Gaya's Astronomy V6Ch13 ~ Trying to Heal

Previously ~ The Things We Have to Do

Gaya Mylanti
Gaya Mylanti knew right away that it was no coincidence her mother, Rinan Slava, and the new Kai of Bajor were all arriving in Andor Province at the same time.

Mylanti knew that if she did a little digging and prodded her mother hard enough, she would find Gaya Irian had something to do with the sudden interest in a man kicked out of history.  After all, he had initially mistaken her for her mother.

Mylanti was exceedingly uncomfortable with the thought of her mother having been friends with that man; she was only recently beginning to really deal with her mother's marriage to a Cardassian, and the subsequent shame which came from that.  She would not be able to deal with her mother thinking of Slava as a friend.  There would be no recovering from that.

But alas, her questions would have to wait; Kai Patrelle Morana was meeting with the infamous Gaya Irian alone in one of the Vedeks' halls, and no one else was allowed to interrupt them.



Grace Jones as
Kai Patrelle Morana
"You are lucky I am not Kai Winn, Irian, otherwise you would find yourself back on that Lissepian ship and barred from this solar system once and for all."

To her amazement, Irian was unfazed. She was surprised by her own nerve; all the way over here from Lissepia she'd been nervous about facing off with Kai Patrelle. She'd actually gone to school with the Kai many, many years ago, and though the two of them had never known each other well enough to become friends, they still remembered each other.

"As I recall, Kai Winn found herself in bed with Gul Dukat," Irian calmly reminded her.  "We all make mistakes, Your Eminence."

"Don't think I haven't noticed the timeliness of your arrival," the Kai snapped.  "I always suspected you knew where that reptile was hiding out all along.  But whores of a feather flock together, and so here we are."

"Eminence," Irian began, trying to turn on the charm, "it is time for us all to come home."

The tall, imposing Kai's whole face soured.  Her lips pursed as she literally shuddered, as though Irian had just uttered the most horrific blasphemy in her presence.

Gaya Irian
"Never," the Kai spat.  "Rinan is a special case; that obscene narcissist will rot in the chambers beneath this temple, in complete obscurity, until he dies.  They say he's asking to see his mother, as though she could ever want to see him.  As though any of us could ever want to see any of you."

"There are comfort men and women aplenty on this planet," Irian raised an eyebrow.  "They got to go back to their lives."

"They were castoffs!  Rejects the Cardassians used up and spat out like garbage, Irian!" the Kai roared.  "They didn't get to marry their owners or inherit their latinum!"

"So Slava and I are exiled because we prospered?" Irian cocked her head the side.  "Because we have wealth and knowledge our fellow Bajorans do not?  Do you not think our resources would be better utilized on Bajor?  I alone have enough latinum to open a bank."  Her voice took on a graver note.  "Our planet could use people like Slava and me."

"And what exactly does Rinan Slava bring to the table?" the Kai demanded.  "Oh, I'm certain First Minister Shakaar would be more than happy to welcome you back, Irian, but what benefit could Slava possibly serve our people?  He has admitted to his own boundless, inhumane selfishness.  He's had no problem confessing to his cruelty, his cold disregard for our sisters.  Were I as equally cruel, I would not hesitate to eject that creature into space!"

This was the moment Irian had awaited for several years.  She allowed herself a slow, bemused smile while savoring every syllable.

"He kept records, you know."

The Kai seemed to halt her in tracks, mildly confused.  "Records?"

"Meticulous as a Ferengi," Irian mused.  "Every Cardassian, every ship, every planet...and every girl who was sold to them."

The Kai faltered in her rage as her inner conflict swelled.  "'s been's...too much time has passed.  They can't...they can't possibly come home after all this time."

"Morana!" Irian suddenly barked, her patience growing thin.  "We will not rot off-world just because you can't stand the sight of us.  We had our share of beatings and rapes, and don't think our silks and latinum made up for any of it.  They brought my husband's body to me in the camps.  My daughter had a bounty on her head for years!  And Slava...he may be scum, he may be slime, but the Cardassians were the ones who blew his father's head off in front of their whole village.  They pried Slava himself from his mother's arms and carted him off to be a damn slave.  When it came to the Occupation, there were worse things than death.  There were decisions people had to make, the kind of decisions no one should ever have to make, and we do not deserve the harsh exile we've received simply because we made them."

The Kai was still for a moment, studying Irian intently.  Irian tried to remain composed, but she was tired and emotional, and her eyes were threatening to tear.

"He will try to bargain," Morana said quietly, after a time.  "He will want something in exchange for those records."

"Let him see his mother," Irian replied, also quietly.  "Even if it's only to be one time."

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    Excellent choice for the Kai.

  2. Irian is speaking truth, but I don't blame the Bajorans for looking at them like traitors. To them maybe death would have been better than sleeping with the enemy.

  3. I had been away for much of March aka The Month from Hell (but, boy, it had a sweet ending). Ah, I knew whatever Gaya Irian had up her silk sleeves was going to be great.


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