Gaya's Astronomy V6Ch9 ~ Beyond Repair

Previously ~ The Whores' Riddle

He wasn't talking.

At first Sahlan Reto figured Ayas Endo was tired, and still mentally recovering from nearly being killed. But after a quiet, casual breakfast at the Bajoran cafe, and a silent stroll down the Promenade, Reto slowly began to realize that Endo wasn't bothered by the fact he'd almost died.  In fact, it seemed like just another day to him.

And as for the reason he wasn't talking, it had nothing to do with his being tired.  His strength was rapidly returning, along with his appetite.  His mind was preoccupied, and as much as she hated to admit it, he was mostly likely thinking about landing his next gig.

She took him to lunch at the Replimat, where the silence threatened drag over hot tea and hasperat.

"Bajoran security is always hiring," she mentioned suddenly.  "It's decent pay, free quarters on the station, automatic three months vacation."

"I know," Endo nodded, refilling his Tarkalian tea from the glass carafe.  "An old buddy of mine sent me a message last night.  I turned him down.  I mean, station life seems great and all, but it's not me."

Well then, being a server or shopkeeper's out of the question, Reto blinked.

"So what do you have in mind next?" she asked.  "Anything that doesn't involve theft, violence, or running from the law?"

He shrugged easily, as though she'd just asked him for the time.  "Dunno.  I hear an Omorian transport docked this morning.  Thinking I could book passage, head back to their sector with them, maybe look for my next job there."

He's going to leave again, Reto stiffened.  He's going to leave me all over again and it doesn't faze him.

Even after all these years, after everything, I'm still..."not his type".



Gaya Irian*
"Rinan Slava was not the first comfort man," Gaya Irian began, "but he was the most infamous. So infamous he's missing from most of the Cardassian and Bajoran records. But we knew him. We all knew him; he was his own biggest fan, second only to the Gul who kept him.

"If I recall correctly, Slava was from Dakur Province, son of Rinan...Elyda, I believe.  Yes, he did once say something about his mother being a seamstress; you could probably track him that way.  When he was about twenty-two, Slava was taken to Terok Nor as a slave to work in the ore processor.  About five days in he caught the eye of Gul Morat.  Slava didn't hesitate to accept Morat's...generosity, if you will."

"What happened to Rinan Slava after the First Occupation?"  Kloya demanded, mentally cursing her fingers for not taking down the notes fast enough.  "Is he still alive?"

"The purging of his records has made him very difficult to find," Irian sighed.  "He did leave with Morat at the end of the Occupation; this we all knew.  They didn't go to Cardassia or Lissepia, but they did visit Klaestron for some time.  After that, Morat died a short while later.  No one's heard from Slava ever since.  However...there is a rumor that Morat left all his money to Slava.  He wasn't a particularly wealthy Gul, but he had enough to keep a comfort man in, well, comfort."

Arin Kloya
"So perhaps if I trace Morat's final accounts and estates, I could find this Rinan Slava?" Kloya asked.

"Possibly, but unlikely," Irian smiled, and there was a hint of sadness to her smile.  "Wealth and connections were protected people like me and Slava, and Morat didn't have nearly enough to ensure Slava's safety from the bounties.  Then again, had someone claimed the head of Rinan Slava, I'm sure this whole Quadrant would've heard about it by now."

"I'll mark that down," Kloya nodded briskly.  Once she got deep enough into the project, her nervousness faded and her eagerness to make history took over.  "Now, Madam Gaya, I have just a few more questions about your marriage to Gul Melor."


Kitran Desantos
"Ayas?  Ayas...Endo?"

Vedek Kitran Desantos hadn't felt this level of shock in quite some time.  He didn't even know anyone or anything could still shock him like this.

"Surprised I'm alive?" the ex-terrorist snorted, arms folded across his chest.

"Yes," the Vedek blinked honestly.  "You never were the most responsible member of your resistance cell.  Where are you now?"

"Aboard Terok Nor - sorry, Deep Space Nine," Endo snickered.  "I'm staying with Reto.  You remember Sahlan's daughter, don't you?"

"What do you want?"

"I need a ship," Endo shrugged honestly.  "I need to get Palara IV.  I'll also be needing weapons."

Desantos was bewildered.  "And I'll help get you these things...why?"

"Because Rinan friggin' Slava sent one of his Klaestron flunkies to kill me.  Unfortunately for said flunkie, I survived and so now I need to take the guy out. remember Slava, don't you?" Endo asked cheerfully.  "You know...the one every major Bajoran archive conveniently forgot, but every member of the Underground just happens to remember quite vividly?"

"And why would you even be on Slava's radar if you hadn't sought him out for business in the first place, Endo?" Desantos chastised him.

Endo wasn't fazed.  "Please.  You may be a holy man now, telling people they shalt not kill and whatnot, but I distinctly recall stumbling over a long trail of dead spoonheads leading back to a certain terrorist armed only with a blade and a bad attitude."  He leaned in towards the console for emphasis.  "Ship.  Weapons.  Now...'Vedek'."

Desantos's jaw tightened and his voice came out as a low growl.  "On one condition.  After you take vengeance on the Klaestron, you leave Slava alive.  Transmit me his coordinates now, and I'll take over from there."

Endo's eyebrow went up.  "Why?  Did someone finally place a bounty on his head?"

The Vedek actually scowled.  "Don't be ridiculous."  He practically spat the next words.  "You and I both know there's not enough latinum in the galaxy for a sufficient bounty on that...thing."

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*Damn...Caprice Crawford is foine, y'all.


  1. She is utterly gorgeous, ain't she?

    leading back to a certain terrorist armed only with a blade and a bad attitude...Desantos's jaw tightened and his voice came out as a low growl Yes Lawd, Desantos sounds absolutely fuckin sexy right now. Mmmmmmnn

    And Slava? Whoo, chile!

  2. What is Vedek's beer with Slava? Will we get a background on why Sahlan likes Endo?

    1. Will we get a background on why Sahlan likes Endo?

      That's a good question.


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