Random Craziness

I want to scribble.  I really do.

But...fanfic isn't coming to mind.  Like, whenever I read Amaya's Shorties or browse Jules's phenomenal scribbling, I think...how come I'm not doing that?  More original fics, you know?

So I'm gonna try more original experimentation, and just scribble ish at whim.  Granted, I'll have to put in disclaimers and copyright safeguards etc., but now that I have a new, less stressful gig and am working on an environment more conducive to scribbling, I'm thinking...why not?


  1. I was going to ask you about original fics. GO!

  2. Why not indeed? You already started with Lady of the Bow, and I suspect that is only the beginning.

  3. You want a copy of my copyright disclaimer and links & stuff? Cause I stay wondering why you're not doing original fiction. Fanfic is great for playing with ideas, but it can be limiting. Ain't nothin like playing with your own peeps.

    1. Actually, I'd be interested in learning more about copyright disclaimer too. Got a post handy?


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