Daos ~ Dramatis Personae

Daos follows the paranormal adventures of two young detectives in the fictional dusty Texan town of Soleado Valle (literally "Sunny Dale").

Mikael Daez as Detective Nicolao Daos

A shrewd detective with an unusual past, Nicolao Daos has been recently assigned to Soleado Valle due to his "reputation".

Aljur Abrenica as Detective Dominador Ona

A much younger, greener, livelier, and newly made detective, Dominador Ona is assigned to shadow Daos for eight weeks.

Kylie Bunbury as Trish Flores

The new crime reporter at the Medianoche Herald, Trish is appalled that such a small town could have such a high death rate.

Jamila Velasquez as Dani Reyes

A guidance counselor at Soleado Valle High School, Dani has witnessed her fair share of odd occurrences.

Zhou Xun as "The Consultant"

An old acquaintance of Daos's, the Consultant brings him books, amulets, and other intel on the supernatural.  While she never charges him for her help upfront, she assures him there is an ultimate price.

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  1. *clears throat*

    I want to dedicate this one to Amanda O and Corbiu Geisha...and Jules, of course for introducing me to the show Amaya.

  2. And the ultimate price the Consultant charges Daos is his loving heart?

    If that actually happens, Zhou Xun is going to become for fox spirits what Bela Lugosi is for vampires, over here at least! She'll always be Huang Rong to me though, because Legend of the Condor Heroes 2003 is where I knew her first.

    1. Honestly, since this original fiction (filled with homages and references), I figured we could try something original with Zhou Xun. Like, Jules, I really like the actress.

    2. I haven't seen Zhou Xun as Huang Rong yet. Recommended?

  3. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets get it, Let's Go!

    1. LOL w/ yo David So reference....

    2. Tha's what I was thinking too!!! You're channeling him, Ankhesen. lololol

  4. *settles in with Ruffles, French Onion Dip and V for Vendetta as background noise*

    Shirtless honeys on deck!


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