Gaya's Astronomy, the Academy Days

Don't worry, I'm still drafting Volume 6 and am about to bring it to a close.  But if folks are interested in a Volume 7, I was thinking of a prequel/semi-reboot type thing.  I've already gotten a nerd stamp of approval from Neo-Prodigy, and it wasn't particularly easy getting that particular stamp; let me tell you I got vetted.  And while I assume the vetting is just getting started, I'm still curious to hear what the rest of you think.

To be clear, this would take place right as Gaya Mylanti enrolls in Starfleet Academy.  Since she didn't really get to know the folks from Volume One until Volume One, there will be no Cillia, no Gabriel, no Alejandro, and so on and so forth.  Isi will be a recurring or guest character at best, and typically addressed from Mylanti's perspective.

In short, we'd be meeting all-new people.

Now, a long time ago on a blog far away, I gained some infamy for "Into the Valley", my very first fanfic which involved the Star Trek TOS cast as teenagers preparing for the Academy.  I emphasized humor and the horror of adolescence.  This would be only slightly similar; we'd be exploring Starfleet Academy from a Bajoran refugee's perspective, and because the timing fits, we could use a lot of canon characters as recurring/guests, including Wesley Crusher.

As you may have noticed, our musical vibe will even be different.  I used to write operatic scenes and incorporate poetry into my Trek fics as part of my writing style, and since this is a writing exercise blog, I'll try to change up the writing style here as well (especially now that I live alone again and have the time and energy).

So...for anyone who's interested, now's a great time to suggest cast members.  Keep in mind we'll need actors for both students and faculty.  Like, imagine Idris Elba as an astrophysics professor or Peter Jae as a health and fitness expert.


  1. I like it. When you first started you didn't know your characters but now they've pretty much told us who they are. Going back to the beginning makes sense.

    1. So glad you're on board with this.

      Thoughts? Suggestions?

  2. Um I don't have much but there a few wrestlers I would love to see in a story

    Jimmy & Jey (twins):

    Harry Shum Jr and that's all I got lol.

  3. Those twins are fine! Not that it matters, but they are Samoan. I can see Joe Morton, Olivia's dad being a stern no nonsense professor. For the women I pick Erika Alexander, Max from Living Single, Lupita Nyongo, I can't help myself, Michone, and the beautiful Wunmi Mosaku. Alright I'm done with the suggestions lol.

    1. Oh, honey...thank you for the introductions. I'm thinking the twins would be great rugby players or something. And thanks for cluing me into Mosaku!!!!

  4. Welcome! Can't wait.

  5. You don't need my nerd stamp of approval, but you got it anyway. "Into the Valley" was HILARIOUS. Idris Elba as an astrophysics prof? Girl, I would be in class, front row, ERRYDAY!



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