You can stay with me," she offered.  "I'm, uh, renting a two-bedroom aboard the station."

He turned slightly again, looking at her.  Though his eyes were dark and soft, his gaze fell with the force of a hammer.

"Thanks," he murmured.  "To be honest, though, I'm really starving.  What's a good place to eat around here?"


"Double raktajino; double hot, double sweet."

Though Arin Kloya had made a conscious decision not to get into the habit of drinking this stuff, she had no choice. She was behind on her thesis work, and she was short a few first-hand sources.

Arin Kloya
The Bajoran Central Archive was filled with the names and dates of comfort women who served during the First Occupation, but few were alive and on Bajor.  Most had died or fled during the Occupation, or had been forcibly exiled by the Cardassian men in their lives.  Kloya was beginning to think she'd chosen the wrong topic.

She took tiny, quick, hesistant sips as she padded back across her tiny quarters to her computer console.  Setting her coffee down to cool, she checked her messages, hoping an off-world ex-comfort woman had responded to her inquiry.

To Kloya's surprise, one did.

"Gaya Irian of Lissepia," she murmured, skimming the message.  "Entrepreneur, socialite, widow of Gul Melor...."

She paused, blinking at the woman's picture.  "Computer, verify: is Gaya Mylanti the daughter of Gaya Irian?"

"Insufficient clearance level to access Starfleet personnel files."

It made no difference.  She already knew the answer; she could see the resemblance.  Of course, Mylanti had no Cardassian physical traits, though Kloya wouldn't be surprised if the woman had been surgically altered to avoid stigma.  After all, it wasn't like her mother didn't have the money.

"Computer, generate following response to Gaya Irian: Ms. Gaya, I was delighted to receive your response and would like to arrange for an interview over subspace tomorrow at 1200 hours station time."


Isi Soyinka
Chief Kasidy Yates didn't miss how the two Lieutenants sat coldly apart, barely looking at each other.  It didn't matter; she wasn't a counselor and it wasn't her job to patch these two up.  Her orders were simply to brief them on the mission.

"Last night, after I finished gathering witness statements for your...incident," Kasidy smirked, "Miss Sahlan Reto found a bleeding Bajoran former terrorist who'd broken into her shop."  She handed each of them a padd and then circled round to sit behind her desk before continuing.

"He was wounded by a Klaestron weapon, and a single Klaestron passenger was recorded as having visited the station within the last 26 hours.  He came aboard on a Baneerian transport and then left aboard a Miradorn transport bound for the Palaran Sector, where an alleged Klaestron drug ring has recently established operations."

"A drug ring?" Isi Soyinka rolled her eyes.  "That's so 20th Century Earth."

"And 21st," Mylanti added.  "And 22nd as well, if I recall correctly."

Chief Kasidy Yates
"The drug in question," Chief Yates cut in swiftly, "is called Noridian 6.  It's based off pharmaceutical substance that was banned twenty years ago in the Cardassian Union.  It's highly addictive, and extremely toxic.  Over fifty Bajorans died when they were used as test subjects during the First Occupation.  Rumor has it, the Klaestrons intend to refine it further to reduce the toxicity without diluting its addictive properties."

Mylanti was slightly puzzled.  "Neither the Federation nor Bajor has jurisdiction in the Palaran Sector.  What could we possibly do?"

"The Palarans have an extradition treaty with Bajor going back seventy years," Kasidy smirked.  "A crime was committed against a Bajoran in Bajoran space, and the First Minister has made it abundantly clear such crimes will not go unpunished.  Not anymore.  Your mission is to take the data gathered on the Klaestron passenger, Mr. Ridu Andrami, and the ship he left on.  Find him, and bring him back."

Gaya Mylanti
"Why are the Palarans allowing drug operations to continue?"  Mylanti asked.  "I mean, if we know about it, then they mostly likely know even more.  It may be hard to track criminals across sectors, I'll grant you that, but not when they're stationary within a sector."

"Our information on Noridian 6 is limited," Kasidy replied.  "We only learned of it within the past day.  So as of now, it's technically not illegal in the Palaran Sector."

Mylanti raised an eyebrow.  "A convenient technicality."

Isi snorted.  "They always are.  When do we depart?"

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  1. Can't wait for the bickering between these two on this mission. The conversations are so realistic and the snarkyness is clear through the words rather than a facial expression. I really enjoy your writing.


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