Gaya's Astronomy V6Ch10 ~ Sins II

Previously ~ Beyond Repair

Kira Nerys
One day later

"Miss Arin," Commodore Kira Nerys began magnanimously, coming around her desk to sit on it in front of Arin Kloya.  "I understand your eagerness to research Bajoran history for your term paper, as I would never condemn you to being a Dabo girl for the rest of your life.  That being said, you can't just go hacking into old banking records on Cardassia!  I know their security's grown lax since the end of the war, but you still set off a dozen red flags!"

"Commodore," Kloya began, breathless and sweaty from working all night.  "I'm convinced Rinan Slava is still alive."

As she expected, the blood drained entirely from the Commodore's face.  What she still didn't know, however, was why Slava was so infamous.

It was several seconds before the station commander could find her voice again.  "Miss...Arin...what...what?"

Arin Kloya
"I've been interviewing comfort women who survived the First Occupation as part of my project," Kloya hurriedly explained.  "One of my subjects told me about the comfort men phenomenon, and gave me some leads on Rinan Slava.  I then found that after Gul Morat's death, his estate opened a secret account with the Central Bank of Klaestron, and up until three years ago, that account was making large monthly payments to an account on Bajor belonging to --"

"Do you know what you're saying?" Nerys gasped.  "Do you even know who...?" she trailed off again, face still pale as death.

"No," Kloya admitted impatiently.  "I don't.  Almost every record of him's been purged from here to Cardassia."

"As they would be," Nerys whispered.  "Don't get me wrong, Miss Arin; I believe a people should know their history but there are some parts too disturbing and infuriating to remember."

"What did he do?" Kloya exclaimed, ready to start pulling out her own hair.

"It's not what he did," Nerys replied bitterly.  "It's what he made others do to survive."



They had spoken to each other since yesterday, so Gaya Mylanti was startled when Isi Soykina suddenly announced, "Priority One transmission, incoming from Bajor."  Her brow furrowed.  "It's from Vedek Kitran Desantos.  It's for you."

"Reroute to my console," Mylanti ordered and to her surprise, Isi didn't object.  She skimmed the message quickly.  "Looks like we have a change in orders."

"Since when can a Vedek issue a change in Starfleet's orders?" Isi demanded.

"Since Ayas Endo - the guy who got shot? - left DS9 is out to take care of the guy who shot him," Mylanti told her truthfully.  "He's gonna find him a lot faster than we are, anyway."

"So what does the Vedek want us to do?" Isi asked.

"We're supposed to pick up some guy named...Rinan Slava." Mylanti stopped breathing.

Isi Soyinka
Isi gave her an impatient look.  "And who the hell is that?"

"Bajoran who collaborated with the Cardassians," Mylanti managed to reply.  "One of the worst never recorded.  Isi...I'm gonna ask you a huge favor.  The Vedek wants this one off the books.  We're to erase all evidence of this message, take custody of Slava and beam him directly to Andor Province on Bajor without telling anyone."

Isi blinked.  "Um...isn't that, like, illegal?"

"You shot me," Mylanti glared at her.  "And then you punched me.  You owe me.  You do this for me and I'll call it even.  I won't even report you to Commander Ro."

"Oh, no," Isi shook her head.  "I know how the Bajoran government feels about collaborators.  Unless we're taking this Slava guy straight to jail, I won't have anything to do with it."

"Isi," Mylanti bit out, "if you do this, I'll even put in a good word with Admiral Upkins for you."

"I'll need a copy of that good word in writing."


"Done," Isi nodded curtly.  "Pleasure doing business with you."


One day later

Coras Elyda.  That was her name now.  To those who could remember, Rinan was probably  too tainted a surname to carry now.

After the Commodore let her off with a warning, Kloya immediately hopped the first shuttle to Bajor's Dakur Province.  There was no way she was letting this one go, even if it meant risking her job at Quark's.  This was her second day calling in sick, but she couldn't let this go.  History might not want to remember Rinan Slava, but she did.

The Bajoran bank account she'd traced Slava's money to belonged to a Coras Elyda, no doubt his aging mother.

And aged she was, even more than needed be.  Years of disgrace had thoroughly whitened her hair and lined her face.  She lived alone on a hill in Danera Village and Kloya was appalled to see the wretched state of her home.  It didn't make sense.  She had hundreds of thousands of Bajoran litas in a bank account in her name.  Why hadn't she used any of it?

"Mrs. Coras?" she called gently to the old woman tending her garden.  "Mrs. Coras!"

"Mm?"  The milky-eyed woman looked up just as a chilly breeze blew.  She hitched her well-worn shawl.  "Who are you?"

"Arin Kloya," she introduced herself.  "I'm a student at the University in Andor Province.  I'm working on history project.  I had some questions...about your son."

The old woman snorted.  "I'm surprised anyone decided to remember him," she grumbled.  She ambled over to the next flowerbed, near where Kloya noted two crumbling headstones stood, engraved in archaic Bajoran.  One was for a Rinan Ecoras, "Beloved Husband Above All", and another was for a Rinan Teslava, "The One Whom They Took Away."

Kloya felt her heart stop.  Her voice trembled.  "Um...Mrs. Coras?  About your son...?"

"They told me," the old woman nodded, still tugging away at her flowers.  She seemed a bit senile, so Kloya wisely remained silent, figuring it was best to just let her run with it.  "They told me what he did, how he would host obscene parties on Terok Nor and auction off Bajoran women to whichever spoonhead was willing to pay the most for their bodies.  He sold hundreds of them - everybody told me.  Some told me the women were little girls sometimes, sold far, far beyond Bajor or even Cardassia sometimes.  Of course, they told me this; they felt they had to.  He never told me though.  Wrote me letters all the time but never told me.  Just said he'd have enough to take care of me someday.

"I didn't believe any of it, of course.  Not him, not them.  My son could never do that.  My son could never be some pet to a spoonhead.  Spoonheads killed his father, they did.  Blew the back of his head off right in front of us before they took my boy away."  Elyda moved on to the next flowerbed, barely acknowledged the tombstones near her.  She was focused on harvesting her flower petals, no doubt needing the tea to help with her aching bones.  "I ignored the stories for years.  Then money started coming.  Every month, five hundred litas and another letter, another letter telling me how much he missed me and loved me and was still my little boy."

"He wanted forgiveness," Kloya murmured.  She suddenly felt drained.  She felt her eyes begin to tear as she began to understand the depths to which the Rinan family had sunk.  This woman couldn't even bring herself to say her son's name.

"Forgiveness!" Elyda scoffed.  "What was there to forgive?  My boy couldn't do those things.  We raised him properly.  We taught him about the Prophets.  Even made a pilgrimage to the monastery in Andor Province, despite the Occupation.  My boy wouldn't do those things.  He knew better."

Kloya's voice came out haltingly.  "And...the money?"

"My boy probably blew his spoonhead's face off and took his money," Elyda nodded resolutely.  "Blew it right off just like they did his daddy.  That's what I would've done.  That's what any sane Bajoran would've done."

Kloya nodded tightly, knowing she wasn't going to get much more than this.  "Thank you, Mrs. Coras.  You've been very helpful."

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  1. This is what happens when you listen to hours and hours of music by Big Phony.

  2. Wow. No wonder Bajorans wants Rinan dead. His poor mother's gone mad with denial, but she knows deep down that her baby boy became a monster. Otherwise, why would she be shunning the money he sends?

    Poor woman.

  3. I can see why he is hated. He betrayed his people. Bajorans are going to kill him. However what if they are wrong about him like Gaya's mother?


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