Gaya's Astronomy V6Ch11 ~ Cross & the Pretty

Previously ~ Sins II

Ayas Endo
The ship provided by the Vedek was fast, no doubt having been upgraded by the Maquis.  Though it had minimal phasers and no torpedoes, it was able to reach warp seven and had fairly advanced shielding.

As soon as he cleared Bajoran space, Ayas Endo went straight to warp seven, eager to reach the rendezvous point and hoping his associate hadn't gotten too greedy.

Endo snorted, suddenly remembering Rinan Slava's idiotic little speech to him.

Condescending fuck, he mused.  As though someone like me needs to be lectured on the virtues of the latinum life.

Once he and Ridu Andrami split the profits from the sale of the Noridian 6 sample, he'd be out of debt with the Nausicaans.  Then Endo would do what every other person living the real latinum life did: find another job and hope it didn't go south this time.



His Klaestron associate was patiently orbiting the dark side of Medra VII, which lay between Bajoran space and the Palaran Sector.  Ridu was maintaining a high orbit to avoid detection, of course; the last thing they needed were Medrans boarding their ships and finding Noridian 6.

Ridu hailed Endo as soon as he was in range, his eyes large. "I can't believe you pulled it off!"

"Nor do I," Endo scowled at him.  "You were supposed to sorta kinda almost kill me, Ridu.  You very nearly did almost kill me."

Ridu shrugged.  "Had to make it look real.  Real enough for Starfleet to dispatch two Lieutenants to Palara IV.  I take it you told the Underground where to find Slava?"

"Of course," Endo snorted.  "Better his balls than mine."

Ridu regarded him with a level gaze.  "That was your plan all along, wasn't it?  The minute you heard his name you planned to find him and fuck him over.  This was never about the Six."

"Nope," Endo confessed.  "The Six was just a bonus."

"What did he do?" Ridu finally asked.  "I checked an old database left on Klaestron by the Cardassians.  He's not in it."

Endo snorted again.  "He wouldn't be.  Slava did what no other comfort man or woman could do: gain power and influence over the Cardassians themselves.  See, when Slava decided to give himself to that Cardassian overseer, he chose a Gul who didn't have tons of money or connections.  The man he chose - Morat - tried to keep Slava in pretty things and minor luxuries, but at the end of the day, he started to go broke, and Slava's eyes started wandering towards the Guls with money.

"But Morat was so desperate to keep Slava to himself that he let Slava talk him into hosting parties, lavish parties with all the best kanar and the classiest musicians.  And at these classy, elegant soirees, Slava would auction off Bajoran females taken from the mines and labor camps, aged anywhere from their preteens to their thirties.  Some were willing, but most were kidnapped, beaten and stripped and brought naked to the feet of the Guls.  Slava would collect a humble 50% 'finders' fee, and give the rest to the women to shut them up.  At least a hundred women were sold off-world as slaves, and were never seen or heard from ever again.

"But the ones on the Terok Nor...Slava would get the Guls insanely drunk and encourage them fuck their purchases right there at the party in front of everyone...while he secretly recorded it.  After Gul Dukat finally ended the auctions, Slava then talked Morat into blackmailing the wealthiest Cardassians to keep their dirty secrets, well, secret.  Together they earned a fortune, though everyone knew it was Slava who wore the pants in that relationship.  It's why he was later dubbed 'the worst Bajoran collaborator never recorded', because not even the Cardassians could stomach the memory of him, the Bajoran slave who in turn enslaved Bajorans and Cardassians alike."


Isi Soyinka
"Are their shields up?" Isi Soyinka asked.

"No," Mylanti snickered humorlessly.  "Not even a dampening field.  Slava must really be low on resources these days.  You don't set up an illegal operation on a moon without establishing a defense perimeter.  He doesn't even have a patrol ship in orbit."

Isi smirked.  "I can see why the Section wanted you.  I'd never think of that."

Mylanti shrugged it off.  "I'm scanning the surface.  Picking up seventeen Klaestron lifesigns, two thousand Palarans...and one Bajoran male."

"Containment field ready," Isi announced.

"Energizing," Mylanti nodded.  Within a seconds, a tall blonde Bajoran stood in the shuttle, his face vacillating between confused and alarmed.

Gaya Mylanti
Mylanti swung around in her seat, but before she could speak, Rinan Slava looked at her as though he'd seen a ghost.

"Irian?" he whispered.  He shook his head slowly, correcting himself.  "No, not Irian."

"No," Mylanti confirmed.  "I'm Lt. Gaya Mylanti and this Lt. Isi Soyinka.  Rinan Teslava, by order of the Bajoran Vedek Assembly, you are to be remanded into the custody of the Dohme Temple in Andor Province.  It seems thew new Kai of Bajor would like to have words with you."

Slava continued to stare at her, too much in daze to show anger or fear.  He seemed to be in a trance, even as he asked, "I'm...I'm going home?"

"Oh, yes," Mylanti assured.  "And this time, you're never going to leave."

His eyes began to tear, but he still seemed calm, almost relieved even.

Tom Hiddleston
as Rinan Slava
"I'm not afraid," he told them calmly.  "I am ready to face whatever lies ahead."

Isi blinked.  "Um, you do know who you are, right?"

"Yes, but most of Bajor and Cardassia doesn't," Slava replied.  "I've been erased from history, Lieutenant.  I was the darkest shame of the First Occupation and for years, most people of the people who remembered me thought I died.  You really think the new Kai wants to reopen that old wound?"

Isi's head snapped to Mylanti.  "But she has to!  Tell me there won't be a coverup.  Your world deserves to know the whole truth."

Mylanti was grim.  "Unfortunately, it's not up to me.  I mean, I agree with you whole-heartedly.  If it were up to me, everyone would know about this man.  They would know his name, where he was from, and every horrid thing he did.  Besides, I want to know."  She turned to Slava.  "What really happened to Gul Morat, the man who kept you?  He wasn't old or ill when he died.  He wasn't in battle."

Slava cocked his head to the side.  "What happened to your stepfather, Gul Melor, the man who coerced your mother into marriage?  He wasn't old or ill when he died.  He wasn't in battle."

"My mother handed him over to Sito Apraxa and the other terrorists," Mylanti replied honestly.  "They blew his ship into the stars."

Slava gave her slight smile.  "First rule of being a comfort man is survival.  Never offer up your own head when a Cardassian's will do."

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  1. Even in a DS9 fan universe, everybody wants a piece of that Hiddleston booty. Reasons vary, but the want is there!

  2. Lol wow I did not see that coming. Isi had the best line in this chapter. Her response to his relief at returning home was priceless.


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