A Moment in Fandom: Mikael Daez Stripping

Uhhhh...guys?  Before we move on to Daos: Volume III....

OMG...listen to him speak....

Bonus video for Dominador fans:

As you can see, these two appear to genuinely enjoy taking their clothes off in real life.


  1. Yes, folks...the first came from the night with "the pictures".

  2. *is trying to find something wrong with this...and struggling*

  3. So he had a lot of firsts in college? SO he began stripping in college.Alright I wouldn't mind seeing him in Magic Mike 2. I wonder if there is an interview as to how he got his start in modeling. Poor woman did not want to let Daez go. Shoutouts to Macho too.

    1. I saw the link to the blog and of course I went there. Yes! Reading his blog made me like him even more because I was totally team Dominador before that. I get Magic Mike vibes from Aljur. He clearly wouldn't mind being a stripper. If he hasn't already done it on the side. I can't wait for volume 3. I want to see what happens between Daos and Bibiana. Dude looks young as all get out hilariously enough. He better find this story. If you need any faces for new characters I have a long list lol

    2. List away. We need folks to be demons.

    3. Reading his blog made me like him even more

      He's so chill and likable. He's very "boy next door."

    4. Yep that best describes him "boy next door." Plus the love he has for his fans is amazing. I see him surviving long just due to that, those lucky fans.

      Here are my lists:
      Logan Browning who plays Jelena from Hit the Floor. She really looks like a sweet woman, but the make up on Hit the Floor is done so well and she has a vampire look to me. Check out hit the floor lol

      Mckinley Freeman known as Derrick Roman from Hit the Floor. He comes off as confident and cocky but from the show he can play the bad guy with no problem and look good doing it.

      Roman Reigns wwe wrestler. You like the Usos, they are cousins, so why not put him put there lol

      The beautiful Tiwa Savage, Nigerian artist and song writer. I couldn't not put her on the list shes too pretty to be a demon :(, but I know from your writing you can make it happen!

      Tamina Snuka wwe wrestler, I just had to throw her in there lol. I like her look and her style. Idk if she could be an enemy to the double D's but I would like to see you write her.

      These are all I can think of off the top of my head. I may find more later on

  4. What throws me is that Mikael actually came out there looking all nerdy and professorial and ish...all "Earl of Grey" for real. They should've played something totally different when he came out there.

    He was so calm, torturing the audience with a straight face. And did y'all see how he just yanked that woman onto the stage?

    I have thought about these mugs for two...days...straight. For two...days...straight....

    I need to go make a video.

    1. He actually talks about this event on his blog, he didn't know what to do. Its hard to believe because he seemed so calm and cool, but maybe thats just how professional he is. I can see him being a classy stripper lol

    2. Right? He played that off pretty well! The announcer was right; he will sweep you right off your feet!

    3. I like the route he went though, it was like a build up rather than the shirt just off thing. I wonder if Aljur has a blog, I wouldn't mind knowing if he gets nervous but he seems to love taking off his shirt for me to think he does.

    4. Girl...have you Googled Aljur Abrenica's images? This dude appears to be downright allergic to clothing!

      After a while, even I was like, "Goddamn, son...can I get a pic with a shirt on?"


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