Gaya's Astronomy V6Ch12 ~ The Things We Have to Do

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Kitran Desantos
"You knew he was alive."

"Of course I knew.  I thought we all knew."

Vedek Kitran Desantos was in no mood for Sito Apraxa's signature sass.

"You knew Rinan Slava was alive when he paid you to kill Gul Morat, and yet you didn't tell me," he said dangerously, eyes flashing at his computer screen where Apraxa glared back at him defiantly.  "I don't appreciate being kept in the dark, Apraxa, especially about something like this."

"I knew he was alive but I didn't know where he was," Apraxa barked.  "What would have been served by telling you?"

"I would ferreted that thing out a hell of a lot sooner than Ayas Endo," Desantos snapped.  "I would've dragged him back here my damn self."

Fairuza Balk as
Sito Apraxa

"Oh, please," Apraxa snorted.  "You and I both know that Ayas Endo didn't 'ferret' anyone out.  He most likely just stumbled across Slava while looking for a gig.  Either way, what's done is done and now the concern is what to do next.  What will happen to the collaborator, Vedek?"

Desantos's reply was stiff.  "That is the decision of the Kai."

"You've gone soft," Apraxa snorted.  "Those robes have robbed you of your conviction."

"Never speak to a Vedek of his conviction," Desantos spat.  "An impulsive weakling like you could never follow the path of the Prophets."

"You think you can forgive him?" Apraxa raised an eyebrow.  "That's what's got you in a mood, isn't it?  That's why you're picking out targets like a bloodthirsty Klingon.  You preach forgiveness and avoiding violence, but you and I both know you'd slit that thing's throat if you could.  You'd have him ejected into space if you could.  But you can't.  Instead, you have to dig deep into what's left of your heart, and try to forgive one of the worst Bajorans in history."



Rinan Slava
As soon as the sunlight hit Slava's eyes, they teared.  He breathed deep the mountain air of Andor Province, eyes hungrily scanning his surroundings, feasting on forgotten sights.  His bottom lip quivered and his voice shook as he suddenly demanded:

"When do I see my mother?"

Gaya Mylanti's brow furrowed.  She turned to Slava as she escorted him off the landing pad and led him towards the Dohme Temple.  Though his hands were shackled behind his back, Isi Soyinka stalked behind him with a fully charged phaser rifle.

"I thought both your parents died," Mylanti frowned.

"My father is buried in Danera Village, this is true," Slava nodded.  "But last I heard, my mother remains alive."

"I'll send word that you are in Andor Province," Mylanti promised.

He seemed a little surprised.  "Thank you."

Gaya Mylanti
"I'll send word," she raised an eyebrow.  "I can't promise she'll actually come."

"Coras Elyda," he told her.  "That's what she goes by now."

They were greeted by a team of Vedeks and armed state security, all headed by Kitran Desantos himself.  It was strange to see the tall Vedek in imposing black robes instead of his usual muted burgundy or soft vermilion ones.  It was even stranger to see the grim set of his jaw.

"Rinan Teslava, I am Vedek Kitran Desantos, of Dohme Temple.  You are to remain in my custody until the new Kai arrives."

Slava nodded stiffly.  "I await judgment," came the calm reply.

Desantos seemed slightly taken aback, but maintained his composure.

"These gentlemen are part of the First Minister's Chief Security team," Desantos gestured.  "They will guide you to the sublevels of the temple."  He stepped aside so the security team leader could take Slava away, followed by the Vedeks, save Desantos.

Isi Soyinka
"What's to be done with him?" Isi demanded bluntly.

Desantos sounded bitter.  "That is the decision of Kai Patrelle, Lieutenant.  She is scheduled to arrive in the few minutes."

"Why isn't the government handling this?" Mylanti asked.  "Why's Slava being remanded into religious custody instead of legal?"

"Because Kai Patrelle follows the path of Kai Opaka," Desantos explained in a tight voice.  "A path of forgiveness and healing.  She convinced First Minister Shakaar to let her handle this matter.  You know, I actually think he was glad to pass this off to her.  No politician in his right mind would want go down in history for dealing with the likes of Slava."

"And you, Vedek?" Mylanti asked pointedly.  "Can you forgive and heal?  Where will you stand in history on this?"

"I will not kill that thing," Desantos replied coldly, "if that's what everyone's wondering.  As far as I am concerned, death would be too kind.  But I stand by what I said, Lt. Gaya.  It's time for our exiles to come home, no matter how detestable they may be."

Mylanti wanted to probe further, but a young Vedek trainee came running through the gardens to them, breathless and excited.  For a split second Mylanti thought he was going to announce the Kai had arrived, but instead he reported something far more unexpected.

"The Minister's security team just approved a landing request from the Lissepian civilian transport Mau'lor."

"Mau'lor?" Mylanti blinked, feeling her heart stop.  "That's my mother's ship."

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  1. Hmm, wonder what Mylanti's mother is going to bring to the table?

  2. If I were Mylanti, I wouldn't trust Isi as far as I could spit. If I were errbody, I wouldn't trust Slava. And if I were me, I wouldn't trust myself around Vedek Kitran Desantos in black robes. Just sayin.

  3. Its interesting that Mylanti's mom is coming back at the same time Slava is being held for judgment. Irian seemed to have had nothing bad to say about Slava so I wonder if they are friends or acquaintances. No one would know more about what Slava did than Irian.


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